How to Do Defense against Back Kick 2 | Taekwondo Training

I’m going to be showing you guys a defensive
technique using a cut kick against jump back kick. So first, what is a cut kick? So my opponent is here. We’re going to demonstrate. A cut kick is almost like a push kick but
in a 45-degree angle. And again, a cut kick is not a strong kick,
but it’s a kick to make distance. So I’m going to demonstrate. It’s going to look like this. I’m going to slide, let’s say I’m going to
use my front leg to do a cut kick. And like that. Just cut him off. One more time. This way. Now my opponent is over here. Cut kick is actually very good for taller
opponents. Let’s say I’m sparring, and I check, and I
start reading my opponent, and he’s about to do a back kick, or something tells me that
he might do a jump back kick when I come in. So I might go, “Ha!” He might show me a shoulder assault, boom. I’m reading him. He might do a back kick. Now, just in case he might throw it, I’m going
to use a cut kick. So now when I do a cut kick, he’s going to
turn, because he thought I was going to do a hot step roundhouse kick, and he’s going
to lose his balance, and you can go forward and initiate the attack. But the thing is, going against a taller opponent
and using this kick, even if I throw a cut kick, he might still get me because he has
such long legs. So again, I’m going to show, I’m going to
go in, and boom. He still might go through. Let’s show it again. I throw the cut kick. Bang. And I still get hit. So again, maybe when I’m going against a taller
opponent, I wouldn’t use this technique. I would use maybe the defense number one technique,
the step four sidestep. Matter of fact, instructor Andrew’s going
to actually show it to me. He’s going to come in, one, and bang, and
I lose my balance, because he has such long legs, my leg won’t reach him. So one more time, he’s going to show the demonstration
again. This way. Now where I like to kick, maybe I would like
to kick not too high, but maybe around his hip area. So one more time. Bang, and I lose my balance. And that’s a defensive technique against a
back kick.


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