Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to
another episode of smile2jannah A lot going on in India so let’s jump
straight into it. There are a few words in this whole India issue that makes it
quite confusing so let’s clarify that before we move on. The ruling party of
India the BJP is struggling. But of course fixing the country and its
economy is just too much hard work frankly. And not be a quitter, no matter
how bad you want to just fall flat on your face and collapse. So they’ve decided to take the
easy way out by distracting the masses, and what better way than the go-to
weapon for most of these right-wing leaders, which is stoking religious
hatred. How so Oh boyishly handsome guy? don’t try it boy Right, so first they
needed to determine who is an Indian and who isn’t. They used the state of Assam as a guinea pig for this. This is where the term NRC
comes from, which stands for National register of citizens, so when they tried
this in Assam they realized that majority of the illegals were Hindus. So
then just like any other amazing democracy does, they added and changed the
law to facilitate their own view, & then they said if you don’t have papers
as long as you’re Jain, Parsi, Sikh Buddhist, Hindu or Christian you can
still stay. Of course if you are paying attention to the list they purposely
missed out Muslims what! So this is what’s known as the CAA: The Citizenship Amendment Act. Also known as CAB not to be confused with TAXI. Last night things took a sinister turn. It was trending all
over Twitter since the last night. As I’m sure you guys are aware there were many
protests taking place nationwide. And one of those places was the
University, called Jamia Millia Islamia but it seems like the government
wanted to use this to their favor. Why? Because considering most of the
people are against this bill if they make it seem like it’s the Muslims yeah, all cameras on the Muslims, there’s already anti-muslim sentiment anyway so people will naturally back off because they’re gonna be seen as anti national
or siding with the terrorists So now is where the fake news jumped in, they took a clip and made it seem like these people were anti Hindu but of course we know it was disproved yeah so that’s now when the government jumps in as the
savior look we’re the savior against these barbarians. Here’s a clip of Modi saying that these people are lighting buses on fire. Here are a few clips that have emerged of police setting fire to the buses and
making it seem and blaming the students because let’s face it even though they
are passionate they are educated young kids and despite a few a few of them
it’s most likely gonna be a peaceful protest. So let’s see how the ‘world’s
biggest democracy’ handles such (lets face it) standard protests. I’m sure they’re
aware… they’re students… in a university Young, energetic, students well apparently the police just didn’t care as you can see here they are storming
the university here are they throwing stones throwing tear gas using guns to disperse the crowd I know what you’re thinking yeah- look they’re
just trying to control the people and just scare them a little bit… all right all
right… maybe maybe you’re right Hang on a minute, is that the police vandalizing public property with sticks? as if it can’t get
more worse than that, here is a report saying that the police
were turning off lights in the university to hide their violence and
abuse of women. Of course stuff like that can never be verified because there’s no
CCTV evidence. And here is the video that we get the picture where a woman is standing in front of a policeman telling him to stop. What these few women are
doing is stopping the police from beating this young man. But the police want to
get him so bad, that they are content with just poking and prodding him with
their sticks. What is going on in India?
What has it become? The students have
been incredibly brave. They have been underestimated by the government and are
tolerating a lot of police brutality for the sake of their nation. It really is an
inspiration for all of us youngsters watching because if we decide to stop
wasting our life, I’m sure we can shake the foundations of power as well but of course if we decide to do so that is Until next time guys,
Asalaamu Alaikum



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