How to Do Clinch Technique 3 | Taekwondo Training


10 thoughts on “How to Do Clinch Technique 3 | Taekwondo Training”

  • Kaay, not seen taekwondo as a strong martial art (Good tecniques but seemingly weak participants), but i decided to watch this vid to maybe change my view, and the shit i see is body armor and a hugging 'technique'….

  • beldarthebrave says:

    You must understand, the body armor does not prevent any damage. it is primarily for the judges to see if an attack was well placed and powerful enough to merit a point. Clinching is a part of boxing, muay thai, and mma, all of which nobody could say are weak martial arts. Clinching is just not the most awe inspiring. You should check out Steve Vick if you want to see TKD at its best and most brutal.

  • you are an ignorant fool…. clinching is part of the technique as you can thow other kicks while on a clinch.. the kick is called an "out-in kick" and its quiet devastating as it is a kick to the head and if done right..your opponent cannot counter… ignorant fool.. how i wish i personally know you so that i could whoop your pathetic ass

  • azraelangelofred says:

    In it's pure sport form, this technique is not useful outside of a WTF Taekwondo sparring session. But if combined with knowledge of takedowns such as from Ho Shin Sul or Judo/Sambo/Pankration/Greco-Roman Wrestling? Ditch the "no grabbing" rule and do a takedown after you clinch real quick, probably useful. There's potential.

  • Aw man my class mates always do basic types mostly combinations or slide back or slide forward and occasionally side step but never this !! Ooohhh boy do I have a surprise for them !

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