Hapkido Basic Techniques | Wrist escape part 1 | Grandmaster Ik Hwan Kim

hi I’m Master Ik Hwan Kim I’ll teach you the fundamentals of Hapkido and various self-defense techniques let us begin position of the hand should be open with
the fingers extended and rigid this position serves two functions first it
expands the area around the wrist thereby helping to loosen the attackers
hold and secondly it provides strength and energy to the hand and arm
facilitating the escape as you will see throughout these tapes the correct
position of the hand is essential to the proper execution of Hapkido techniques
and again like the concept of non resistance it is not something that
comes naturally it must be developed through practice what follows are the
five basic techniques for escape from a wrist grab for the first technique you
will step into your attacker and drop into a horse stance
at the same time turn your captured hand downward applying pressure at the
weakest part of his grip between the thumb and forefinger as your hand moves
downwards pull free and bring your hand back until your thumb touches the inside
of your thought when practising focus on three components of this technique first
get into a good horse stance and maintain balance second turn your hand
downward against the thumb and third bring your hand back until your thumb
touches the inner thigh this will put you in the proper position to attack now
let’s take a closer look for the second technique again step into
your opponent but this time raise your elbow to shoulder height turn your hand
downward against the others thumb and pull free this time bring your hand back
until it is above your opposite shoulder watch closely
no attempt is being made to force the opponent’s hand upward you are not
pitting your strength against his concentrate on raising your elbow to
shoulder height turning your hand against the thumb and pulling free in
the third technique you are again taking a step forward this time however lower
your elbow and push it toward the attacker as noted above when anyone grabs your
wrist the weakest point of their grip is the gap between the thumb and fingers in
the previous two techniques you turned your hand and wrist into the
thumb weakening the grip here the upward movement of the hand applies pressure to
both the fingers and the thumb thus freeing your hand easily you


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