How Bruce Lee Helped Develop My Confidence

How Bruce Lee Helped Develop My Confidence

– So I was getting beat up in school. I was getting bullied and
I was getting beat up, bullying not always physical, but I got beat up multiple times and I was just sick and tired of it. So one night I was watching cable TV, was flipping through the channel, and I saw this guy, this man, and the the movie was Return
of the Dragon by Bruce Lee. And if you’re a Bruce Lee fan, if you ever watched that movie, you know, it was Bruce Lee, a man who
couldn’t speak a word of english went to Rome to help the restaurant owner and he was there people
at first were like, “Who is this guy dressed in like Chinese uniform, very traditional,
and couldn’t speak, and looks kind of dorky and dumb?” And before you know it
halfway through the movie he was doing nunchaku and
kicking everyone’s ass and at the end fought with Chuck Norris and then beat Chuck Norris and I was like, “Oh my god, I found my hero!” From that moment I
wanna be like Bruce Lee. I wanna learn martial arts. So back then near my house
there was a karate school, kinda like TaeKwonDo
school, and immediately I join a class, and I
was taking the class, I was practicing, I was stretching I was practicing my stuff. Everyday I was obsessed, I mean I would practice
three or four hours everyday. Because I was so skinny, I was 105 pounds, but then I would do my pushups and workout and started gaining a
little bit of muscles. So after I was training
for about six months or so, now if you ever done any
martial arts you know, after you practice martial arts you develop this natural self confidence. Not cockiness, but you develop
this natural self confidence. So I was walking around now
my, I was no longer like this, more like, okay. Right, you know you could
kinda take care of yourself. So I was doing that and I guess maybe I always have a teacher’s heart. Other kids would start asking
me, “Oh, what are you doing?” and I would show them different move and I was showing them different
move other kids would see, “Oh this is cool, what are you doing?” And I say, “Well, you know
Chinese king fu, man.” Right, so, I was showing
them different things, right there, upstairs, every single lunch. I would for about five or
ten minutes, eat a sandwich. The rest of the lunch, I was teaching. I was teaching them
martial arts right here. Right there at that second
floor, every single day. And I loved it, not
because I was teaching them how to hurt people or even
how to defend themselves, but I noticed the kids I was teaching, even though my martial
wasn’t particularly that good back then I could see them transforming. That they become just more confident and they become a better
version of themselves. And I love seeing people
just transform like that and that’s why I, until this day I see myself as a teacher first and as an entrepreneur second. I love teaching. Some people like to golf and
some people like to fish, and that’s all cool, I have zero interest in
that, I love to teach. I want when I die on my gravestone, “Great teacher.” It all started here, now
fast forward to story, so I was now teaching and
teaching teaching and Grade 12, there was a talent show. And because I’m such a fan of Bruce Lee, if you know Bruce Lee, he
likes, Bruce lee was not just a great martial artist,
he was a great showman and he would do these demonstrations and one-inch punch and the sidekick and I always envision my hero and keep in mind because my
mom and dad got divorced, so I didn’t actually have a father figure. So Bruce Lee kinda, he became
this virtual father figure for me. And there’s a stage
right there in the back and there’s a talent show
and some people were singing, some people were dancing and stuff. It’s me, couple of my students. I had the board, I was breaking the board. I was doing the sidekick,
sending people flying. I was like doing the
one-inch punch, I was doing all kinds of stuff and all
the Caucasian kids saw that. Nobody beat me up
afterwards, nobody would even now they like leave me alone. (laughs) It’s kinda interesting thinking about it. You gotta keep in mind, talent show, everybody’s singing,
everybody do different things, suddenly I walked up and I was
trying to imitate like Bruce, so I would talk like him, I would be like, “You know Chinese kung fu…” And I would talk about
karate, and karate punch is like this, right. It’s like a bar, you go, “whack!” But a kung fu punch is like an iron ball with an iron chain attached to it. And you go, “whang! It hurt’s inside, I don’t
talk like that onstage. It’s so hilarious now thinking about it. I’ll do my thing, you see this? People think you need a lot
of distance to generate power. That’s not true, look I can generate power with just one inch and “poom,” I would have phone book
in front of the kid and I would hit him and
it would knock him down and that kind of stuff
and people were just like mesmerized by it. It didn’t require too much
talking, it was more expression of my physicality, so I
would still have stage fright but when I’m in the
zone, when I’m teaching, my mind doesn’t go there
that I am speaking, I’m just teaching, I’m doing my thing. So, I guess indirectly
that built my self esteem, that build my self-confidence for sure. That’s why I owe a lot
of what I have today, my character, my
personality, a lot of that came from martial art,
there’s no doubt in my mind. As a businessman, as an
entrepreneur, as a husband, a lot of philosophies I
learned from martial art. I learn a lot from Bruce Lee
obviously, you learn to focus, you learn self-discipline,
you learn respect. We learn how to bow, right? You learn to be patient, you learn to know that
you need to put in effort, you need to put in time
to develop a skill set. And also you learn to be aware of your own flaw. You learn to eliminate your own defect. That’s what martial is about. Every step of the way you learn how to eliminate your own defect. You learned, “Hey, you know what? I’m punching this way. There’s not enough power,
there’s not enough speed, my timing is not good.” Or whatever it might be,
but you learn to develop. You learn to hone your
skill set and that’s through that process you learn about yourself. It’s a self-actualization process.


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  • The Life Formula says:

    Bruce Lee is an amazing role model! For those of you who are not into martial arts, going to the gym helps boost your confidence

  • B.A.B.Y Investments says:

    Having someone to look up to that does sh*t you can't even imagine are real is really a plus point for the people that are able to do that and really too bad for the people that don't allow that in their life. This was a great story.

  • You know somethings Dan, that video made me cry. You are a great fan of Bruce and that make me like you so much. Bruce has being my hero, since I was 10 and still making search for him although I am 43. I agree 100% with all that you say about Bruce, about martial art in another videos and everything about financial. I said once to my wife โ€˜I have seen so many videos of this man (Dan) and I havenโ€™t found literally a word of him to say I disagree. It never happened that with another person in my lifeโ€™. Take care Dan, you are really a great man. God bless you. George from Greece.

  • B.A.B.Y Investments says:

    "I love to teach. There you have it. Even my parents have always been like "why are you teaching those people how to do this or that" and I'm like "well, that's what I like". That's what got my YouTube channel started. That's what makes me give seminars at the college that I'm still going to FOR FREE. That right there is the key. Do what you love, don't chase money.*

  • How is the school near your house teach karate and taekwondo but then you mentioned you showed/taught others Kung Fu. These are 3 different styles of fighting.

  • Alexandru Dragan says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I agree, knowing how to fight and also dancing builds a lot in you. Also, you get in that flow and it helps a lot in business and life, as well. Again, great stuff.

  • When I was a little kid, I use to punch and kicks around in the house even though I didn't know anything about Kung Fu. Then, one fine day my Mother brought a Jackie Chan (forgot the name) VCR cassette and from that day I used to practice some techniques by watching the movie. Fast forward, there used to be a weekly Friday Fury (7 p.m. IST) in Star Movies back in the 90's and early 2000's and one particular night it was showing THE BIG BOSS.
    Man! The feeling was extremely different. I couldn't describe how happy I was to watch the movie and since that day I fell in love with Bruce Lee. I bought all his books, read everything and 15 years have passed and I still have it with me.

    Thank you, Mr. Dan.
    Your contents are always mesmerizing and you have touched me.
    Believing I will meet you one fine day in the future till then Godspeed!

  • Its a great blessing to teach others, esp in Martial Arts. It opens up a whole new world for people they never knew was there. When i was younger i taught class a number of times from young kids to adults (for my teacher) and it always made me felt good helping someone to build confidence and learn how to defend themselves.
    I also taught a few girlfriends and some of my friends on the side at home. I remember when they would come back and be so excited when they used what i taught them to defend themselves. They said it just flowed out of me i didn't think i just reacted, i was ok and able to defend myself. That made me feel so great inside Sifu. I am glad you shared this with us. I think all of us remember growing up watching Bruce Lee doing martial arts and his amazing philosophy. We were blessed to have Bruce, You and Your Sifu teaching us things and helping us to become our best.

  • Surround yourself with successful, confident, positive people. Negative people (even if they're family) will hold you back. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from negative energy

  • As someone who has also been influenced heavily by martial arts and Bruce Lee in general I can not only relate but feel a sense of connection that binds us as people together through overcoming the hardships in our lives. Much respect to you and many thanks for your videoed Dan!

  • Bruce Lee was not only a perfect martial artist but he was a good human being too, and it's been reflected by his philosophy and he way he use to teach people with sincerity and dedication.

  • Bruce Lee built 3 lives in less than half the time of 1 life. 1-Start the first martial art chain. 2-Achieve world fame. 3-Be the first oriental highest paid in Hollywood. It is interesting to note that he wrote them in a letter to himself. It would normally take a lifetime to achieve only one of these lives.

  • lie khan azul Rsanway says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh one fan the Bruce Leรฉ ……. Sรบper fan….๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฒ…The best….๐Ÿ’ช

  • Jakrapatra Lauhawatana-HTC Graduate says:

    You already are my Great Teacher Sifu without any condition you already are Great Teacher Sifu. And I believe many people, many students around here, around the world! know exactly how I feels. You are our Sifu and I know everyone that have a chance to know you is going to have the same feeling the same way that I do. FOR CERTAINLY. Thank you Sifu for the video I'm grateful for your story.

  • Honestly sifu my problem for now is financial ..
    My job for now is not enough to fill out necessities of everyday life..
    I'm learning copywriting my self. by reading the book.
    i know it will have a good results..


    Dear Master, u look great in Brucelee shirt.Even I m admired by Bruce Lee.I have written about him in my book

  • Wing Chun definitely gave me new life. I started like 7 years ago. But I was done with life, I was done with people. The world kinda made me sick, and I was ready to say screw it. I watched an IP Man movie. There just happened to be one school in my state and it was litterally a mile from my house. I decided to try just to keep my mind busy. I also give myself projects to keep me from thinking about things. It gave me way more confidence and makes me want to teach as well. I'm still a bit tired of the world. I can't find a decent women. It's like good decent people don't exist anymore. But just living and keeping busy. Working on projects. Honestly, money wise I have never been good at making money. Everything I'm great at isn't a money maker or they a billion people better than me. Trying different things tho. Trying to learn new things to further my knowledge. But I swear I think I just suck at life. But definitely if it wasn't for doing martial arts and learning to meditate and let go of my hate and anger and just keep pressing forward I wouldn't be here today. So if you're not training I highly recommend training something.

  • I have loved watching your videos on Wing Chun and JKD. I started taking Wing Chun in April and your videos have really helped me progress. Thank you!

  • The biggest problem I personally have is that I am in a abusive marriage, one that I should walk away from, but I stay because of my kids, and the support they need. But i wonder if I am just too weak to leave or if I am being strong by staying in and supporting?

  • Very day I see your videos I feel like a student and you are my teacher in every thing in my life even so I learn English language in my opinion your a great teacher keep going on I love

  • what is this 123 says:

    Pretty much every person i know are turning back against me. including my family and friends
    they are telling me to stop being a musician because i suck, but i am really trying to get better. and i want to make a living from it.
    Should i stop?

  • Bhoxsz Kent Bitoy says:

    Hey Mr. Dan Lok, I really admire you a lot. I'm from Philippines and I'm only 17 and starting to make small money while studying and I'll be starting a clothing line business soon and I hope this works but if not its fine, I'll gain my knowledge from it eventually just like what you experienced. I wish I could meet you inperson someday, and gain more knowledge from you. For me you're my very first mentor that I've never met, I really gained so much from you and thank you for giving us some free knowledge. You're the true hero of poverty & God bless!

  • I'm sorry but do you know about Bruce lee or making videos on wing Chun also you seem cool but the gun that shoots out money is such a douche thing to do.

  • @SalesRemastered says:

    Always inspired and mesmerized to hear about your life stories.The things you've learned in Martial Arts are lessons that one can use to equip himself to be successful in ANYTHING. Focus, self-discipline and respect take you to get to where you want.

  • Supreme Warrior says:

    When I was younger my father and I used to watch Bruce lee movies. My favorite Bruce lee film is Enter the dragon. Best movie ever!!!

  • Hey Dan.. do you know anything about the Dim Mak touch of death? If so make a video explaining the tutorials behind it and how to make it effective in a real combat

  • Aishwarya Shiva says:

    Hey Dan. I just had an experience with a client who put wrong allegations on me for cheating. What I did is I became straightforward and told them everything without the fear of losing them. I was angry but didn't showed that. I just showed confidence and straightforwardness. So can you make a video on this? It will be really helpful to all of us.

  • Iam a huge fan of
    Bruce Lee( The Big Boss,
    Enter The Drsgon, Return
    Of The Dragon) and I agree martial arts and Kung Fu are great ways
    to gain confidence.
    Paul Bacchus esq

  • Dan, Dan… you have a moral duty to supersede and outweigh the accomplishments of the person who had that name and gave it its' weight before capitalizing on it for your own purposes. You know this.

  • cactaceo tunnel says:

    i'm having some trouble believing someone who's main and biggest goal in life is to make money, huge contradiction to what bruce lee's philosophy and energy emanate, as regards myself

  • Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator says:

    Massive respect. I have been teaching all of my adult life so far, started as a teenager in a pool. I teach swim lessons, water aerobics, and overall water fitness. This field is great, and I know I will have to leave it one day to work on my passion. Already on that now, but the feeling you get when you see that progress in a student is something you cannot forget. I hope that on my grave or wherever my legacy is being remembered, I too hope that I am known for being a great teacher. OR as Richard Feynman is remembered, a great explainer! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • BG Wealth Group says:

    Dan Lok Bruce Lee also helped me to develop confidence and helped me to discover more about myself. With martial arts, you are always learning how to become better and see your flaws, and also how to better yourself physically, and in turn become better mentally. This is a great video, I actually found out about Bruce Lee the same way as you


  • Bartosz Moskwa says:

    I really love JKD , but im learning alone in home bcs there is no school of that in Poland ๐Ÿ˜€

    from a time when i remember, Bruce was and still is My icon of perfection and coming that way …
    …I really deep trust in some day I will sell You a pen ๐Ÿ˜€ Did You want to have one with sentence ' Be like a water my friend " on it ?

  • I was obsess in exercise. I research about in the Bruece Lee stories in You Tube I was saw Bruece Less movies.

  • Princess Atelier says:

    Want to come to you and learn martial arts and take it back to India and teach to the girls here to build more confidence in them. I am not show how can I reach there but after watching your videos I always felt the deep urge to learn from you.๐Ÿ™

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