How did a foot race turn into a Tattoo?

How did a foot race turn into a Tattoo?

welcome back people early ice butt crack
of dawn as usual my neighbors probably hate me and cold start morning time it’s my baby oh that’s wonderful Morningstar some energy and look at my
boy hunt a short read yeah I load it up on crap
welcome back to another episode of MTV let’s go and welcome back guys so 8:30 class
Saturday morning I teach it so get out here get here let’s go 8:30 a.m. and
look who is that one of the regular 6 a.m. Timbo dropped about 15 pounds and
my strength is double what it works thank you
yeah damn right let’s go the cute one that’s right yeah that’s the sexiest thing around
Oh anyway he was trying to show he getting it he getting it will give
some problems like I said come taking class people let’s go that’s right that snake Rick the ruler I don’t see
you guys in here right now where you at day at home sleeping doing nothing with
their life oh shit another one culture here we got
Filipinos white people come on but it is the vinyl people are you Malaysian some negative well if you don’t know now you know let’s go mmm t TV
let’s go mmm Fitness on Instagram Facebook and all the other crap let’s go really what I’m saying like away
apparently I got to get something branded on me than owning a mobo some
language we were at dinner earlier and we talked about racing foot racing I’m
gonna be discourse on that dude that person the harvesters out and shut up
you taking unique content take me and I’ll get it taxing right now okay how do
up here we are so whatever clause you’re watching this that leg in the
wild bring his wife know that he’s like your complexion over here is that stuff different it’s a dead all
that’s at stake oh I got way more than that three decades it’s 30 years good job
partner and what was your response I said I lose
one game of I’m a scale of 1 to 10 that’s a pretty
good place for so it’s a different kind of like pain that
I mean how do you feel like broken noses what’s that what the look on ya say
what’s up YouTube yeah hey where they gotta go to get your product were you at
Midway speechy Lakeport let’s go right there I don’t do it at all
tae-bong singers bad as I thought it was gonna be yes
his knee surgery so much a scar tissue so we’re trying to see what’s gonna feel
like what it’s the family party keep-keep are we finding them go school
tattoo Lake Forest California do you can’t even feel a dive on it my boys are troopers good luck of course excuse me I feel great to look in the
mirror policy races start over hey that’s right there Oh serious radiation continues to increase
steadily dead-body this places


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