How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : How to Do a Wall Run in a Fighting Situation

Greetings! My name is Grand Master John Le
Grand otherwise known as the Phoenix Sensei. The name of our system is Lost Legacy Systems,
University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida. On behalf of Expert
Village, we are going to show you how to become a Mixed Martial Artist. I am going to demonstrate
wall running and application; using wall running take down and a kick. Wall running could be
used for a lot of purposes. In tactical situations, it’s not the best choice but it could be
used for extreme situations when things out of the ordinary are necessary. The idea behind it is to get yourself sideways
to keep moving and not stop. Just like when a motorcycle goes upside down and around in
circles, you can create the same kind of motion.


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