How To Defend The Double Leg Takedown

How To Defend The Double Leg Takedown

Alright everybody the next thing we’re
going to go over is how to defend against a double leg shot. So the double leg,
obviously it’s in the name, he’s attacking both of your legs and more
importantly he’s attacking both of your hips. So we’ll see how the how to defend
that. Alright so Jun takes a double leg shot,
right away I have to sprawl and again you’ll notice right away I’m addressing
the head and I have my whizzer just like we’ve been doing all along.
You’ll notice the whizzer is going to be a common theme on defense. It’s a very important, very effective move and you’ll see all across grappling.
It’s used defensively, it’s used offensively. Its very very important and
very effective. So right away I sprawl I’m getting both of my hips back both
of my legs back right because he’s attacking both as opposed to just one side. So from here, same thing, I’m going to stuff the head, I’m going to
attack the whizzer on the far side now I’m just going to shift my hips into that whizzer. Okay turn around this way so we can show from this angle. Jun is going to shoot the double leg, I’m sprawling. Both hips both legs are back and again I’m on my toes right.
I’m never on my knees there’s no pressure on my opponent yet so I
always want to be on my toes putting all my weight on my opponent, I’m attacking my
whizzer here and then once I have the whizzer, I’m just going to hip into that whizzer. You notice it breaks his grip and I can take his back.


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