• Look forward to the series in China. I for one study at a Kenpo karate dojo in LA with a Judan, 10th degree, with a Chinese system base. My sensi also trained with Ed Parker and his linage is very directly related to early Karate Practitioners in the USA

  • I’m happy for you that you are going to China to learn more about the martial arts. I went to China, visiting my wife home city and I will tell you it’s an amazing place. Make sure you try the delicious food there too lol Have fun

  • The Eclectic Hobbyist says:

    I've contributed to crowdfunding projects before, but so far, all of them have failed to deliver for one reason or another. Still, you can count me in, Sensei Jesse. Here's to your success with this project!

  • God dammit. Jesse you are by far the most inspirational person i have seen so far on youtube. Even a master is a student forever or something like this is what you show us every video and even if i m not doing karate myself… your dedication to further your horizon is something which inspires me nonetheless. So i hope this project will work out just as you imagine. I will definitively watch it xD

  • Maybe you should also have a talk with Sifu Sergio Iadarola. He teaches Wing Chun. And as far as i know Fujian White Crane kung fu is also the ancestor of Wing Chun. He researched the history alot. So this might be an interesting talk. 🙂

  • Michael Pierce says:

    I am looking forward to it! I'm an amateur archaeologist and recently returned to school in order to get degree to become professional. As I study martial arts from various countries in the world there's always a connection back to a martial tradition of training meant for war. No-nonsense techniques meant to keep you alive. But as far back as the European Renaissance we have recorded evidence of Swordsman that complain about the rise of false teachers. George Silver in his book paradoxes of Defense also mention this complaint. And even as recent as Jack Dempsey mentioning the rise of boxing gyms from teachers that didn't have experience but because there was a monetary gain. so the challenge for the historian is to weed through false claims of Martial practice to find what actually works.

  • Federico Malagutti says:

    I'm really happy and quite proud too to have the occasion to support you in this project.

    Looking forward to watch the series!

  • Looking forward to this interesting series (eventually, you might consider turning these video history lessons into a book?). I could be wrong on this point, but I feel like I read somewhere that if you go back even further, Chinese martial arts came from India. As I write this, I think that there is virtually no limit to "how far" you can go back in history to find the "origin of martial arts." I would guess that at some point it all started with early man or a Neanderthal, taking a wild swing at someone who made him angry!

  • Jesse, tried to donate but i cannot have creditcard because of what i do for a job.. is it possible with Paypal or some sort?

  • hi jesse, i was wondering if its possible to go along, i could be an excellent translator since i do speak chinese and the fujian slang and even cantonese. Is there anyway i could come along? it would be my absolute pleasure

  • This is gonna be amazing! As a Kung Fu practioner who watches your content I can't wait to see what you think of the Chinese martial arts and how they relate to Karate. I was lucky enough to train full time under a Shaolin master in China for 9 months and it was the most incredible thing I've ever done.
    Making a Kickstarter donation right now.

  • Hope to see Jesse can have a look at other Fujian Martial Arts, not just white crane style. White Crane(白鶴拳), Wu Zu Quan(五祖拳), Southern Tiger Kung Fu(虎形拳), even Hung Gar Kung Fu(洪拳), they all related to each other, they all have the possibility to be a part of roots of Karate.

  • That is so cool man. You will love China. I went there for the first time last November for Kung Fu training with my Sifu and Kwoon and a few other affiliated Kwoons from different countries. I went to Hong Kong for seven star praying mantis,and Foshan for Wing Chun and Yang Tai Chi. Had a blast. Going back this April again for couple weeks of training. Can't wait to watch your journey. Also please tell Oliver good luck on his up and coming Fight 👊

  • Excellent! We say in my Kung Fu classes that most martial arts originated in China….but the Chinese arts likely originated themselves, in India! So I vote for India as your next adventure. 😊

  • Haven’t even looked at link yet and I’m so happy and excited. Everything you do is with so much class and flair! Can hardly wait to see and support.

  • Martial Arthouse says:

    I might be going on my first trip to China in April, I can't wait!
    Also I love finding links between Kung Fu and Karate so I'm already super excited for this documentary!

  • This is why I love the karate nerd platform. Diving deeper into the fundamentals and history of karate and martial arts itself. Rather than following the modern sensationalist trends and putting down other people or styles in am arcane senseless war of ideas. We all practice. We are all in this together.

  • Jesse, your channel is awesome. Quality of your videos is top notch. Your presence on camera is great. Your enthusiasm for the Martial Arts comes through every word! Very much looking forward to the China Chapter! Osu!💪🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇸🇪🇨🇳

  • Edgardo Carrasquillo says:

    The histocical roots will take you to the sociology of the north and south influences as well as India and beyond. Thank you.

  • this will be cool – in particular it would be interesting to specifically examine Sanchin origins too – i see parallels to it in an Ancestral White Crane (YMAA) pattern we sometimes practice.

  • Also, there are speculations that Karate roots go back as far as India. And I'm looking forward to this new adventure. Thanks for the update.

  • Sensei Jesse, I really cannot wait for this series. This is an absolutely brilliant idea and one that will be a fantastic opportunity and experience for you personally. And thank you for letting us Karate nerd followers to enjoy it with you 🥋🙂

  • Kazama Muramasa says:

    To focus on yourself is to focus on the future. I have to be a ship in the ocean a dozen turn back to know what's going. It's always good to know will you from. I remember I live now and in the future.

  • wow Jesse coming to China! if you have time come to Beijing I'll bring you to experience some of the traditional Chinese wrestling!😬

  • I know its random, but I'm curious, people here seem heavily invested in karate and it looks like everyone have so much more knowledge than I have about the sport and the subjects in these videos. What belts do the guys/girls in the comment section have? I'm sorry if I come across as rude for asking, but I'm just generally curious, very impressive community you've built here.

  • leslie scotland says:

    From research, the roots of Karate does not reach as far back as The Dharma in 5th century India and goes even further to Ancient Egypt in the B.C.. So Jesse Sensei, you have a lot of travelling to do. Lol… Take care and OSU… Arigato for always having the Karate Mind you have… OSU…

  • I am hyped as ** about this series. I am not just practitioner but I am also very interested in the evolution of martial arts as history

  • Very cool, Jesse. I’ve been in the Chinese martial arts for over twenty years. These days I practice the Northern styles. Chen Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan specifically. However, when I first switched from Karate and Jujutsu to Kung Fu, I practiced the Southern style Choy Li Fut. I’m sure you know this already, but it’s thought that the most influential style with regard to Karate is Fujian White Crane, which is one of the styles my current Shifu teaches. Ngo Cho Kuen/Wuzuquan (5 ancestors fist) is also thought to have influenced Karate, and is one of the only Chinese styles in which the Sai and Tonfa are taught. God bless you, brother, and keep up the great work.

  • Hey jesse I'm an orange belt in tang soo do and I really want to learn the form (kata) bassai but that's like a couple of years from now…should I practice it right now? And if so how should I practice an advance kata WAY out of my league??🤔🤔thanks for your time

  • This should be truely enlightening. I know that most of the naha-te styles of karate are heavily influenced by southern white crane, tiger claw style kung fu, and others. I also know that Uechi-ryu or Pangainoon Kung fu, that it was based on, was also heavily influenced by southern dragon and snake styles of kung fu. I know that when it came to the history of Uechi-ryu, that Master Shinu Gushi, was probably one of the most influential instructors in the Uechi-ryu lineage (not a direct member of the uechi family, but one of the oldest students of the current generation of instructors), unfortunately he recently passed away.

  • Elliot Fontanet says:

    I think it will be cool to do a show on how karate influence America. And go around training with great masters in America. But man can't wait for this jounery osu.

  • This is going to be epic! I just pledged. I loved your Karate Nerd in Okinawa series, I cant wait to see your new adventure!

  • Jesse, Can you make a video of how to practice kata turns, faster and more powerful? I know it is about hip movement but yeah. 🙂

  • You are an amazing person. Jesse. Well i have a request can you extend your journey upto India where real martial arts was started and explore the kalari art. Of fighting. After all India is the birth place of martial arts

  • Tjena Jesse! Jag har varit intresserad av att börja på karate i Jönköping. I stadens dojo så kör dem stilen shotakan men jag har sett en del videor om att den stilen inte är effektiv i självförsvar så tänkte fråga vad du tycker om den stilen?

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