freekickerz vs Hakan Calhanoglu – Ultimate Free Kick Challenge (2019)

freekickerz vs Hakan Calhanoglu – Ultimate Free Kick Challenge (2019)

Yo Martin! What do you think, which one was our best challenge so far? Most definitely the one with Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Yeah, I agree. We smashed him in this one. Hey – smashed who? Alrighty – paper, scissor, rock who starts. Hakan, then me, then Konzi. I have to start? Of course – you are the pro in this battle. Ok Karol, take a deep breath. Hakan, show some mercy on him. Ah come on. I have beat you before. And I will beat you again. In the 2016 battle we weren’t serious, man! Take it easy. The first one is the most important one. I have a sore thigh already. Martin: the newcomer in the squad. What can he show us today? Naaaah, that wasn’t in, bro. That was a good one. Damn, I can feel the tension. You can close this round, if you score. Ok guys. Comment below, if you think Martin should join us more often from now on. Thumbs up yes, thumbs down for no. And also if you like Hakan to join the freekickerz. Come on Konzi – show us why you are such a legend. This is such high level we are playing today. Seriously! Alright, alright. Time to show you some high level. This one will go in. Oh, Hakan predicting his first goal. The problem is, there is no wall and he can see the ball so early. I think I just skipped a heart beat. (indistinct) Karol is trying to take my focus. I was actually aiming for the other side, aargh. Ah, one thing I forgot to mention: We all have one joker, so listen up: So we have three positions. We all have to chose one position, which we think we will win. If you are right and you win your joker position, you get double the points. But only if you score as the first one, right? Yeah, the first goal which can’t be drawn will win the position. You got it, lads? So now chose your position! I am guessing everyone took position 3. Alright, let’s get going. Usually you score from this position. Oaaaah – that’s the King Karol we know from 2016. Finally back in shape. What? Who should Hakan call? Donnarumma? Who is currently your goalie? Reina? Ok, i don’t care. Just call and get me an interview. That was good. But fell down to late. You can go a little closer! If Hakan says so, I will follow his advise. And that’s how the cheating starts. Done! Please don’t score. Oh noooo. That’s ok. We both still have a go. It is what it is. I told you, every second ball is going in. Ah, damn! One single time I want to go 1 on 1 against him. You are under pressure now. But it’s always best to be the last one to shoot. If I score now, it will be Hakan vs me 1 on 1. So this is your joker? No one knows yet. I would take the second position, obviously. Haha, we will talk later. Concentrate! He is in the matrix already. He is not in the matrix -he IS the matrix. Come on Karol, you have got this. Then stop the jibber jabber and let me focus, guys. You are not making it better! Read his mind. Connect via bluetooth, Karol. If this one goes one, we will stop right away. Instant win. We trust you Karol! 50 Bucks. I trust you more. I trust you even more. Ok, can you be quite now please? Ok. For a second I though I am not human anymore with all those nice shots. Hakan definitely wants to take this one home. Hakan is always ready, even when I am still looking for the ball. Watch out! Maybe I should try it like Hakan. Score in stlye or hit a stunner? Score in stlye. Sometimes you just have to take the risk and go all in. Ok, I will try. Everything Cristiano R. taught me in his back yard will be seen in this shot now. Looks like he didn’t teach me a lot. 4 minutes just weren’t enough. That’s as many chances you get when challenging Hakan. Bad thing is, every goal can decide now. It was just a waste of good chances. You can’t win like that if you miss the big ones. Konzi, you have had 10 shots already. I will level now. I just need the pressure. Well Karol, you should jump like this then as well when I shoot. It looked like he was doing an airwalk instead of jumping. Yeah, too fast for him. Like a ballerina. You guys better stop taking the piss now. You shoot like kids in kindergarden. Ah, this is not fair. Yellow card. Oh man, he is putting on a big show now. So this is where you have your joker and where you think you can smash us, right? I am curious, which one your joker position was. Well i have known you so long, I know this is your joker position. Talking about AC Milan having more than 5 pitches. This is natural grass. We only have one artificial pitch. Guys, I will have nightmares from this challenge and you guys are talking about artificial grass? Yeah of course. We are both enjoying gardening on the weekends. He knows he misplaced his joker, no? I bet you he chose the middle position. 100 percent. I can read this. Yours is here, his is in the middle. And mine was at the first position. Well it’s your own fault then. Middle is the most easy position. You can’t be serious man! Where is my gun? I am killing it. What can I say. Hakan is right. I told you I was ready for you today. I believe this is my 4th shot today. He leaves you no chance. Oah, I can see you are nervous. And I like it, mate. More to the left. But I just fist-bumped it out. Nice to be here, thanks guys! Football4Bros – 2012-2018 – RIP! See how he is sneaking up closer to the goal? (indistinct) Ok, where is the mark? Did you shot from this spot? Well we didn’t put it there for fun, did we? Focus! I am missing the touch at the moment. Started off well, but now… Too much to handle for you. This must be like the UCL final. Maybe I am lucky and I placed my joker right and we will go to overtime. He is trying everything to calm down, can you tell it? Let’s not miss our flight, Konzi! Konzi read me very well. I had my joker on the 3rd position. And you? Number two? I took the 1st one. Well, it’s a pity you didn’t let us win this time. Well, you know back in 2016 you told me you roasted me. That hurt. Today was time for payback. And revenge is a dish best served cold. Good performance, bad performance. Okay, okay, okay. Before we take off, let’s agree 2019 we will come back to Milan for Part 3 of our challenges, okay? And then I will be throwing punches cause I lost so badly. So for the record: Hakan vs FK – 1-1! Comment if you liked this video and who was your favourite to win this challenge. Most goals? Best technique? Or the most entertaining one? If you want to win Hakan signed boots, just rate this video below… … and comment below, when we should face Hakan again. Thanks for watching and see you next time! And now you can win boots signed by the one and only Hakan Çalhanoğlu. What you have to do: Rate this video and comment, which pair of boots you like the most: The X18, the Nemeziz or the Copa? And don’t forget to mention your instagram nickname! With a little luck, you can soon own a pair of Hakan Çalhanoğlu’s shoes. Good luck!


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