Is Taichi a martial art ?  Taichi combat (part 6) of SKFS | Leon Chu

Is Taichi a martial art ? Taichi combat (part 6) of SKFS | Leon Chu

and then a lttle . It depends on you. everyone is different one two This is “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” The meaning is all the same.That means right punch here and that punch here.I touch and then This is “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” See the idea? So don’t use this skill like a stupid I mean some people attacks you and then you stand like this .Somebody may try to grab you and then you touch see doesn’t move , right ? so that’s why you have to It’s physics.You have to step back a little bit And then make your weight backward so that it’s easy for you to shoot your enemy away.Okay ? We borrow the momentum. so we repeat it one more time I will let you practice two by two “按(an)” This is “按(an)” “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” step back and then here So don’t move.See the distance the distance between the two hands should equal to your opponent’s forearm this one is too large,but for performance you can you can do it largely. In real fight, you can’t. Okay? So the best way to remember the movement is that when we practice ,we practice seriously. This is the length of forearm okay ? and then when you do this “下雲手(xia yuan shou)”,then we do here prepare for “單鞭(dan bian)”.and then here one , and two Okay.The meaning of “單鞭(dan bian)” is very easy. It is a concept. You see the punch here.Whatever somebody may try to grab you or poke your eyes I don’t care.If her hand is here,and you think this is not kind maybe something may happen then your right hand here this one here, touch first see understand the meaning ?Why we have this one this hook is for touch and then make it away touch and then make it away when you make it away you cannot wait for your opponent and you look at each other . Nothing will happen.OK? So touch and this one follow to hit the face directly. This is the meaning.OK ?So this punch here here, you can touch like this ,or here! Whatever ! this is from outside to inside to inside surely for this side, right hand right foot .You still can apply the technique like this. You do this one first and then this one the same thing Okay ? this is one and the second , here. maybe you will do like this and then you come to here and then she will down. This is advanced skill.It depends on which way you want to use. Ok~ one more . So three kinds.Later you will practice. first kind.This one here and then you find out the punch is here and then you attack This is the first one. and the second one.This side Here , here. You attack. You attack.okay? Or here She will down naturally. Later you will feel about that. So let’s back.”按(an)” “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” You pull your opponent back. “單鞭(dan bian)” here , hook hook and then attack your opponent to his face and then next movement “提手上式(ti shou shang shi)” move your weight forward so that you can raise up your behind leg step in do “穿手(chuan shou)” we call this “穿(chuan)” “穿掌(chuan zhang)” first and then next one . from here ok. here one more . “單鞭(dan bian)” hook open one two the meaning of that is the punch is here our left arm touch first. This is for protecting ourselves. so touch first.Touch . here . see one more time punch and I here see. The change of the hands. one more time here see . his face. So that’s the sequence. I do it slowly. one . touch. two so touch first and then change. surely you can do right. You can block first here and then see broken this one first or here. I touch first and then here away so last time. The meaning of that is some punch here here see. This is double. single .Okay. Go I change very quickly and now I am inside I can do a lot of the things Okay ? last time “單鞭(dan bian)” one two three four so from begin to here , then we practice 2 by 2 “按(an)” “下雲手(xia yuan shou)” “單鞭(dan bian)” “提手上式(ti shou shang shi)”


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