How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : One-Handed Outside ChiSao

How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : One-Handed Outside ChiSao

Michael Lewis with Yeshua’s Ryu Martial Arts
on behalf of Expert Village. We’re talking today about speed drills. Now we’re going
to work the outside speed drill with using sort of a variation of Chia Sao, the sticking
hands that comes out of Wing Chung. Instead of going from the inside like we did in the
previous clip, we’re actually going to go from the outside, so the back of my fist is
lined up to the back of his fist. Now, what I’m going to try to do, is I’m going to try
to shoot a jab in, and this is going to work my training also. You also want to make sure
that you stay front and center with the person so that the connection–the point where both
of your wrists are connecting is at the center line. You don’t want to have is hand way over
her because you’ll definitely never, ever make the strike. So you have to make sure
that it’s centered up. What happens is that when I begin to move and throw a strike, he
blocks it out of the way. Very simple, very simple, it’s a little bit easier than going
from the inside. That’s a little bit harder to block. But from here, he begins to move,
and I begin to move out of the way. Also, he can try to throw a lower strike, and I
have to follow the hand down; if I try to throw a lower strike, he follows my hand down.
And so that way, you’re developing speed that will help you get to the outside of the body.
So from here, again, he throws that strike, and I can turn myself in. So that’s just a
good way, and an example of how you can use this drill. Also keep in mind that one of
the main purposes is that you always want to stay connected, so you don’t just pull
off and then try to throw a strike. Always stay connected, because you’re helping him
to develop sensitivity to not only see the strike coming, but to feel the strike, and
when I move. And that is how you do the outside variation of a Chi Sao drill.


5 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Martial Arts Quickness : One-Handed Outside ChiSao”

  • Actually you don't need to 'stay connected'…

    Wing Chun sticking is training in how not to stick.. If you read the partner pressing away from the line then 'run' (small circle) in the other way and strike him.. 🙂

  • i just want to say this to the martial artist's of expertvillage…hey you may be considered overweight…and people may think you suck…but from what i just saw from the black belt…he's very fast, his moves are very crisp and his very fluid and precise. i may be an athletic 250 pound 6ft2 white guy, but that doesnt mean i cant learn from this guy, its not about the build of the body its about the build of the mind

  • @squaderlaa i think ur brain is working backwards, MMA is a SPORT, im not saying these guys know shit, but MMA is a SPORT, and combative martial arts are REAL

  • Chi Sao my ass, this guy looks like he holds a black belt in KFC. He's talkign pure shite, and clearly knows fuck all about chi-sao. Put this guy on mcdojolife.

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