How samurai movies are wrong | A lesson in Aikido

How samurai movies are wrong | A lesson in Aikido

In classic samurai movies, sometimes they fight like this. You’ve seen something like that, right? But, that’s not how they fought in real life. We’re here in Tokyo today with Kobayashi-sensei who’s an Aikido master. And he’s going to teach us how to defend ourselves and turn the attack power back on our attacker. This program also offers a translator. So if you wanna try it out- I’m personally happy because I don’t need to translate any more. -you don’t need to know any Japanese. Yeah. So let’s get started. All right. Let’s do it. Hello. I’m the representative of Ooyama Aikido club, Ken Kobayashi. I have two guests from Wa-Oh! JAPAN today so I’ll show them how to practice. You shouldn’t hate your opponents when you fight otherwise they’ll hate you, too. So you should fight without hatred and have smile on your face at the end of the fight with your opponents. That’s what’s great about Aikido in my opinion. Today, I’m going to teach the basic movements starting from Ukemi (falling techniques), footwork called tenkan (180 degree pivot to avoid attack), and some tricks. This is Irimi-tenkan (180 degree pivot to avoid attack). You bring your rear foot forward, and pivot. With this footwork, you can do this. Sorry. Like this. This is the ideal way to finish the opponent. Next, I’m going to show you Irimi (getting close to the opponent) while also dodging the sword. If you don’t do Irimi, you’ll get hit. Your arm might get slashed, too. Make sure you turn your body sideways. Like this. And grab the sword. And throw him/her down. Back in time, we had to fight against people with real swords. In classic samurai movies, sometimes main character fights like this when he’s surrounded. You’ve seen something like that, right? But, actually you aim for the weak points. One of them is here.
(Between the thumb and pointer finger.) Just cutting here makes the opponent unable to hold the sword. And just stab to finish. Or when the opponent strikes at you like this, dodge and slash the neck. When you slash the neck blood spurts out,
and you use that opportunity to stab again to finish. It’s really not flashy like the movies. Even if your opponent tries to push your sword to the side and then attack you, again, just stab to finish them. If your opponent raises their sword, stab and it’s over. It’s really simple and quick. Otherwise, your sword won’t last long. For example, if you fight like this- Let’s fight like a samurai movie. Your sword will break right away. So, in a real fight, the moment your sword comes out of the saya (sheath),
the fight should be over. You shouldn’t swing the sword around. As soon as your opponent enters within your range of attack, you pull out your sword. Also, you shouldn’t let your opponents know the length of your sword (and thus, the range of your attack). So you hold your sword like this so it’s hard for your opponents to figure it out. Well then, let’s begin the practice. Onegaishimasu. I do not have the mental capacity to do more than one thing with a limb at a time. So I don’t think this is gonna go very well. Beautiful like a butterfly. No… Yes, turn. Pivot. Pivot. Yes. Like that. Yeah! I don’t think I’m supposed to have my hands out like this. *haha look I could have exploded your head* I’m gonna get punched in the face. Oh, sorry! I just did a vertical strike but what if I strike you diagonally? When you strike diagonally,
the angle of your arm changes. It makes sense, right? A vertical strike looks like this, With a diagonal strike the body moves like this. So if you see that movement, you know it’ll be diagonal. So you have to make that judgment in the moment.
Right. We call this moment when someone starts moving “okori.” Based on the okori (their movements) we prepare for a punch, a kick, a tackle, etc. In order to be able to do that, we practice. How do you deal with diagonal strike? In most cases with a diagonal strike-
Right, like that. Here, attack me. We go inside the opponent’s personal space. Once you get inside,
they can’t block you. I couldn’t do anything. Can you strike me? However I want?
Yes. If I go back, then you stab. One step forward. In sword fighting, this is a basic movement. Wow, wow, it’s scary. You never go like this. You don’t do that. The reason behind that is I can just get close to you and finish you. Sorry. So if your opponent steps back, you should stab. That’s how it’s done. Like this. Take your time to practice. Bring her straight down. Good. I’m so powerful. Jun and I have been fighting a lot recently So we’ve decided we’re going to take out our marital issues here. We’re gonna resolve them right now. OW OW Wow, I actually got thrown by you. Arigatou-gozaimashita. Thank you so much for today. I learned a lot. So did I. It was a lot of fun. I wonder if we’ll ever have to use the techniques we learned today. I hope not!! Maybe you should practice a little more. That’s right. You both have good potential. If you get a chance, you should practice and improve. Thank you. Sometimes you see a man fights with short sword like this, right? It’s all thanks to the footwork. I was really confused when I was a child. This one seems to be easier to use. That’s right. I couldn’t understand how they can fight with a short sword, but now I get it. They knew how to move.


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