Have Faith in Yourself. Bruce Lee’s kick to success. #Motivation #Exam #Dream

Have Faith in Yourself. Bruce Lee’s kick to success. #Motivation #Exam #Dream

Success mantra 2 Success Mantra 2 says HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF Doubters and negative people, let them tell anything about you You should have faith in yourself A small boy when he was thrown out by warner brothers and when he was rejected he wrote to himself, i will become the most famous actor in hollywood He is not from USA, He is from Hongkong and then he is thinking that he will become the best in holly wood He said, HAVE FATH IN YOURSELF Doubters said “MAN CANNOT FLY” and Wright Brothers proved them wrong Wright Brothers showed all of them that man can fly Doubters said Man cannot land on moon and NIEL ARMSTRONG and NASA made it possible and they said I will prove you wrong Negative people can tell anything about you But don’t listen to them. Doubters said that you cannot sell through an online store. Customers won’t buy things if they don’t see it themselves.But today you look at it. Most of you buy your clothes, shoes, apparels from Amazon and FLIPKART. They proved them wrong Let me tell you that, Doubters here and outside will tell you that it is impossible Doubters will say that to you and you will have to prove them wrong. Doubters will say and you have to have faith in yourself and I will it happen


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