yo guys my name is JJ Battell this is
my channel 4ever flying and today I’m gonna be teaching you guys the basics
for a cheat gainer before you attempt move it’d be really
helpful if you could already do an aerial this is because the shape of a cheat
gainer is pretty much the same as in the aerial when you’re midair
anyway so let’s get into it so the first thing I’m a teaching you is the J step
so this is the video setup for the cheat gainer so this step is called a J step
because of the shape that you make on your stepping so your step is going to
go in a curved motion so the first thing that you’re going to do is you’re gonna
pick your takeoff leg your stand with your feet together step with your
takeoff leg first then your other foot now you’re going to bring your takeoff
leg in towards your other foot and out again in a curved motion as you’re
putting your takeoff leg onto the floor your other leg is gonna stay straight
and you’re gonna swing it past your takeoff leg when you plan your takeoff
leg make sure there’s a slight bend in your knee so that when we come to it
you’re gonna be able to jump a lot higher practice that a couple of times
just to get used to the motion now you can start to try to jump out the setup
the timing for the jump is gonna be the higher part initially but it’s really
important to get it right so that you can maximize your height and your power
to help get the best job possible out of the setup make sure that you’re really
using your arms for the drink once you’re confident with that and you feel
like you’re getting a good jump now we’re going to add a hop like so it’s really important that when you
swing your leg you’re going to keep it straight so that you’re able to hold the
shape so when you’re swinging your leg through make sure that you’re using your
arms to give extra lift and then bring your leg over towards the side once
you’re in the air and you’re bringing your leg towards the side make sure that
you’re spotting the floor for your landing and also that you’re squeezing
your leg muscles really tight to keep your legs straight practice this to the
point where you’re just fed off with it because it’s so easy now we’re going to
change up a bit you’re gonna do the same takeoff but rather than kicking your leg
towards the side you’re gonna kick it up toward your shoulder you’re gonna lean
back was looking for the floor and then you’re gonna turn your hips to make it
like an arrow for this step literally think that you’re just doing a J step
swing your leg through Internet literally try to do the hair and now you have a very very basic G
game to improve that basic cheat gainer all you have to do is keep your hips
facing forward for longer before you do that error in the shape and then
gradually hold that hip positioning for a long run longer so that eventually
you’re gonna be able to hold that hip positioning right up until you land and
then you’re gonna have yourself a property game you might be thinking oh
it’s not that simple but try that using the steps I’ve given
you thinking of it kind of like an aerial and then you realize that I’m
actually telling the truth so anyway guys I hope that this tutorial has
helped you to learn or improve you cheat gainer if you have any further questions
regarding the cheat gainer make sure you leave a comment below and I’ll respond
to as fast as I can also if you have any suggestions for tutorials that you’d
like to see me do in the future make sure you leave a comment down below for
that one but that is it for this video I hope you all enjoyed it if you found it
useful please make sure you leave a like below subscribe to the channel for more
videos like this and I’ll see you guys in this video goodbye



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