German Open Poomsae 2019 | FOC Taekwondo

Welcome to follow FOCs journey! We’ve been having a bit of a fight with Olli – – So we decided to replace Olli with this youngster. I hope it wont be too windy up there. – Even if one is a bit lactose intolerant. I could try to fix some mobility issues here with this ‘Mobility service’ My hips would thank me. We’re not actually having any argument with Olli. But we are leaving only with FC with Mico as our backup. Going to Hamburg, Germany. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch our connective flight. Landed in München. – Boarding started a minute ago. Hi! We’re currently in a Sky Train. Not really. This just a shuttle train. Close enough. Had to run but we made it! Lets hope the rest of the smurfs will also make it. I knew I should have taken one more extra shirt with me. All that running for nothing. Such a good morning wood. FOC without O. – FC, Football Club Taekwondo. Football Club Finland Your turn. – Yeah. They’re lost. Landscape photographs. – Yes indeed! This is our freestyle junior Daniel. Listen to this! [POP!] This is clearly a closet. Here we have the bathroom. Daniel has clearly used it already. Lets hide the evidence. A hair dryer. A small fridge. It has been filled. Daniel has been to the grocery store. Daniel, where are our snacks? – In the grocery store. G’day! – What’s up? – Not much. This a video or picture? Excuse me! It’s the morning of the competition. Frans is already in the zone. Feeling the FOCus. Who’s that! Dirty feet. – Nonono… There are many ways. Time to go to the airport. Into the time capsule. See you on the next video. We’ll be probably leaving for the Europeans Championships by then. It’s still a bit of a mystery where and when it’s exactly going to be held. Probably in Turkey. See you there with everyone from FOC.


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