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  • Endless Hellstrom says:

    Part of being uke (the one who starts the technique, or "attacks) is learning how to receive the technique, endure pain, and help nage (the one who performs or defends) work on how to do it, he's nobody's bitch

  • i would like to see a women doing this against a strong man if she cant even move with that arm with any technique..ive tryied this many times with my girlfriend and when i hold her really strong she cant do nothing with me…

  • Is there any other way of doing yonkyo that doesn't involve the nerve ? We have a tennis player here and his nerves on his forearms are numb. We even used a wooden stick to find his nerves but no luck. Any advice ? Thank you

  • Raphaël Bouhnik says:

    At the base of the forearm there are a series of ligaments which stores and protects the main nerve of the arm. You can feel a duo of these if you extent your fingers to the outside of the wrist (similar to Sankyo). The nerve is between these two ligaments, if you apply Yonkyo carefully and penetrate this precise point (remember to strengthen the hold) while using your whole body you will find the nerve. One good thing to try is imagine you are sticking a sword in the ground. Hope that helped 🙂

  • Tarquin Ogilvie says:

    Try remaining relaxed force on force creates a struggle. I f you or your Uke/Tori remain their is almost a guarantee of the technique working.
    Tips to remain relaxed:
    Focus on correct breathing
    Don't let any distracting thoughts enter your mind
    Focus on your Ki flowing correctly.
    I hope this has aided your practices in Aikido.

  • there are strikes in aikido, when you can't use one technique, strike your opponent to loosen his grip, then either follow through with what you were doing, or go ahead and do another technique on him. that's what she should have done to you 🙂 aikido is not always about brute strength

  • Thats why you add an atemi(Strike) to loosen up the attacker before the lock/throw is applied. Look at Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu vids, You'll see lots of atemi there.

  • I had the same isue with aikido until an expert explained it to me. It' because in real world aikido isn't meant to be performed from static position but from the point of intent, meaning you're suposed to blend in atacker's energy. Pull when you're being pushed, push when you're being pulled. But to fully understand the principles of the art it would take years, until then it's still going to look like choreography. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Women of Japan Police Department study aikido exactly because of that, they can use the strength of their opponents. Please do some research before posting bullshit… and if your girlfriend doesn't train aikido, there's no point in trying this with her. Go to a dojo, ask for a woman to do yonkyo or nikkyo on you. Then, come back and reply.


  • watching a 2:02 minute vid isn't going to help if you're not going to train the proper way. 2 years of training is just the same as this short clip.

  • melanie irene de ocampo says:

    LOL. IM A SMALL GIRL BUT IN 2 MONTHS OF TRAINING (especially if you put hard work on it and depending on how good your sensei is) I REALLY SEE HOW GOOD THE RESULTS ARE. everyday i ask my older and younger brother (whos taller than me, both of them are "almost" 6 footers, im only 4 feet and 11 inches) to be my "training dummies". aikido is not only about yonkyo. there are a lot of techniques out there that you can use

  • melanie irene de ocampo says:

    (which are too many to mention)
    you know. do not under estimate aikido women 🙂 especially those who specialize on it. even men of aikido who are small and thin, haha like my sensei (shhhh)
    i can even literally break an ORDINARY PERSON'S arm (like thugs who doesn't know how to fight).. if i need to.
    in my 2 months of training until now.. and some research about aikido, aikido is more LIKE a defensive type of fighting. its like using your opponents ENERGY to take him down

  • melanie irene de ocampo says:

    it does not require TOO MUCH energy, which is an advantage for me because im a small girl.
    just sayin that women of aikido are small but terrible :3

  • Michael Kowalski says:

    Is the original strike supposed to symbolize the sword swing? I only ask b/c I've never seen someone try to strike like that during sparring.

  • @1:32 The Okki attacked Shomen Uchi with his left hand…
    @1:33 Suddenly the Tori was holding his right hand, as if it was the hand attacking.

    That's disturbing, I was planning to watch the technique flow, but this disappointed me.

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