How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : Summary of Speed Drills in Martial Arts

How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : Summary of Speed Drills in Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Michael Lewis with Yeshua Ryu Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we will be talking about speed drills. To sum
it all up, we worked on our speed training and we talked about some the different ways
that you sense speed. You sense it by seeing it, somewhat by hearing it, and by sensitivity
or feeling it. There are several different drills that you do. There is the in-and-out
sticking hands. Pay attention to your footwork, so that when you throw your strike, you do
it correctly. You should not be telegraphing your technique. If you do telegraph your technique,
your opponent will automatically catch on to it. Finally, the most important concern
is safety, especially when you are training by yourself in speed. This is because it is
very easy to pull a muscle or to hyper-extend your arm by throwing it out too far. First
of all, you will want to develop the correct technique for your punches, kicks, or whatever
strike that you are working on. It is important to develop the correct technique. Secondly,
make sure that you warm-up and stretch your muscles, so that when you throw that punch,
you will have less of a risk of hyper-extension and pulling your muscles. Also, be careful
if you are working with a partner and you are working with speed. Because of the speed,
it is very easy to get out of control and accidentally hit someone. Always train with
someone who you are comfortable working with and who is comfortable training with you.
Keep both your and their safety in mind. That is a top priority. This way, you’ll definitely
be able to develop your speed and you will definitely see an increase in just a couple
of weeks.


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  • If anyone likes this video, you should read "Speed Training" by Loren Christenson. He's one of the best martial arts authors out there, and it is probably the best manual on improving your speed.

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