How to Hone Your Basic Striking Techniques : Backfist in Martial Arts

How to Hone Your Basic Striking Techniques : Backfist in Martial Arts

Michael Lewis with Yeshua martial arts on
behalf of Expert Village, we are here today to talk about basic striking techniques. Now
we are covering the back fist. As, pretty much as, it says you are going to use the
back of the fist when you strike. However, keep in mind that the bones on the back of
your fist are very, very, very thin and easy to break. When you strike; if you strike somebody’s
chin with the actual back of your hand you may possibly break those bones, so instead
of actually striking with the back of your hand you’re going to strike with the back
knuckles. In other wards you are going to turn your wrist slightly back so that the
first thing that protrudes into the strike are the knuckles. That way you are protecting
your hand and also you are actually delivering a harder blow to the person if you are striking
to the temple, to the side of the jaw or even into the chin. So again, keep in mind that
when you strike you are going to strike with the knuckles. You can strike with the lead
hand; it’s very, very fast, very quick to be able to shoot it out. If you shoot it with
the reverse hand you’re going to have to come across and strike. It delivers a, pretty much,
a little bit more powerful blow, but it takes more time because this hand is further back.
Most of the time when you watch someone who is sparring you’re going to see them do a
back fist with the lead hand because of the speed. Also, it’s a strike that almost looks
like it’s going to shoot in straight, but also it’s coming to the side so sometimes
it’s harder to block. It’s harder to perceive whether or not it’s coming straight in or
if it’s going to be a back fist. Again just make sure that you are tucking your thumb
in and that you’re striking with the back of the knuckles. That is your basic overview
of a back fist strike.


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