Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Knots From Shoulder, Upper Back, & Traps

Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Knots From Shoulder, Upper Back, & Traps

Okay Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist Brad Heineck, physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet In our opinion of course, Bob Today we’re going to go over the fastest
and easy way to get those knots away from your
shoulders, upper back, traps You know, this is something that plagues a lot of people.
-Oh, yeah! And there’s good reason for it We’re gonna talk about that in just a little bit. Right, in fact, I had this yesterday.
-You did?! Yeah, and I did exactly what
I’m gonna tell these people to do. Okay,
-It worked for me Good, It’s got some through that parachute. thing on your back? I’m gonna pull the cord, and I’m
just going to jump off the building. [laughing] Okay If you are new to our channel, by the way, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit,
pain-free, and we upload every day. Also go over to the Facebook,
our favorite, the Facebook. Look for Bob and Brad, and make sure you like us because we’ll give you some positive vibes your way. You do such a thing Alright, so knots. What are they? There’s little trigger points that you get up in the -lot of time in the upper trapezius
-Upper traps shoulders, neck…
-But you can get them another place in your body too I’ve had em in my hamstrings But this is such a common place. You can get them all over the place Particularly for people who sit at a computer or they do a lot of sitting and what is not very good, but their -Forward-head posture. -Posture. Head-forward posture. I was just talking to Liz about this It’s just something you creep into even though, you know, you’re not supposed to do it. I did it yesterday I was at the computer longer than I normally am and I did– I do have the stand-up desk I did that. That helped. But then I sat for a while I was just focused and all of a sudden, “ah crap” I’m getting that pain -Yeah -And once you get it, it’s really hard to knock out I mean, you know what I mean? Right, once that knot gets tightened up it– especially if you want– if you need to keep working and you can’t take, you know…
-Right, take time off -Time to really get after it. So it’s a hyper irritable nodule and a lot of times in tight muscle They’re a little bit of a mystery to people aren’t they? Right, Yeah, I don’t think– they’re not completely figured out but you know They’re– but you can find them.
That’s one good thing about it. You can find them, and then you can treat them. So, go on, Bob this is– We usually I take a three step approach. Okay And the simple part, the fastest, easiest way is– What I do is you correct your posture and I get some heat on it And usually what works for me is the infrared heat and he reason the infrared heat works better than regular heat is because it goes much deeper. Right, it gets into the muscle as opposed to the conventional heat Which is only a few millimeters Basically, skin deep It does not penetrate into that the muscle belly Where infrared heat actually will penetrate up to 2.36 inches
-Which is quite, quite, you know… Quite a distance and it actually starts getting into the joints of the vertebrae and stuff So I think that’s where it makes a difference. So– it takes a little bit to heat up That’s why I got this thing on here. So you can actually work with it in place [laughs]
-Right We’ll talk about the postural benefits as well. Right. So, you know– the other thing
we want to do is correct posture when you’re trying to get rid of the knots because that’s what’s causing it. So actually, by using the the platinum model, which is this model right here, this shape right here of the thermotex It comes with some extra straps that you can Velcro in place and it actually pulls my shoulders back and puts me in proper positioning So we got here. [Snaps Bob’s elastic straps] Oh! Thanks, Brad I appreciate– [Laughs]
[laughing in background] I thought I’d wake him up! He’s just been waiting to do that all day, apparently. Anyways, but it just shows that they’re wide
so they’re comfortable But they do remind you constantly -to keep that posture -They pull you back They actually don’t– I mean it’s hard to kind of have bad posture because it just pulls you right back It comes with an eight foot cord. Yep. Very industrial right Brad Yeah, it’s commercial Duty is nothing that it’s gonna last you don’t have to worry about the cord You know falling apart so you know and this option to that you can take it off if you need to get up to go to the bathroom from the Computer you don’t have to drag the court along it Disconnects right? That’s what I do. I just yeah exactly. I just Connected and you know it takes a little bit for this to warm up. It takes you know, what would you say ten minutes? Yeah, maybe not that long. I I think a little less than that. But yeah Conventional heating pads the convection they do heat up faster but they don’t go as deep and this has only one setting basically you turn it on and that’s the The type of heat you’re gonna feel and I’d keep it on I mean you can keep it on for hours if you want, right, but they recommend at least 30 to 45 minutes Right and that’s for you. It seems like the magic starts to happen You know I had a nurse come in here the other day and she was having knots and she just works at this facility And I said, well, you know, what I do is–
I showed her this. She goes, “Well, I don’t know that I can sit at the work station have that on” And so she left. She came back and got it, and put it on the work station! You know, that’s how much they bother you. I mean you’re willing to do things like that. And it worked out good for her!
She just sat at her station did her work on the computer and it took away the pain. -There you go!
-It was at the same time This is the platinum model. If you order through our link below,
you will get a pretty good discount. -Discount
-And free shipping So we highly recommend that you
go ahead and do that. This is approved by the FDA and also Health Canada These– this company is out of Canada.
-Right Really good people to work with.
These are expensive. I mean, that’s– We’ve gotta tell you that
-Right -They’re a little pricey They’re not cheap, but they’re going to last a long time. They’re built very well You don’t have to worry about it falling apart in a couple of years And very inexpensive to run.
-Right Pennies a day. They tell the story– I was talking to one of the people over at the company and they said they have one that’s
sitting in a chair in their reception area that they’ve had there since–
Was it 2006? -It’s basically since they started
-Yeah They’re got this model going. Like 11-12 years or something like that. I might be getting that wrong. And they leave it run 24/7. Yeah, they just leave it on all the time A little more uncomfortable during the summer because it’s warmer
-Right You know during the winter,
Brad and I as a habit, we have these in our chairs at night and we sit. Right?
-Right -I like–
-A little less during the summer. I use it for my lower back I’ve got a chronic problem there but I actually look forward to winter because it’s so fun at the end of the night Sit down, read your–
-It’s like a little treat -Right, right.
-We don’t have much going on in our lives. You have to understand We don’t get out much. So again, it comes with the extra strap The other thing you’re gonna
want to do along with this For the long term now, you’re gonna want to come up with the movement that’s gonna take away the pain because a lot of this is related to the fact that you’re standing still and not moving with bad posture. So a lot of times we have people do shoulder shrugs Right. Yeah, so we’re gonna– you know– You can go straight back You know, if you work circles sometimes that works better for something. I think that kind of– that downward motion gets a little stretch on that upper trap And then again This [imitates bad posture]
-Right -Do that chin tuck That’s a probably the first thing you want to work on. The ears go over the shoulders. So we– you know, so many times– and Bob and I do catch ourselves We’re like this, It’s like, if you could see yourself in the mirror It’s like boom! Get that back where it belongs! Get the shoulders back and you know They actually have products, and now there are warning devices that– as soon go– We’ve done a video on one of those that would beep when your head would go forward But the other one, Brad, that I found for me– yesterday, the problem one was just plain old cervical extension which people have trouble understanding but Actually, the neck consent pain down into that area
-Right And so I was working on doing these and even rotating back and forth like this Now did you do that standing or did you sit down? I actually could do it sitting and standing -Sure
-Most people do it sitting and most people, a lot of times
people start with a towel. Do you want to show that one real quick, Brad? I always like to sit, and this is not my office chair, but my office chair is really It’s really nice
-It fits you right for doing this one This is okay.
-It’s a little high -You don’t want the back of the chair too high Can you show we’re too high is, Bob?
-Yeah [Bob] I got a disconnect here, first.
[Brad] Oh, yes! [Bob] Otherwise I can’t come by ya Yeah, we gotta get maybe get a longer cord Get a 220 foot cord, perhaps [Bob] So generally, I like it so that it hits you maybe around mid-shoulder-blade And then if you have a towel roll, it just
makes it more comfortable and I find with most of my patients the towel roll, they’re much happier So I tell them good a towel roll by your workstation or in the– you know, in your house Wherever you need to do this and then do a little chin tuck first and then I’m gonna roll back and stretch like this Now, there’s alternatives. This is one you can take it, and go up like this and Like Bob says the– I don’t– [Bob] Little bunny ears
[Brad] Little rabbit ears–
The bunny ears (laughs) [Bob] Rabbit ears, bunny ears… -Whatever! You go up so that you’re– I always say so your thumbs are gonna point right towards your eyes When it gets up there Then do that…
Now, if you have some shoulder issues which, you know, some people have,
particularly if you’re a little older, you may not be able to do this comfortably [Bob] So in that case you might have to keep it down -Yeah, hold it down here You know, even down here, you can pull this way
and it helps come up So, you’re only going to do this if it feels good, like a good stretch. If it creates pain that means that you’re gonna have to
work more gently on it [Bob] Or not go as far
[Brad] Or not go as far [Bob] You may want to just do short arcs instead of the longer arcs I get people that are knotted up and they get back to about here, and that’s it. [Bob] Right
[Brad] And it’s amazing how well it does work out. But if it’s too bad, you may have to go see a therapist that can help you out So you can’t always get this by yourself [Bob] Right, but I think people are– a lot of times, are surprised that it is coming from their neck [Brad] Right
[Bob] They don’t think that’s the case But you know, I kind of had forgotten about it and I was like “Oh, I did a couple of those yesterday after I had heated it up” -Right
-and things felt a lot better You get the heat get there,
get the muscles to relax. Now, you can do reps of like 10 to 15
-Sure! And you can do it every hour. That’s how often you can do it. So as long as, again, is it’s pain-free. Yeah, and it makes things feel better If you do it the first time, it hurts– So you’re not gonna go out and just hang out there for you know, 20 seconds. It’s back and forward
and back and forward and by the time you get to the second or third one You should clearly feel it feel better getting more motion That’s the green light that you can continue on. And eventually you could maybe go without the towel -Right, yeah.
-And I was able to do it without the towel Because I kind of know what I’m doing I could do it when I’m standing, I knew how to
keep things all nice and still. But, for most people, it is a lot better to start in the chair
-Right And I’ll have patience just use your hands to support
-Oh yeah! So like this… Yeah I usually get underneath your clothing until you
get right on the skin that can work out Then you kind of splay and stretch the muscles and the fascia at the same time Feels good! So you can get kind of a double benefit then Ahh…I’m gonna do it– You just keep talking, Bob If your head falls off, I’ll make sure
to pick it up and put it back on
-That only happened once! All right. Thanks everybody for watching Okay, folks. This is either gonna be at the start of the video or at the end of a video. We just want to remind you that you need to go over to the Facebook Our Facebook, Bob and Brad You’re gonna want to–There’s gonna be a post on there This is 2018, and it’s between
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You need to like that post It’ll say a contest post and make a comment, and you’re in the contest then!
-Right! Isn’t that exciting!?
It is! So get on there and go if you want to get a… -Beautiful mattress!
-Yeah, this is like the deluxe Cadillac mattress. That’s right. Thanks for watching


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