How to Fold a Hakama – Aikido Hakama Folding Guide – 2 Ways – Very detailed (w/ subtitles)

How to Fold a Hakama – Aikido Hakama Folding Guide – 2 Ways – Very detailed (w/ subtitles)

We got a few comments and a few emails about how to fold a Hakama. So there are a lot of ways to fold a Hakama and I am just going to show you two ways: The way we do it here at SeidoShop. When you get your Hakama from us you find the Hakama folded. And this is also the way we do it on the mats because it is really useful to put the Hakama in a bag. We also are going to show you the traditional way, I mean the way that it used for traditional Hakama. It is not very handy for sports goods and if you want to put it in your bag and everything but you can mix both, if you want a balance between tradition and handiness, so let’s start with my way to do it. Probably the most important thing when you start folding your Hakama is to correctly place the pleat on the inside. The pleat that separates the legs. This pleat has to be folded down on the right side. So when you grab the Hakama you unfortunately will not see it, but I make sure that the inner pleat falls to the right. Once you got that, lay the Hakama down and make sure that it lays flat. The inner pleat is still on this side. The thing is this. You need the pleats on the inside to be correct before you start to fold your Hakama. So, if the inner pleat is put correctly right from the beginning, it is much easier. If you get used to it, you do not even need to adjust the pleats on the rear but you would only need to put the pleats on the front into place. But for now, I am starting at the back to make sure that these two pleats are laying flat. You grab the Koshiita, that is how the back plate is called in Japanese, and the front of the Hakama at the same time. You secure the pleats with your hand and gently flip the Hakama over, so that everything stays in place. Put the straps out of the way and now it is actually quite simple. You just need to adjust the pleats, flatten them a bit, but do not forget to check again that the inner pleats are still in place and laying flat. Put them back into place if necessary. And from there you can grab one pleat after another and it is possible that you end up having something like this. And as you can see, the pleats on the back are not in place as well. This actually happens when the front part is not exactly placed in the middle. Adjust it by fixing the lower part while pulling on the back plate and the front part. And here we go. Little by little the pleats fall into place. So, now you have the Hakama with the pleats all flat, you can feel this when you smoothen it out. This part should be flat. And we can fold the side parts. Repeat it on the other side and fold it in half. This is how we do it at Seido, covering about half of the Koshiita. Check again that the pleats lay flat, especially in the middle and then, fold it in half once more. Place the Hakama in front of you and now, we are ready to make the knot. For that, we will start by using the front straps. Take one of the front strap and fold it in half and then, I divide it into three and put it diagonally on the Hakama and repeat the same step with the strap on the other side. So, here we go. Ready for the knot. Let’s take the back strap. It depends on the cut, or more precisely on the Koshiita height adjustment if you can pass from above. This is what I would recommend. However, for my Hakama I have to take the back strap from the side. Just to show you the back strap lays on top of the front strap now. Now, when you want to make the knot, make sure that you tie tightly, otherwise your straps will be too short and also, the knot will loosen. Take the back strap and cross in the middle around all the strap layers. Do the same on the other side, around all the straps. And make sure to pull tightly. Cross over and around both, the front and back straps. Do the same thing on the other side and take a second to put the straps nicely in place. If your straps are long enough, you can cross again and go around all the straps. And of course, we do this on both sides. From here, you take the strap from the right side and bring it to the left side and tuck it under the loop of the back strap. And you do this of course also with the other end. And to finish, tighten the knot. That is it. This is actually not the traditional way to do it, but the knot is secure. There is another way to finish off the knot, especially if your straps are about as short as mine. Let’s go back and we redo the last step. From here, traditionally we would fold the end of the strap in half and simply tuck it into the opposite side. Same again with the other end. The problem is that you cannot really tighten the knot. and it loosens more easily. I am sitting on the other side now and I hope you can see a bit clearer how I do the knot. We start off as before with the straps folded first in half and then in thirds. Make sure to have some room here to flip it across the centre. You grab your back strap and cross in the middle. Bring it underneath and around the centre. The same you repeat with the other strap. And from here you lay the strap to the side and note, that you do not swap the back straps. So the right strap is still on the right side and the left strap on the left side. You go around all the straps again, as you can see on both sides. Now, we have almost finished. For the traditional way, you would cross the back straps to the other side the left goes to the right and the right to the left Or, if your back straps are long enough to do it, you can go around again with the left strap laying on the left and the right strap laying on the right side. And now you cross to the opposite side. And now, you tuck the end into the loop we created before. This one. It is actually the first circle we made with the back strap. This is quite a secure knot that does not open easily. But, if you just pull the straps apart at once, you can open it super quickly and you are ready to put on the Hakama. Traditionally, for everyday Hakama, not martial art Hakama, you would fold the Hakama in three parts only. Doing it this way, you do not want to cover the Koshiita when folding it. And what you do now, is making the knot on the back of the Hakama and not on the front as we did before. Flip the Hakama over, like this, get the straps organized, put the back straps out of the way and start with the front straps. And we basically start doing the same as before, folding the front strap in half, but from here, this time, we do not want to fold it in thirds, because the straps would not be long enough, but only once more. We fold in half and lay it diagonally across the centre. The same thing on the other side. And now, it should look like this. Because the Hakama is folded in thirds, and the straps in quarters, everything is a bit larger. But in principle, it is the same thing. We do the same as we did before, grab the back strap, lay it over the centre beneath and up, same on the other side, just put the straps back in place. Cross again on the upper part, on the other side as well, now you should start to get this game. And do not worry, if it looks a bit messy. We can just put it back in place. Now you can tighten the knot a bit and we finish off doing the same thing as before. Cross in the centre and tuck the end into the loop of the knot. And here we go. Although you can tighten the knot like this, with the Hakama folded this way it might work if you want to store it in your cupboard in the traditional way. But for daily practice and for putting it into your bag for going to the Dojo, you might have to fold it in half, because of the size but also, because otherwise it will fall apart. So, here we are. And here is the Hakama. Ah no, actually it is another one. I did not take the time to finish mine. This is the way we do it. You can see that the straps are well attached, it will not move that easily. But if you just pull, you are going to open the Hakama. It is really handy. And if you order from us, you are going to get this fancy bag with the Hakama so you can put it in and it is designed to be the size of the Hakama. So you can make sure that it is not going to fall apart in your bag. That is the way we do it. If you like the video, as always you can just put a thumb up it is really motivating for us when people like our videos. You can subscribe to the channel for the next one, you have probably already done that if you are watching this video right now. And you can leave a comment if you have any question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Obviously, I have no idea what the next video is going to be. But we are going to think about it at Seido and come up with a new video in a while. Thank you very much for watching and see you soon on


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  • Jérôme GICQUEL says:

    Pas aussi facile de plier un hakama 100% coton. Le sac pour hakama noir est très "classe" c'est une nouveauté ? Le mien était blanc.
    Cette série de vidéos est très intéressante, on peut y trouver de nouvelles façons de plier nouer porter ses équipements…
    Bon courage et continuez comme ça.

  • Seiyuōkami Himura says:

    i like tying decorative sageo folding Hakama is very similar. if you can tie decorative sageo knots for your saya, you can properly fold hakama.

  • Kevinantonio Morrison says:

    I like the Hakama, i am taking my shodan test this year in November winter seminar afterstarting aikido in the traditional style from 1996. Please send me your contact number so i can buy my Hakama. What information should i send you for the proper fit Hakama ?.

  • Kevinantonio Morrison says:

    I have been doing aikido for a long time even started studying with Steven Seagal sensei . Circumstances beyond my control in life why i have taken all my tests. I should be 4 Dan by now, but i have the experience working with different black belts.

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