15 thoughts on “How to Do Tachi Tori | Aikido Lessons”

  • Robin OfTheWest says:

    Love this ! I studied Tachi Tori for about a year (sensei committed suicide)  – Tai Chi after that (instructor went off the deep end) – Shodan ranked in Fugagaki Aikido now (Sensei moved out of state) – just can't win !

  • OmniphonProductions says:

    I'm eager to watch your other videos, but as a student of edge weapon combat (with emphasize on Japanese systems), I can't help noticing the "lag time" between your first and second movements.  If that initial strike is not devastating, then shokukiri (downward, straight cut) is followed with a kiriage (upward, diagonal cut), and you're standing two inches from it.  Thoughts?

  • I've been traning kendo for 8 years. (Poland, scnd europen, man) Before u start traning tachi tori with your pal, learn him how to grip a bokken. Why is he openig his hands for while cutting? Wierd right wrist angle. So much stiffnes in arms, but footwork str8 diffrent then kendos footwork so i can't judge. Youre techniques are amazing, messmerazing. Performance almost ideal. So fast, and powerfull and kinda glance.. I would like to try them in a ranked confrontation but its forbiden in modern kendo to throw… :/

  • Montserrat den Daas says:

    hi im fairly new to al the japanese terms in aikido but does anyone know a good video explaining how to do ikkyo (as a defense) from shomenuchi?

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