How it Works: AA Guns and Fighters | World of Warships

How it Works: AA Guns and Fighters | World of Warships

In the previous episode
of “How it Works”, we told you about attack aircraft,
dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. Today we’re going to talk
about AA defense, fighters, aircraft HP,
and the aircraft carrier deck, which are very important aspects
of the new mechanics. When attacking
enemy ships from the air, you’ll almost certainly be fired upon
by their AA defense systems. AA defenses pose a major threat
to aircraft in World of Warships, automatically attacking
any squadron breaching the boundaries of
their area of operation. There are three such areas of operation,
which don’t cross over: short-range for guns
with a caliber of up to 25 mm, medium-range for guns up to 85 mm, and long-range for guns over 85 mm. Within these areas the AA defenses deliver
continuous damage to a random plane rather than to the whole squadron, with the targeted planes
changing periodically. Continuous damage is delivered
to a single plane from each squadron, regardless of the number of squadrons in the AA defense
system’s area of operation. You can enhance the damage
delivered by all three areas through the “AA Guns
Modification 2” upgrade, the “Basic Firing Training”
Commander skill, or the “November Echo Settseven” signal. In addition to delivering
continuous damage, long- and medium-range AA guns can also fire special shells
that explode in the air. When aircraft travel
within the explosion radius, they receive serious damage. The number of explosions
and the extent of the damage can be increased by using
the “AA Guns Modification 1” upgrade and the “Advanced Firing
Training” skill, respectively. You can also boost AA defense performance
by selecting a priority sector. Simply press the “~” or “O” keys and
then select the required sector. Please note that by increasing
the AA defense performance in one sector, you will decrease it
in the remaining sectors. Enhancing the combat performance or changing a priority
sector requires time, but this can be reduced by using the “Manual Fire Control
for AA Armament” skill. Another way to temporarily boost
the efficiency of AA fire is to use the “Defensive
AA Fire” consumable. While active, it increases the damage
dealt by AA defenses per second, as well as the damage inflicted
by the explosions of shells fired from medium-
and long-range guns. You can reduce the effectiveness
of enemy AA defense fire by actively maneuvering
and changing your squadron’s speed, as well as by using
the “Aircraft Armor” skill. However, AA defenses
don’t pose the only threat for aircraft. Enemy fighters can also
be very dangerous, which with the introduction
of the new mechanics, have become consumables. Fighters can be used by aircraft
carriers and other types of ship that previously had the “Catapult
Fighter” consumable available. Now this type of consumable
is called “Fighters”. If fighters are summoned
by a battleship or a cruiser, they will follow the summoning ship
and patrol the nearby area. If your aircraft carrier is detected, the “Fighters” consumable
is enabled automatically. You can also use this consumable
when controlling your attack squadron. A group of fighters
will come to the point on the map where the consumable
was enabled, and will stay around that
point for some time. Their patrol area
will be indicated on the minimap. The first enemy squadron to reach
the fighter patrol area will be attacked, and can lose as many planes as there are fighters
in the fighter group on patrol. You can increase the number of fighters
forming the summoned fighter squadron by using the “Direction
Center for Fighters” skill. The fighters will leave that area
following a successful attack or once the patrol time is over. When your aircraft group
comes under attack from fighters, you have a chance
to shake them off by using all of the
resources available to you. If the fighters can’t reach your planes
within a certain period of time, they will stop the chase. So, how can you reduce your losses? Actively maneuver, avoid AA shell explosion areas, watch out for enemy fighters, and keep your eye on your squadron’s
combat capability indicator. Each indicator’s cell
represents a single plane, with a green cell
showing that the plane is fine, yellow—the plane is damaged, red—seriously damaged, and black—the plane is destroyed
or returning to the carrier. Black-colored cells
can also mean that a squadron took off
in an incomplete state. You can enhance the combat capability
of all of your squadrons by using the “Survivability Expert” skill and the “Air Groups
Modification 2” upgrade. The combat capability of one of the three
attack squadrons can be increased by using the upgrade
from the fourth slot. Additionally, torpedo bombers
starting from Tier VIII are equipped with
the “Repair” consumable, which allows players
to partially restore the combat capability
of the air group. If you managed
to keep your planes safe, they gain the maximum
altitude after the attack before returning to base
via the shortest route possible. On their way home,
they neither detect enemy ships nor are they detectable
by the enemy themselves. However, while gaining altitude
or coming in for landing, they are vulnerable
to AA defense fire. You can increase the speed at which
your planes return to the aircraft carrier by using the “Air Groups
Modification 1” upgrade. Your planes need time to return, but you don’t. You will immediately find yourself
back on the deck of your aircraft carrier. This is a very important
part of the ship where the planes
available to you are located. At the beginning of a battle, the majority of aircraft carriers have
one complete squadron of each type plus a few planes in reserve. The “Flight Control
Modification 1” upgrade allows you to increase the maximum
number of planes on deck. After one of your planes
gets shot down, another plane is prepared
for further missions. However, if you lose an entire squadron
immediately after taking off, and you’re preparing to send
another squadron of the same type, it will be incomplete— it takes time to prepare
the replacement planes. You can reduce
the time this takes by using the “Air Supremacy”. With the new mechanics, the number
of planes available to you is unlimited, but they require preparation time, meaning that constant
losses in your squadrons will impact and reduce
your efficiency in battle. As always, you can find more detailed
information about all of our new features in various articles
on our portal. Until next time, and good luck
in battle, Commanders!


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  • World of Warships Official Channel says:

    Did you enjoy today's episode?
    In case you've missed the 1st part, you can find it here:

  • Previous mechanic: One player would make your game miserable once every minute or two.
    New mechanic: One player will make your game miserable every 15 seconds.

    How about you AT LEAST let us prioritize air targets with our AA and let us tell our (shiplaunched) fighter to intercept that squad. Fighter consumables are still useless in that they hang overhead and react only when it's far too late for them to be of use..

  • Worst rework ever. And now you try to fix it? Génial… Didn't you have enough time to think over it?
    If one have to cope with an unrealistic new game system to use CV properly, then it is NOT a good rework. This lovely game just became ARCADE.

  • Just here for a thumbs down, and tell WG im not going to spend any money on the game until you guys fix the fcked up AA system and step away from changing the tier of premium ships.

  • Montana AA spec'd, attacked 3 times: 2 plane kills. Nice explanation but I think it's broken My suggestion is to fix first and then explain afterwards…..
    Btw After I used for the silly zoning thing where part of my crew is running from one side of the ship to the other side (LOL). How do I put it back to 100% – 100%.
    If bombers come nose on, what's the best setting for O?
    The triple/quadruple plane launch from a BB is really cool (NOT!!!)

  • Well done WG, a much more engaging update to WOWS, i used to not play my carriers much but no i do! theres less worry about fighting enemy fighters and having the rest of the squadrons stomped when you run out of them thanks to RNG. and you get to interact with the enemy ships on a better level than point, click maybe adjust attack angle and wait for RNG to sort it out.

    This is a very enjoyable update! not without some minor problems, but really nice all the same! keep up the good work.

  • So glad I left the game when I did. Waiting to see it improve. It won't. They do all these ridiculous nerds and buffs. Make MM a 2 tier game and you won't have to balance so much. Sucka ass moves

  • More than half the reason I play this game was the fun of AA. Set up several ships and commanders with BFT AFT and Manual AA. Well one ship went from a 79 AA to a 52 and the big guns, 16 105s, went from 6.5km Aura to 5.2km Aura and Manual AA is a joke, not a fun one, currently.

  • IT is not so bad it seems but really a chock at start. Not anymore 6 torpedoes hit same time at enemy bb . After this uppdate it is some way more "action like " playable" as carrier player but much more difficult than before. Also carrier is not so big threat against your bb ship as before. This new system maybe can put together war of the airplanes and world of the warships in some bigger scenario in the future. Maybe it shoud be good way to left old system to works as option 2 way to play = You choose how to like to play this new way or old one. But this seems to be life now.
    Myself i lost carriers and staffs at upgrades lots and get instead 39 aa guns modifications for tier 9 and 10 ships And there is maximium 42 ships at these tiers , and i really dont like to use
    these slots just for AA.

  • i used to love this game. i took a few months off and come back to world of warplanes! the planes are op. basically this game is a CV game with all other ships being targets. the AA is so broken makes no since. all these comments about cv being useless is a joke. the fucking rocket fighters sank my sims 4 different times in 10 games. there is no missing the hit every time. planes were alot more fragle back then they couldnt take a 5 in flak and keep on fighting

  • What this does is make playing CV. Worthless waste of time .Because you lose all your planes that do little damage so um yea not worth it

  • There is something "unbalanced" here. My AA gets to be destroyed by HE bombs and shells as the battle progresses while the planes of a CV remain unlimited. In other words, if a CV wants me dead it can kill me no matter what.

    In other words your CV rework is awful. The AA rework, not system, is beautiful in terms of looks.

  • I played some games with carries and i must say this: AA guns are too strong! I can't even make one decent attack. Yesterday a destroyers AA guns took whole of my rocket squad before the attack. How am i supposed to play carrier if on tier 6 i have tier 7 ships to fight with and they all have strong AA and fighters…? How stupid you have to be to offer such poor game play for carrier players?

  • i find these videos a bit disappointing. not that they are done poorly at all. but the title is a bit misleading to a really inexperienced player. the title should be how to increase your skill. not HOW IT WORKS. what keys are used to do what? and when? choosing sectors. how to you activate the various tools you discuss? how does one select guns? ammo? how does one summon aircraft? the narrator talks about "all the tools available to you". how does one learn what they are and HOW THEY WORK? and so on and so forth.

    i have only 20 or so battles under my belt at this time so i am not really qualified to have much of an opinion, nor do i even know what questions to ask, so please excuse me. i fully understand it takes 100s even 1000s of battles before most people have a clue. i am going to play the heck out of my bottom tier ships until i feel like i am accomplishing something with them and understand why. thank you!

  • It doesn’t even make sense! If you have multiple squadrons attacking one ship the ship AA strength should be reduced!

  • rolandhellmuth says:

    it Works fine 🙂 Delete Wows and play never ever a Wargaming Game again, the Gaming Studio of bad MM and unbalancing … well done !

  • Christopher Huynh says:

    The carrier grind is painful with me getting 220 xp at the most per game, does anyone know of a fast way without premium?

  • Why would you guys remove half of the aircraft carriers in the game? It just makes it take so long to get something new which means people get bored of having the same carrier for ages

  • Is this only me or i felt that almost everyone doesn't like the CV's rework, well i did saw some gameplay videos of CV rework, and in my opinion the CV is way too superior ( i think) i never imagine dropping a torpedo from a distance of around 3 to 2 km, its a very tight window for even a destroyer to react (again, i think)…… Anyone can share their thoughts????

  • This comment section is cancer. This update is the best thing that has happened to CV's in this game. I guess most of you miss not being able to do jackshit in your japanese carriers if enemy has american CV with op fighters, or not being able to do anything to enemy ships in american carriers only take down japanese planes……pathetic….

  • Thanks for the broken rework of the CV WG, with Infinite planes, CV player dont care about their planes, spot and damage and delete the concept of concealment

  • Nanosinx Kress Unity says:

    Keep questioning about i miss the old CV style of play, if you lose your planes was because you are noob, now a carrier cannot target any of the UK/US ship without lose all his squadron, what about quit the AA damage of Atlanta with that "premium gold features" —
    How this will change the ships we use since we are not having a full reset on our ships, i mean, my crusiers and battleships were made to keep my route even under CV attack, i mean, i can literally go by myself to kill a lonely carrier and keep reducing damage they did to me… ¬¬

  • Wait, CVs have unlimited planes now? here is me playing my CVs carefully so i dont run out of planes, hmmmm

  • Fighters should have stayed the Same or have been like a escort/ controllable thing, like have a rts style control of the fighters.

  • Dennis Wiggins says:

    my biggest complaints are the fighter consumable on carriers. It makes it really hard to actually provide cap for anything other than your own CV. 60 second cap is not sufficient. I think when activated on your attack squadron you should be able to manually assign them to defend a specific ship, area, or escort an attack squadron. They should persist until they run out of ammo, get destroyed or are bingo on fuel. I don't buy that they run out of either in 60 seconds of non-combat circling. I do find the auto launch of cap when your CV is spotted to be quite realistic and useful. I just feel that CV game play should be just as much about fighting the enemy CV's squadrons as it is attacking enemy ships. Also dedicated AA cruisers and DD need to be rewarded much more for shooting down planes! Right now there is not enough reward for escorting vulnerable capitol ships with your AA cruiser/DD's.

  • Does anyone know that if the AA module has destroyed during battle, am I still capable of deal some damage to planes? 100%? or less? and what if I equip the parts like give more HP to AA module, am I take more damage from HE shells before the module got destroyed? and lastly is there anything that gives your AA gun more range?

  • Kevin Morrison says:

    Here is a novel idea for you WG, how about holding off on the tutorials until you stop fucking with the game mechanics and making these totally worthless as soon as a month later!

  • tonkatoytruck says:

    As bad as CVs are, the cool down for Fighter Aircraft should be shortened considerably. It does no good to have the consumable if you can only use it once in a game. The rest of the time, I keep looking at the count down timer and give up waiting.

  • Necro von Cortex says:

    You are constantly changing the game…

    a year ago, you could read the data of catapult fighters in the game
    the HD.780 (floatfighter on Dunkerque) would do 44 dps(it was rng really, so damage is incorrect)
    while the average rear gunner would do 11-15 pr plane.
    For some reason this information was never available on your wiki. (as far as I know)

    And now after the CV update, all fighters are pretty much just a garanti you'll take down x amounts of planes, they won't get shot down by gunners or have enough ammo to attack more than one…
    Post-update you are not able to see how much damage the individual type of AA guns do, as you are putting all small, medium and large AA guns together…
    Hell, when do you plan on updating your wiki? all ship AA is still noted under the pre-update standard…

    Also what's with the Ishizuchi and other ships? you bothered to add 16 AA gun on her decks and turrets but only let 6 of them be featured.

    oh yeah… you cannot adjust the speed of your carrier while flying unlike in the old version..
    Shouldn't be hard to pick 2 keys on a keyboard to save your carrier without letting go of your bombers which finaly got across the map…

  • Man…you guys have an overall good game but have completely done a FUBAR job with the most important aspect of naval warfare. Carrier warfare. Look. Get yourselves a couple copies of Battle stations Midway and Pacific. Play it. Learn from it. Scrap the absolute garbage you've put out and start over.

  • Additional to the 3 kind of Bombers we should use fighter on the cv to attack hostile airplanes directly so as it was before the update has come.

  • strange professional killstreak soviet fridge says:

    If the fighters are "summonded" from bb or ca :conclusion is battle ships captain is a summoner

  • before the rework i didnt play cvs cause i didnt like them in terms of gameplay,now i like them a lot and i play them more than the jaun bart, BUT!!! u manage from the point that ships couldnt do anything to cvs to the point ,that a cv must findi an isolated target to try and do some damage, and u thing that this is pormoting the teamplay???
    the department that is respoinsble for the sounds must be for the new balance lol AA ,cant explaing it any other way

  • アップルパイ says:

    nice, the only reason for playing CV is now gone… I've tried the new CV and I prefer the action of other ship types. I play this game for a full fledged warship battle after all, not a half asses plane crashing simulator. Strategic RTS like gameplay that the previous CV offered was on par with what I expected from this class of ship when fighting the other type of warships.

    I can do what the CVs do at battle of midway or other WW2 real battles, do a real time maneuver to dodge torpedo bombers or any other kind of airplanes while my attack squadron launches a surveillance mission or attack the enemies WITH ESCORTS to maintain air superiority.

    But now I'm playing as a crashing plane that can't even do kamikaze attacks facing unrealistic OP AA guns in an unrealistic AA guns utopia while my ship blindly move towards the incoming torpedoes uncontrollably… great! 10/10 very realistic

  • I like the new game style of CVs. Only gripe I have is the torpedo aiming and the damage they inflict which is an absolute Joke. Hit a DD with one of my Midway torp planes and only did 2500 damage? Thats nuts. Even if by some miracle I manage to land all 6 torps on a target they do very little damage. They need to fix this by either improving the targeting or at the very least the damage of a torp.

  • I'd get into this game if the mechanics were more like Battlestations Midway or Battlestations Pacific where an aircraft (squadron) is an aircraft (squadron) and doesn't stick to such strict and weird methods of operation. I am not talking about individually piloting aircraft but their overall squad mechanics and capabilities. Dive bombers will have crap air to air performance but could still down fighters. Aircraft take time to take/off and land and can't do so at the same time. You can also have multiple squadrons in the air at the same time. And certainly stuff like "fighters can shoot down as many bombers as there are fighters" mechanic. Or "returning aircraft can't be detected" or "fighters patrol the area where they are summoned". Like, wth? 

    Any aircraft (with forward firing weapons) should be able to at least attempt to shoot down any other or number of aircraft. Returning aircraft can of course be detected and fighters can fly further than the 2 square miles they were summoned at…. This is not something I'd want to spend money on, was really hoping this would have more sensible mechanics and not something that at best represent the mechanics of some board game where arbitrary workings are created as a substitute of impossible mechanics to incorporate to approximate real life as much as possible since it is a board game. WoW is not a boardgames so why act as such?

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