what is up guys it’s JJ here from
4EVER FLYING bringing you another trivia tutorial this drifting tutorial
has been requested quite a lot lately loads of people asking me for it so here
it is so today I’m going to teaching you guys really quickly how to do a cheat 9
the loads of people think it’s really hard but it’s super super simple so I’m
gonna break it down as much as possible for you guys so the first thing that
we’re going to do is going to teach you the spin that you do in the cheat 9 but
we’re going to do it from standing and on one leg pick the leg that you’re gonna kick with
and bear in mind that it’s gonna be a roundhouse kick not a hook kick so for
me I spin to my left I don’t keep it with my right foot if you spin to your
right you’re gonna be kicking with your left foot stand on your kicking leg and
chamber the other knee from here what you’re gonna do is you jump off that
kicking leg do one spin and then let initially I want you to make sure that
you’re keeping your other knee in the chamber position after a couple of times
of that now we’re gonna do the same thing but instead of landing with your
other knee in the chain position with 11 with the key community position so that
means there’s gonna be a swap midair this would be a little bit more
difficult and will require some extra height and a faster spin so here are
some tips to help make sure that you pick a target and you’re trying to see
that target all the time and I mean all the time this is gonna help with turning
your head so your heads can be able to snap around a lot faster because you’re
focusing on that point as you bend your takeoff knee before you jump make sure
that you wide your arms down to the side that is opposite to the direction that
you’re spinning then on takeoff bring your arms up to set your hike and then
wrap in nice and tight for your speed you’ve got to make sure that you really
pull your arms in the direction that you’re trying to speak if you’re
struggling try think about punching underneath your armpit
once you’re about 3/4 of the way through now it’s time to swap your chamber knee
try to avoid swapping your knee too early as it’s going to slow down your
spin it is really important that you try to spot your target the whole time even
if you can’t see you’ve got to pull your head round to look for it it’s gonna
make your spin it’s so much easier once you can do that motion you can already
pretty much cheat knowing you’ve just got to do this there add the leg
extension and that’s it ok since you can already do the spin now we’re going to
teach you the step of Reavers standing facing your target take a big step with
your kicking leg around in a circular motion make sure that you’re stepping
onto the ball of your foot when your foot touches the ground keep turning
your head until you see the target again and your body is facing forward as you
turn to see the target lift your other knee the higher and
faster that you lift your knee or the more height you’re gonna get it’s really
important that you turn and see your target before you would do your take
that is the step for the cheat nine now let’s combine the step with the jump firstly you can repeat the step that we
just did you’re going to stop settle yourself and then do the jump from
before the practice is a couple of times as separate moves so you stop in the
middle to separate them now we’re going to do it with no pauses as you step make
sure that you’re swinging your arms and looking for the target as you come
around and start to see your target keep turning your body towards your target
and start to drive your knee up as high as you can as well as that make sure
that you’re lifting your elbows in your shoulders
jump as high as you can and then wrap it in tight for your spin when you’re doing
your spin make sure that you spot your target and then once again when you’re
about 3/4 of the way through your spin now it’s time to swap your knee practice
this quite a few times just to get the timing right sometimes the timing with
lifting that other knee can cause problems so make sure that you take your
time and get it right once you’re really comfortable with that and you can do it
with these now you can extend your leg and throw the kick so remember for the
cheap 9 is a roundhouse kick or maybe in between a Red Hat’s keeping a front kick
if you find that your leg is coming out a little bit low kind of like waist
height and you wanted a little bit higher as you’re coming out of your spin
you can do a little bit of a lean to the side to get your leg higher off and that
is how you do a cheat 9 it’s pretty much just one spin and you can alter your
step to do more or less so when you start off I would recommend pretty much
doing one spin on the floor in your step so you’re turning around loads before
you take off and then when you get really comfortable you can just start
turning less and less in your step but that’s something that’s down to your
own preferences so yeah that’s how you do Chino pretty easy right I hope you
all found this tutorial useful and that you able to learn or improve your cheat
9 if you have any further questions regarding the cheat 9 or if you have any
tutorials that you would like me to do in the future make sure you leave a
comment below and I’ll respond to them all as fast as I can thank you all for
watching don’t forget to leave a like subscribe to the channel for more videos
like this and I will see you guys in the next video goodbye


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