Forcing people to kick me in the BALLS!!

Forcing people to kick me in the BALLS!!

– [Onlooker] No, go for it. Do it. (onlookers encouraging) – I don’t wanna do it. Are you serious about it? – Yeah, you gotta do it. You gotta do it. – I don’t want to!
– [Onlookers] Ohhh, do it! – Wait, wait, wait! I’ve always wondered, “How do people get kicked
in the balls in movies?” – I’m gonna kick ya in the nuts, asshole. (playful instrumental music) – Always funny. Never not funny. But how do they do it? But I’ve come up with a contraption that allows me to get kicked
in the nuts by strangers. I use these three items. This is just my own design, I don’t know if it’s gonna work. I hope it does. It should hold, and stop the kick from destroying my manhood. Tie a knot on either end like that. Duct tape the thickest sock you can find, or like a towel or
anything with some cushion, and just hook it on your feet. See? Now the strap around each foot, this runs under your pants,
under your underwear, and when your feet are together, obviously, too much slack. So if you stand far enough apart, look, look at that. Can’t go anywhere. So I’m just gonna run this under my pants. We’re gonna head outside and (giggles), ask someone to kick me in the balls. Hopefully, it holds. Obviously, don’t try this, like, ever. Just don’t do this. This is a terrible idea. Okay? Don’t do it. Leave it to me. I got it, I’m doin’ it
so you don’t have to. – Whatta ya got goin’ on here? – Just gonna get kicked in the balls. – All right, how ’bout this. If this video gets 1,000 likes, I’ll kick Wes in the balls
without the jockstrap. (Wes nervously chuckles)
See ya. – All right, I’m in. (funky music) ♪ Wes ♪ ♪ Yeah, Wes ♪ – Okay, we’re here at Venice Beach, let’s see if anyone wants
to kick me in the balls. Chris, test it out. (groans)
Oh, baby, I hope it holds. – [Chris] All right so Wes? – Yeah? – [Chris] If this trick doesn’t work, this guy’s gonna kick you in the nuts. – That’s what… Yeah, that’s okay. – [Chris] Okay.
– I got this (laughs). Here, take a card. Remember it. Okay, put it back here. Eight of hearts. – No.
– No? – [Chris] Uh-oh. Spread ’em out, buddy. – Here, you gotta do it. You gotta do it.
– Go for it. – You gotta do it. – [Chris] Go, go.
– Go for it. – [Chris] You gotta kick him in the balls. – You gotta kick me. – [Chris] Just do it, go, go. – (groans) – Please, sir, I want some more. – [Chris] (laughing) Thank you. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Chris] But these other guys that we did before, they didn’t go hard. – Yeah you gotta kick hard.
– [Chris] If he doesn’t get it, you gotta kick ’em hard. – All right, remember, right? – Yeah, yeah man.
– All right, okay. Put it back. – I’m excited for that. – All right, it is a two a spades. – It’s not. – Okay here we go, get off your bike. Let’s go, you gotta do it then. You gotta do it. – [Chris] Hey hey hey, commit. Commit! You gotta commit! – Uhh, don’t do it too hard, give me 70%! – [Chris] No, you gotta do it hard. You gotta go hard, go. (smacking)
(groaning) – That was so much
harder than the last guy! (Chris laughing) Tested it on that one! – [Chris] Thanks man, I appreciate it. – He freaked out. (all laughing) – That freaked me out. Ooh! – [Chris] He went all out. Goddamn! Pick a card, any card. Remember it, don’t let
me see it, remember it. Put it back. Remember it? Okay. The only way I can tell what it is, is if you kick me in the balls. – All right. – [Chris] You gotta give ‘er. You gotta commit. – All right. (groans)
– Ohh, five of hearts! (all laughing) Was that right? – You got it. Yeah, thank you.
– Thank you very much. I hate this job! – My shin hurts. – Hope you’re okay, I’m sorry. I’m okay too. – Thanks man. – Thank you. That one got me good, too. His foot went up a little bit. – People are really afraid. – You have to kick me in the balls. – [Man] No.
– Yes. – Not doing that. – That’s how it works, you gotta. – I’m not, I’m not doin’ that. – Trust me?
– No, I’m sorry. – Kick a buddy? – Please sir, I want some more. – I bet my job, I get you. We have to get– – [Chris] I knew you were gonna say no. – I am not doin’ it. – Some people just won’t do it. And then some people are like, “Yeah, I’ll do it, bam.” So it’s like two very different kinds of people I’m runnin’ into. Pick a card, any card. All right, remember it,
don’t let me see it, show the camera, whatever you want. All right, you got it? Okay, right in here. You gotta remember it, though. – Yeah. – Okay. This is gonna sound weird, you gotta kick me in the balls. – (giggling) Are you serious?! – Yep, it’s the only way the trick works. – Are you serious?! I don’t wanna do it. – Yeah, it’s the only way I
can access my magic powers. – What about your future children? – It doesn’t matter. You gotta do it, for the lovely… – [Chris] Go for it, do it! (onlookers cheering her on) – Are you serious? I actually have to? – Yeah, you gotta do it, you gotta do it! – I don’t want to! – [Man] Full force! – Wait, wait! (woman shrieking) – [Man] Don’t be a sissy, girl! – And think of your card when you do it! – [Man] Go! (smacking) (Wes groaning) – [Crowd] Ohh! – It wasn’t hard enough. – What?! I didn’t hit it (mumbling)? (onlookers cheering her on) – [Man] You can do it! (smacking)
– Doh, ace of spades! – Yes, that’s my card! How did you do that?! Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. – Okay, try another, try another. Pick a card, pick a card. – All right. – Any one, it doesn’t matter. Okay, pick one! Remember it! You got it? Put it back, I won’t look, put it back. – Yep. – Put it back. – [Chris] You can go hard, just don’t go full hard. – All right, all right. – Give me 80%. (everyone laughing) – [Woman] See, it’s harder than it looks! – No no, 80%. – [Chris] Hold the 80, though. – Nine of spades! (laughing) – Yeah man, how?! (laughing) Yes! – Balls of steel, baby! – Damn, what?! – This is the worst trick ever. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry though. I’m sorry. – Okay, now my turn,
my turn I’ll pick one. (laughter) (drum music) – No, no no! No no, I’m good. – Thanks man, I’m gonna walk this off. – See you guys. – [Chris] All right, we got a Superman. – Ready? Do it! (smacking)
Oh! (laughing) His knee went up a little bit. He might’ve missed the strap a little bit. – Give me a second, I’ll be right there. – [Chris] Wait, wait… – Just continue guys, just continue. I got this. – [Chris] Wait, wait, his
jockstrap’s made of kryptonite! (laughing) – I got this, I got this. – That’s why he got his
ass kicked in the movie. – I got this, I got– – Thanks for watching, everybody. Hope you enjoyed it. Very scary for me. All right, see you guys next time. Take care, bye. (mellow instrumental music) – [Chris] All right, how
’bout this, how ’bout this? Wes,
– Yep. – [Chris] I want you
to show Franco a trick. – [Wes] Uh-huh, down. – [Chris] But, if you mess it up, Franco’s gonna kick you in the nuts. – I’m down.
(Wes laughing) – [Chris] Are you really? Are you really? You’re down? – I will, but he’s gotta accept it. – All right, yeah yeah yeah. – [Chris] Okay, no no no, for real, for real, for real, for real. – Okay. – [Chris] No really though, if you have to kick him
in the nuts, Franco, I’m telling you this
right now, for the vlog, you have to commit.
– I’m in. – [Chris] No, really commit. – No, I’m gonna get this.
– I’d feel bad, I’m confident. – [Chris] Franco, don’t pussy out. – Uh, three of clubs. – Three of clubs? Okay, you’re gonna cut. It might not be three
of clubs, but any three. You’re gonna cut two, go for it. Yep. No! – [Chris] Oh, no, it didn’t work. All right, let’s go, let’s see it. And commit, commit. – Go for it. – [Chris] Commit, Franco, go. – Do it, do it! (smacking) (all laughing)
(goofy music)


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