How to Choose a Martial Arts School : Training Safety Tips at Martial Arts School

Hi, I’m Mike Payne, owner of the Academy for
the Martial Arts, speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I will discuss the topic of what
to look for in a martial arts school. I think that most students really want to be challenged.
I think that there is nothing like really and truly earning a black belt. One of the
things, that I didn’t really agree with in the beginning, was some of the training that
cause injuries and things like that. Most sports, nowadays, have figured out ways to
be more efficient in their training and produce better results in their athletes. Martial
Arts is certainly like that. Some people, twenty or thirty years ago, used the term
dungeon days when referring to martial arts. I like the work ethic that martial arts has
almost always had. I think that we’ve come a long way in our training techniques to have
more safety.


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