How To Get Out Of A Headlock – The Bruce Lee’s JKD Way


32 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Headlock – The Bruce Lee’s JKD Way”

  • I love how Dan incorporates what for my students I termed he G.T.P. (Grab, Twist, Pull/Groin, Twist, Pull) or a.k.a. The Eviscerator into this counter attack escape.

  • Great video Dan, may I suggest you take a couple of guys to a club/bar and start a fight. Make sure you film it. Lol

  • I haven't found it yet but have you done a video on how to get out of an arm lock? Not the kind of arm lock where your arm is pinned behind your back but they have swung your arm up and is pinning you from behind. I was once in a situation where this was not what I expected but it was where I found myself. Believe it or not I was taking First Aid Teacher Training and the teacher had us practicing teaching something we know to the others to see our training style. He was holding my wrists but I knew how to get out of it. I did it enough times that it must have made his ego sore. So the next thing I knew he was behind me and my arm was up and bent above my head and pinned.The first thing I did was to bend forward. I could not flip him so I tried to stomp his knee. I missed the first time but as he was trying to hold me I got him hard the second time I tried. But he didn't let go. He did finally respond when I told him to "Let me the fuck go!" Somehow he realized that something had come over him and to let go. I always look back on those moments and knew I did my best. I probably did better than some but I always wish I could have known the quickest and easiest way to get out of that position. To this day I still don't know what else I could have done. Thank you for all of your videos. They are very practical and applicable.

  • Good stuff from Dan Lok……..Drop chin in…..Saddle up…..Groin rip…….Ark rip……..No 'ground and pound' here…..That's where ya get a screwdriver in the back of your skull…….Never sacrifice your structure on the street……'Take whats given……..Wing Chun, one o one…….'Return whats taken……Shaoiin, one o one…………..Simplicity is the key, complexity the lock"…..Bruce Lee…………

  • Anthony Pratt says:

    Good advice about putting the chin down so you aren't choked. Groin strike will work most of the time. But, it could cause you to get hurt worse when it doesn't and your insane adversary now has a shot of adrenaline and proceeds to rip your head off. Only one finger should be placed under the nose supported by the thumb pressing in and pulling back on the pressure point. Otherwise he can bite your fingers. Almost noone can resist it and if they do they will regret it. Your take down move is excellent. It can also be assisted by using the palm and/or leg behind his knee joint . Bruce Lee generally believed in striking before or simultaneously to effecting a release move. Of course, not everyone has the focus and level of striking ability Bruce Lee had. So, I believe it is better to effect the release first in some cases such as this where one is vulnerable and your attacker has a grip on you before countering with a strike. If it fails you can always begin striking. Your follow-ups are good but will vary according to your final landing position relative to your opponent's.

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