How To Kick: Capoeira Fight Video

How To Kick: Capoeira Fight Video

[How To Kick Capoeira Fight Video] You saw the basic movement of Jinga, now we will show you some kicks. There are many kicks in Capoeira, but, we are going to show you the first three basic kicks. Follow the movements so that you can do this at home. First Capoeira Kick [Front Half Moon Kick]. It is a basic kick from the inner side of the leg, and it goes in a half moon circle. The hands and the legs need to be balanced – this will also improve your co-ordination. Make sure that you do it with both hands and legs all the time. [The Armada Capoeira Kick] The Armada is a high kick to the face from the outer side of the leg. It is a very lethal kick, it can break your head if it hits you. You have to keep watching, bring your legs up, hands above, so that any attack would always be deflected away. [Capoeira Round Kick – Meia lua de compasso] It comes with the heel of the foot, and it is a very fast kick. The first movement is the “entrada” with both legs into the kick, bending down, releasing the back leg into the air, holding the leg at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the floor and following it through.


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