Harai Goshi (+ Combos) by 8th Dan Korean Judo Master (허리후리기)

Harai Goshi (+ Combos) by 8th Dan Korean Judo Master (허리후리기)

Step your left foot behind your right foot Your thigh and hip will make contact Pull in a downward motion, chest like this Put your weight on your left foot Your right thigh contacts their thigh your hip is under their belly In the same way, pull, thigh to thigh, hip under belly Don’t turn your chest away too much. Not like this. Your chest stays and you bring them around with you. Don’t put your leg too high. Place it lower Pull your opponent’s weight over their toe. Chest like this, and then throw.


39 thoughts on “Harai Goshi (+ Combos) by 8th Dan Korean Judo Master (허리후리기)”

  • - ThatKiotoLife - says:

    I actually learned this in BJJ a few days ago. Watching your videos helps me get the throw better when I mess up on small mistakes 😁

  • Tiny, but fierce. Wow… So, he was teaching the best way to flip someone over with high impact at the best hit point whether they are the same size or taller?

  • Yay, finally judo video, and even you are in it! How impressive to see the guy who is much older and a lot smaller can throw a big guy like you to the floor effortlessly.

  • Hey man, thanks so much for these videos! Seeing as you are staying in Korea, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on their famous reverse seoi-nage! Keep the quality coming 🙂

  • JoachimderZweite says:

    This is such a beautiful throw and tall skinny guys can use it very effectively. If it doesn't work don't forget to grab the neck for a second attempt.

  • leavemealone2006 says:

    that's awesome that he got his 8th degree! also great to see another Judo video! maybe something about de ashi barai next? 😛 (especially application :D) or maybe even something like gripping strategy or unbalancing in randori (just throwing some ideas out)

  • The subtitles make this demonstration interesting. However, as a 5'10" dancer (me) the student being flipped and re-flipped has my sincere gratitude and um . . . concern. You at 6' something being flipped . . . whoa. I know, I know, spoken like an uneducated novice. Just think of me as your big sister or something. : )) Thank You for the video. (Julia Danielle)

  • Awesome video! Harai Goshi is me favorite technique and I really enjoyed the combinations your Sensei showed. Out of curiosity have you ever trained with Team MAD? I believe they are located in the city where you live.

  • Hello and thanks for your videos / been watching them for a few years/. I wanted to know if you follow any of the bjj tournaments like "Metamoris" or the one run by Eddie Bravo (The Eddie Bravo Invitational)/ I also especially want to know if you watch the UFC/ and if you dont why not??? Also do you know how popular the Ufc is in Korea since they have more than 5 fighters on their roster with a few of them being top teir fighters with at least one who has fought for the Ufc title a few years back???…

  • One thing I really like about this video is how he pauses at the fit-in to show his side-on angle of entry. His body is basically perpendicular to uke's, instead of facing the same direction.

    I feel a lot of videos out there show an ultra-traditional version, where tori turns all the way and faces the same direction as uke, completely loads them on their hip, and then sweeps the hip afterwards. Basically, it's just like tsurikomi-goshi with a thigh sweep at the end.

    That's great for teaching the mechanics of the throw. However, I feel this traditional version is mostly applicable when tori can get a deeper grip over the back, or if they can wrap the head (ie, in no-gi or MMA). On the other hand, with a standard collar grip, you don't have as much control over uke, and it becomes very difficult to load them onto your hips. Therefore, the vast majority of the harai-goshi's from a standard collar grip utilize the side-on entry shown here. It is a faster movement than turning all the way. Also, perhaps more importantly, it allows for a much larger margin of error on the fit-in, since bumping or blocking someone's leg with your thigh takes less precision than loading them onto your hips.

    I think this is the first video I've seen where the instructor really emphasizes the side-on angle of entry. Even in videos where it's demonstrated the same way as it is here, the instructors usually don't highlight it.

    By the way, really awesome uke from the big guy.

  • 가장 정확하게중심이동까지 설명해주심. 그간 걸어오신길이어떤건지 알수있음
    장인이란말이 무색하지않음

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