How to Do a Gainer : Martial Arts Tips on Gainers

How to Do a Gainer : Martial Arts Tips on Gainers

Ok. Well, you’ve heard it from me Alfred Hsing,
a couple tips on how to do a Gainer. Remember, this is and can be a dangerous move if not
done safely and executed well. You really got to watch out how to warm up the neck and
back just because you don’t want to get whiplash. You just really need to be cautious. I can’t
stress that enough. And, also when you kick up and you really to whip you body backwards.
And, kick your legs all the way around. Because, it has happened that sometimes you’ll go all
the way up and you might just come straight down if you don’t get enough momentum. And,
you know you should definitely practice this move. It’s very flashy and it’s fun to do
if you just want to go from a standstill into a Gao Move and just kick back and do a flash
kick. But, again I just want to recap a few little pointers when we do it the way that
I showed you guys. Basically, take a few steps. Use this, really kick it, and drive that in.
And, use a lot of explosion when you kick that leg up. And, I’m kicking high to exaggerate.
But, really kick and pull back. So, I mean if I do it slow-mo like so. Like that. Basically,
remember to kick in line with your body. And, rotate with that same momentum. Do not kick
one way and start arching the other way. Really make sure everything is kicked out well. And,
don’t be too rushed when you do your movements. And, you’ll be able to land a Gainer successfully.
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