I went to see Japanese “Noh” theater for the first time the other day. That’s how it is done. – It is like that drum game, “Taiko no Tatsujin” -It is! You push the buttons like this. You push the “Ya” and “Yo” buttons that pop up! “Han”! I guess you can use it for traditional “Kabuki” and “Kyogen” musics as well. Hey hey! How are you? (Japanese ) , Hello ( Korean), Hello. How’s it going?(Spanish) – Que tal! – Darn it. The other day, I found this cool App. Just take a look. – Here! – O-HA-YASHI? – Yes! OHAYASHI! – Sensei. I went to see Japanese “Noh” for the first time the other day. That Japanese traditional theater stuff..? They wear a mask and dance. I went to see it for the first time. OHAYASHI is like the BGM for Noh theaters. Noh background music, sort of? – In the back? – Orchestra! – And that’s what this is? – Yes, these are Japanese instruments. And with these you can try and play the music. I thought it was cool, so I looked for an App and installed it. There’s a Japanese and an English version! Let’s play it in English! There are both versions. Let’s try KOTSUZUMI. Kotsuzumi (small shoulder drum) “Haa ha ya yaa?” In the Japanese version, this will be in Japanese. When I push this button, -Someone is singing! -The volume is maybe a bit low. We also have… Yes, it’s like that! And then go like this… You can mix like this. -Is this Noh? Or Kabuki? – It is also used in Kabuki. What I saw was “Noh”, but this App can be used for Kabuki, Noh, and also Kyogen. If it is Noh, it’s almost only this. Noh uses a lot of “haa” -Sounds like Ainosuke, the Kabuki actor. -Yes! This is funny. The sound changes! What I thought was great about this App was… There is a game mode to this! How do I play the game? When I push here, the game mode starts. This becomes a rhythm game. -Like that game Pa-paRappa the Rapper? -A rhythm game? – Like the drum game “Taiko No Tatsujin”? – Yes, like that! You have to push the buttons in time with the rhythm. This looks difficult! When it shows 2 fingers, you have to tap with 2 fingers. I see, the fingers below, right?! -That’s right! 2 fingers, ha! 2 fingers! It also depends on where you have to tap. Han! 1 finger! The place you should tap will will be designated. – You have to push it correctly, right? – Yes. I cannot seem to get the handle of making music. This is so difficult. It is difficult! It is pretty difficult. It looks like it’s going easy, but…. The judge is pretty harsh. Try harder. An old man comes out and says that. -Is he crying?! Even though I haven’t tried it, there is the Nohkan instrument as well. There are different settings. This one is hard. If you do it normally, the flute sounds like this. here is an other articulation. Amazing. The Noh flute is very difficult to play in real life! Like Shaku-hachi. You can make a story out of this. If we did it altogether, we would become like a band. Which one? The lower one. You need to distinguish them by color. -You need to keep pushing the button? -That’s it. -Don’t mix up orange and red. -Oh I just did. This is a very hard game. There must be some Taiko drums. This one has the least amount of selections. This one only has a few buttons. Taiko drums. You have to do simultaneously. Very good. But … I think all the songs are the same. And each instrument has a different game play. The base rhythm we could hear in the last one was the one we are playing. If I pushed the itunes button, does it allow me to play with my own songs? I’m not so sure. I doubt that a little… How will these instruments work with AKB music? If you push this you can mute the other instruments. – Erase what? – You can mute the sound. Mute the flute. Like I don’t need that flute today… That was difficult. I’d like everyone to try it. – OOTSUZUMI is a big TSUZUMI -What’s TSUZUMI? A Taiko drum that you hold in your hand. No wait, did this one stand on the floor?! Maybe the OOTSUZUMI is on the floor. This one makes this noise. -I’d like to try the Taiko drums. The taiko drums are the most known. This makes the lighter sounds. – Where do you place it? Top? Bottom? – Around here. Whoops, I took out the help menu. That’s how it is done. – I wanted everyone to download this and do an ensemble. – Ok -I want to give it a go. -Go for it. – Let’s practice. – Here and there. They make different sounds. If you don’t hit it right, you won’t get a sound. -Start. – Try your best! Here we go. Stop singing! I can’t hear the music! You don’t need to shout the sounds. 2 fingers, han, 2 fingers. – Finished! – Didn’t I ace it? Well done. -Almost there! -Really good. Please click up there, on the right to see the other videos. Up here! Up here! – Oden, Oden (Japanese food) – ODEN!?


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