How to Draw Bruce Lee Step by Step Part 2

How to Draw Bruce Lee Step by Step Part 2

bjbjLULU lrDc Want to learn to draw Bruce
Lee? Look no further. This video will teach you how to draw his
body step by step. The first minute and a half is a Bob Ross
stop motion karate movie parody where Bob Ross enters my studio and unleashes his master
painter ninja style….aka- beats me up. Art, Step by Step Drawing tutorial: Step 1.) Observe then add the shape for the upper chest. This shape is comparable to the height of
the face. Please note that Bruce’s body is turned so
the area is foreshortened. Step 2.) fits to step one like a puzzle piece. Be sure to notice that the bottom is rainbow
like and the sides point slightly away from each other. Step 3.) is a very tricky step. Try to notice that the shape of the arm in
this step looks like a women’s dress shoe. Put that large shape in first, then go on
to she smaller shapes. Step 4.) Add the V Shape for Bruce Lee’s left arm. Notice that it is wider at the top of the
arm than the bottom. The palm of the hand is circular and the thumb
and pinky protrude at a similar angle. Step 5.) Observe, then add the line to fill in the
shoulder. Step 6.) Observe then add the legs. Notice that his pants are worn very high,
so his legs are slightly longer than his upper body. Step 7.) Add Bruce Lee’s ankles and feet. [email protected] Owner Normal Owner Microsoft Office Word
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