Yo Eminem just dropped a new freestyle! Really? Yeah dude it’s 6 hours and 48 minutes long! Seems kinda excessive… Bro Eminem is the GOAT. Play it. Before this “Blasts Off”, let me put my balls in your mother’s face cuz I cum
with disrespect every time I’m in the place! Yo crazy lethal, insane Saddam Hussein
sequel, no less than the molesting beagles while chainin’ and rapin’ innocent VAGINA PEOPLE! DAMN! “Vagina people”, does he mean women? committing
suicide in the sky like a depressed seagull! Holy shit dude! I guess that makes sense… I poo and pee I pee and poo But no one goes with me when I use the bathroom unless they
wanna see a big bad boom from this lethal chicken burrito monsoon that’ll smell so bad they’ll call their dad and mom too! Yo how the hell does he do that? Why would you call your dad after taking a shit? Skinny bitch looking feeble and
weak so I gave her a strong bone with this vitamin D Okay and yes I mean my “enis” starts with a “P” Oh no cuz it seems to me, she could have a
serious vitamin deficiency in which case the milk from my penis would supply her sufficiently! BRUH Do you think he could’ve explained that one to us a little bit more? Milk has
vitamin D which gives you strong bones. are you serious It does I’m goin bezerk,
like an armed robber against a store clerk Justin Bieber when he’s at work he laughs through the smirk that gives him the gas *prrt* take that JERK! yo –
did he just rhyme with a fart?? Apparently Name one rapper who can do that! Name one rapper who would wanna do that You’re just a hater bro Sorry I don’t like Eminem
rhyming farts or bringing up Justin Bieber randomly What was the point of
that? That’s just classic Shady This is not classic shady it’s cringy
and weird like – why does he keep walking backwards where is he going? He’s
in the zone bro, Eminem is the GOAT Listen, Eminem is undisputedly one of the
greatest rappers ever but this – Ashley Tisdale with a toothpick stab a twig down my
dick and use the blood as ketchup for my chicken str- this is just a 40-year-old screaming
into a microphone about his dick while making poop jokes and raping women. in perfect cadence. He’s actually 46 Is he? yeah I got another idea for a line Even though I just rapped for like 7 hours I can keep rapping that’s how good I am This isn’t corny or forced at all.


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