Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Broadsword Shaolin Kung Fu

Five Animals Shaolin Martial Arts : Broadsword Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi my name is Adam Bowling. I’m representing
the Christian Martial Arts Association. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk
to you about the Five Animal Forms of Kung Fu. Now we’re here to talk about the Broadsword,
one of the Chinese weapons, one of the most predominantly used Chinese weapons at that.
The Broadsword historically started out as a knife. A small knife. As you can look at
the shape of it and tell that it does sort of look like a knife. And gradually what people
would find out is that the longer your knife was the better you’re going to be able to
defend yourself and win battles. The Broadsword got to the point to where it was about this
long and grew even more. And then what they found out was that there’s a point in which
the Broadsword became more of a hindrance in battle the longer it got. So the Broadsword
naturally shrink back to about here length that it is today. Movements would be slicing
with a brace, lots of bracing, cutting movements, blocks were close to the body so that you
would not have any wasted movements. Cuts would be circular, ripping the body. Blocking
and cutting, everything would be very close to the centerline. Cuts generally come from
hip to shoulder.
Cuts and blocks were used supporting, this would be towards something that was a much
heavier sword. There was a sword that the Chinese would used very often called the Non
Ring Broad Sword. There were axes that they used and once something heavier would come
at you with a strike, you would want to support block it. Not only with your sword and a support
but with your stance. Stances complimented the sword movements so that when you move
with a sword, it was more like a dance with a sword cause you want to keep the sword close
to you so that there is no wasted movements. That’s the Broadsword.


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