What is going on guys, it is JJ here back with another video. Ive been wanting to do this video for a very long time I think I put on my
Instagram like couple months ago asking if people wanted me to do this tutorial
mostly said you did want it so here it is so Touchdownraiz is one of my favorite
moves that I’ve ever learned it feels great and it also looks pretty cool as
well and when you do it right you can get tons of power from it touchdown
raise is one of those moves that you either love it or you hate it and a lot
of people that I’ve seen if they hate it it’s because they struggle or struggle
to learn it it took me a very long time to learn it but the more I did it the
better I got I’ve probably done it every session for the past four or five years
that’s why it’s my best setup so let’s start with the tutorial you should
ideally be able to do a raise before you do this move because it’s a progression
from a raise but it’s not completely necessary to have a raise it just helps
also being able to your back table or back handspring helps for this move
because you’re not scared to put your hand out and to go over your head a bit
more so this is gonna be the first step for your flesh and raise you can either
do this on a flat floor like so or you can grab a mat and do it onto it which
is how I first learnt it you’re gonna do a really lazy raise and as you go into
for the step you’re gonna circular arms and bring your arm around to the side
just for the step like so I don’t worry thinking it doesn’t
really look that great but packs it a couple of times just to get used to
putting your hand on the floor taking the weight landing on that foot the
important thing for this is that you put your hand on the floor before your first
foot hits the ground so there is that slight little time gap between your hand
and your foot next thing you do is you start focused on kicking that left leg a
little bit more or your right leg depending on which side you go as you
step you circle your arms over over then the same thing reach over the disciple
kick your first leg harder you should start to invert a little bit more so
like this like you just saw if there’s a little
bit of a jump that’s okay so once you can do that part and have it so that
your hand is landing before your foot and you’re able to take that pressure on
your hand then you’ve basically got a touchdown raised but it’s a touch and
raise that you can’t really use to swing out of yet to be able to swing out of it
or pop out of it for any other moves afterwards there’s a couple of things
that you need to think about and focus on just to perfect it so you can do that
here’s where people start to really dislike to attend race when they
struggle to swing out of it or pop out of it when I look at summer session race
who really doesn’t like to touch and race and it’s because they struggle to
do it but maybe they can do it but they just can’t swing out of it very well
there’s usually three things that I look at when they’re doing it I look at their
head I look at their arm positioning and I look at the first leg that comes up
off the ground so let’s talk about your head positioning for an inverted TD race
when you do an inverted TD raise your head positioning is really important
when you step into it make sure you’re swinging around to the top to invert you
have to look backwards almost like you’re gonna do a back handspring that’s
why it helps if you don’t have a fear of going backwards before you do this move
it doesn’t feel like a back handspring but your head positioning has to tree
look at my hands bring watch the way my head goes back it doesn’t go over my
shoulder like the last two that we did my head is gonna go a lot further back
than the others the second thing to think about for any
of our TD raise is your arm positioning so when I do my TT raise and I teach
people heads to us I always emphasize the fact that you need to circle your
arms over the top and then you need to keep your arm on that line because when
you reach for your floor you don’t reach this side you’ve got to reach up by your
head almost and if you circle around over the top and keep your first arm in
that line it’s already there a good example of a trigger who uses this is
Danny akin I’ve watched him do some crazy tricks that over T duration
standing and the speed that his hands go over like this is incredible and he
could really see that he pulled his arms over like a circle so once again watch
how I circle my arms keep my arm on that line reach off and my head goes back as
well if your arm positioning is right and
your head positioning is right the next thing that has to be right
is your leg positioning to get in an inverted you raise needs have your arms
go straight backwards your head going backwards but also your leg kicking
backwards and the best TD raises that you see and you watch in slow-mo their
leg almost goes straight back so think about kicking that leg as high as you
can up towards the ceiling the higher goes the better and the more inverted
your tush and raise is going to be watch my arm positioning my head and my low okay so the final thing that you need to
think about when you do a TD raise is you do not need to jump high
if you jump on your toes and raise you’re gonna have a large period where
your hand is not on the floor which means when it does go to touch the floor
it’s gonna be a lot more pressure on your arm and it’s gonna kill your power
the ideal TD raise is your arm is pretty much on the floor by the time that your
second leg leaves the floor so as this iron lifts off this is my lead leg then
the one I’m standing on right now before that takes off this arm should be on the
floor ideally this makes it a lot easier to swing out of it as well this is an
example of jumping too high on your tush Henry’s after doing for those my wrists
already hurts and also I couldn’t have saw any of those because as soon as my
hand hit the floor my two feet went like bang bang there was no time for me to be
able to focus on this leg and swing it through because it was already on the
ground by the time I was going to think about it so when you do it and you take
off your tush and raise you need to circle your arms drop your chest nice
and low because the lower you are the easier it’s gonna be to put that hand on
the floor if you jump you’re going to dropping down on your hand and hurting
your wrist so arms over the top chest then spot the floor keep circling back
leg kicks off and head goes back so then you move on to your setups into te ribs
there’s so many different ways that you can go to tu raise but you’ve just got
to find the right one for you you’ve got your hook kick you got your spins there
but you’ve also got different types of legs
you’ve got your pretty hook kick which is just the slappy and then right into
your tush and raise you’ve got the one that I use when I’m
trying to be good for big power moves out of it like a really long okay so I
like step push and just drive in that direction you’ve got your spin step and then you’ve got the little skip step
which is what I’ve been doing in the last couple that I’ve shot this is a move that you’ve got a driller
pretty much every you get it and even then you still have
to drill it the more you drill it the better it’s gonna get and the more power
you’re gonna feel from it it does take time what you’ve just got to stick with
it and eventually you will learn to love it so that is it for this video I hope
this tutorial has helped you learn touch genre’s just remember be patient with it
work it every session and just keep going with it if there’s any questions
you have about TD raised in general just leave a comment below and I’ll get back
to you as soon as I can also if there’s any other tutorials that you would like
me to do leave a comment below for that as well I hope you all learned to love
TD raise as much as I do thank you all for watching don’t leave like subscribe
and I’ll see you guys next video goodbye



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