freekickerz vs Hakan Calhanoglu – Ultimate Free Kick Challenge

freekickerz vs Hakan Calhanoglu – Ultimate Free Kick Challenge

Okay, you start first – then you and then you The pressure is too high What’s the name of the polish national team goalkeeper? His name is “Karol” Nice cross! Okay – Hakan will score now! No goal, guys .. With one hand ! This one was nice! I will go for power! The keeper is on fire! I will try to copy Calhanoglu 😉 With your inside? I will show you the real Calhanoglu Like i said, bring your foot up I saw that, guys – no problem! Everything is okay! What’s the next round? Curve? No, just power shots! I try a power shot You need way more run-up Oh, my ……. This was more like Jaap Stam This happens often in a game if you try to get the best free kick possible Sometimes if you try to risk too much, it goes way too high Or you score a free kick like the one you scored against Dortmund Yeah, i hit that one perfect Puh .. I was scared .. Okay – Curve round! Lewandowski was really great at curve free kicks! I scored against Lewandowski, now i will score again .. (maybe) Noo .. this is not possible Great save! This was too easy! I think he will score now! Okay, next position – the keeper is the winner .. Now i’m speachless .. This is not our fault – the keeper is too good The problem is, i the shots can’t get better .. I’ll have to re-think Oh, nooo .. I saw that coming .. The artificial gras is bad .. I think this free kick was just awesome! This can happen, Karol Now we will have a 1 on 1 – if Hakan scores You can’t get more precision You should call Leno (Keeper of Leverkusen) I will send him a Snapchat Congrats, Konzi .. you won this round with a … great goal Now – concentration on position 2 Pressure is high again Oh, my ……. Killing the GoPro .. This one was close .. This was a copy of my free kick I think Konzi will do the same again .. He didn’t pay me to let this in .. was just perfect I’m afraid now .. think Hakan will score! This is real pressure! If Hakan scores, you go on a 1 on 1? Right? Yeah! Can’t even look at this free kick .. Me too Konzi .. What’s wrong with youu? This one was nice .. I think the this was the best one of Lukas Now we will see, how it should be done! I will save this one! 100% Noooo way! Did i say, i will save this one 100%? Hakan, 50 Euro on my bank account.. He saves the impossible ones – and misses the easy free kicks The pitch is frozen, i think this is the problem I was scared! 😀 Thanks Karol, you’re back on the road, when it’s my turn.. Karol, 100% concentration! This was a sick knuckleball! The technique was great! Oh, my .. what’s wrong today? It’s easier with a wall And the keeper can’t see the free kick that early This was one was too fast .. Keep going, Karol! You had so many sick saves! I thought this would be a goal! Without the keeper this one would be in .. No one will ever believe, that Konzi won every round.. If i score, you will get an icecream! We got over 5 Mio Subscribers, this is why we have a huge Giveaway for all our Subscribers! You can win The new “New Balance Furon” This one was released a few weeks ago in a new colorway The Puma evoSpeed of Marco Reus My personal favorite The 300 Euro Ace 16+ Purecontrol with a signature of Mesut Ozil The biggest package is this one The winner will get 7 different football boots worth more than $1200 How you can enter the giveaway? 1. Subscribe to our channel 2. Rate this video 3. Write a comment If you want to double your chances, post a pic “What is the best thing about the freekickerz” and tag it with #teamfk5mio The giveaway ends in 4 weeks Thanks for all our viewers & subscribers for the huge support! Stay sporty! See you next time!


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