How to Tornado Kick & Cheat Set Up | Beginner Tricking Tutorial

How to Tornado Kick & Cheat Set Up | Beginner Tricking Tutorial

This is gonna be the Tornado Kick and cheat
set up. Gonna go through the set up first and then the tornado kick. First step is going
to be to step in front of your foot. You should start to swing your arms at this point. Swing
them up, here, and look over your shoulder. Look at the target here. You need to use your
arms and your leg to get all the momentum upwards. There’s not going to be too much
jump, just pushing through your toes. All of the force upwards is going to come from
that knee pulling and these arms pulling up here, stretched. So practice that a few times.
That’s the cheat set up. There’s a few minor variations
on the cheat set up. Some people like to step their foot in front when they go up for a
kick, some people like to come all the way across which cheats the move a little bit
more. So if you have a move that requires a lot more rotation you will tend to find
people stepping all the way across and instead of jumping here, sometimes they even jump
here just to “cheat” the rotation a bit more. Now onto the kick, this bit comes pretty naturally
once you have got the jump. So the kick is just going to be a roundkick here. If you
can’t do that already, a few points to bear in mind – The landing foot is going to be
pointing out on a roundkick so toes pointing back or to 45 and be chambered here, and kick
here. Again you can do a crescent kick, inside crescent or roundkick. So for an inside crescent
your back foot can face forward. For a round kick you must have this foot facing out. You
also need it to be facing that way in the air as well. So you need to have this foot
out in order to open up the hips and get that kick. If your hips are here, even in the air,
you are not going to be able to get your foot round. You need to have them turned out here.
Break the move down step by step. First step, lift, then just jump and kick. Jump, kick.
Try and focus on getting those hips turned out. Again, here, jump, kick. Then just speed
it up each time until it’s nice and smooth and tornado!


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