Fantastic 7 Min. Karate Style Workout (Arms & Legs) (Beginner)  No Karate Experience Needed.

Fantastic 7 Min. Karate Style Workout (Arms & Legs) (Beginner) No Karate Experience Needed.

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. Fantastic seven minute karate style arm leg workout before work You’re ready for the day. You’re gonna get your heart rate up. We’re gonna work some large muscle groups Is the idea you can go and punch someone then or what? I’m sorry to cut you off Brad, No not anything like that. You don’t have to have any experience with martial arts or punching or anything This is all pretty basic, but it throws a little of that in there and it’s kind of fun, and it really works things out well Why don’t you give your background real quick. Oh, yes, 17 years I was in martial arts I kind of retired now for the last 10 or 20, but after 17 years you remember a lot And you may want to get his book. It’s on Kindle. “Martial arts manual for stretching, strengthening, and treatment of common injuries” It’s down in our preferred list in Amazon So take a look at it, you better believe it’ll go through all the basics here So the first thing we need to do is warm up You can use dumbbells, if you want, you don’t have to. You can do it without it You’re gonna get a workout without them as well If you don’t have dumbbells and you want to get some weights, just grab a couple of soup cans and You get a pound of that it doesn’t matter. And squeeze them so they look like dumbbells If you’ve got that kind of strength. Brad, before we get to any further. I got a couple people staring at us here. if you are new to our Channel, please come in, take a look at us, and subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload every day. Also go over to Facebook and “like” us because Brad and I As children were not liked, and picked on, and that’s why Brad got into martial arts is to defend himself. Here we go, this warm-up. Let’s roll your neck around Bob and also what I always say, breathe Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. It’s very important. Chin tucks in like this actually Do about three or five of these and then roll back a couple of times to get that neck loosened up Okay, shoulder circles, big circles We’re doing backwards first, squeeze the shoulderblades way back, working that posture. You get up in the morning working on that posture, your breathing. Go forward, now this one I’d like to do with the weights out of my hands because it’s a little easier to get warmed up and Just do some circles, arms straight out I want to make a point here, that Brad’s gonna show you the correct way to do it I’m gonna show you the way someone That’s never done this before, the beginner. So I’m gonna look clumsy and bad And I’m trying to defend myself now before we get too far into it That’s good, though, because it’s gonna show anybody can do these, and if I can do it anybody can do it That’s true. You will get better with time. Trunk rotations Yeah, this takes about two minutes to Do a halfway decent warm-up, or even a decent one. Now your knees should make circles Up and over, that way it works those hips a little bit better. There you go, if you pretend there’s chalk on your kneecap. You’re trying to make a circle on that imaginary chalkboard, now straight leg and just This is not a kick. This is just a warm-up, keep your knees straight And this is going to help stretch those hamstrings a little bit. Don’t get real aggressive We’re not trying to kick over your head This is the one where I can do it really well pretty well on one side and the other side It just feels like I’m very uncoordinated. It’s very common, okay, and some nice jumping jacks Now we’re just about ready to get started. Are you ready? Are you feeling strong today? I’m feeling strong like bull. Okay, if you’re gonna use weights, grab your weights now I’m gonna do these facing this way, Bob’s gonna that way so you see a profile and a front view Are you ready Bob? First we’re in stance, feet shoulder-width apart, and not the horse stance yet, okay one hand out palm down, palm up back here, and let’s just get started here If you know these you can get into it right away. We’re gonna start a little slow Bob’s gonna count ten and he’s gonna let us know when we’re at nine or 10, there we go, breathe Nine, ten. Now we’re gonna do uppercuts So the palm is towards you and you go up to your nose or forehead level, you’re not going way up here. Stop right at your eye level, so you can always see over your palm And you’re gonna use a seal. We’re both using our legs We’re not just like statues, get the whole body into it. Now hooks So hook comes across this way and across this way. We’re gonna do it right about nose or eye level. Now look at my body, You don’t just punch with your arm, you punch with your body. So you get your hips, your trunk into it and that also gives you a lot more muscle routine, and it’s gonna give you a better workout, get a little core into it, a little legs, good But don’t worry about it Bob. That’s all right. Okay now wide stance We’re gonna get a little wider Bob. You’re tall. I’m not wide This is it for me Good palm up and just work Just back and forth, you can get little trunks, see how I’m getting my trunk to move, I’m not stationary like a statue How we doing Bob? You’re breathing good Bob. Palm is up when you hold it back, palm up when you look back All right, upper cuts good. Thank you, so get those legs moving, you’re gonna push up with your legs Work it back and forth, are you breathing Bob? I’m trying to count He’s counting, I’m just having fun talking You get those legs moving, you’re gonna push up the whole body, get an uppercut going up to the jaw Okay good now the hooks Remember to keep your hips down like I have it down here Keep them down if you can, work the legs with it You’re using your whole body to do the punches, not just the arms once again on all these How are you doing Bob? Good where we at? Seven Eight Nine You’re probably ahead of me, ten. That’s alright I’m having fun Bob Front stance, one leg’s way in front. Most your weight’s gonna be on the front leg. The back leg is back for support, and we did the same thing When the hand comes back, the palm is up. When it goes out, palm is down That’s the same on both hands and just keep working it, remember to keep breathing Now at home, I really suggest you get some music on Then you can pick the music you like obviously the left music club Yep, switch. Now we’ve got to do the other side There we go Like I was saying if we picked our music, We’d probably lose all our viewers Polka music Yes, are you counting? Oh, that’s alright. Don’t worry about it. Eight. There you go, nine Switch feet again, now uppercut is a little bit harder in the front stance There you go. Did you feel in the front leg work Bob? Yeah usually that quadricep on the front you’ll feel a burn So that’s why we keep alternating every time So you don’t burn out on one leg, because it is quite a workout. A little push up with that front leg, push up Push up push up oh this is fun Good, switch! Bring it way out there. Take a deep stance, bring it way out there. If you’ve done some karate in the past You’ll be good at these and I really want you to get into a deep front stance. If not, shallow is fine You might be getting tired by now, work it to your level Keep breathing keep breathing Whole bod, push up. Good nice work Bob! Left leg forward, the hook and the hook, good Really stretch it out Get some weight to that front leg and hook the body. You’re gonna punch with the body Punch with the body and the arm is just an extension of the body boom boom boom boom say boom I’m trying to count too! He’s asking a lot of me Okay One more, boom I used to do this on the heavy bag I’d picture that in my mind, I’m working that heavy boom, working the body making it move, this is fun Yeah this is fun. I’m having a lot of fun You’re doing good Bob, nine ten. Good, hands up, put into fighting stance Put one leg back, the weight is in the back, it’s gonna be a front kick and then bring it back. Okay ready Hands up and go kick Breathe as you kick. Every time you kick, you breathe out. Bob continue on, I’ve lost my mic Just get in my pants there. I’ll catch up Good Excellent work Bob Breathe out. Bob is doing an excellent job of kicking and breathing. Other leg forward hands stay up here That’s gonna keep those arms strong. This is my bad one. No We don’t call it a bad one, it’s the weak side Bob, it’s your not as strong side That’s getting better. If you got a leg that works, It’s a good leg We know that as therapists. Good job. Now we should finish up push-ups. Bob you wanna do the regular GI pushup? I’m gonna use this. I’m going to do the knee push-up If your dumbbells work, you can use them like this, and it works good on your wrist. You see that Bob. Yep. That’s kind of fun. I use the pushup ones. Oh, yeah. He’s got the fancy ones There we go, we’re gonna do ten of these, I think I did an extra one. Okay, then back up Now you went through the whole cycle once, now we’re gonna start all the way over again, standing position, hands here, and we’re gonna do them like this But you’re gonna do it on your own And you just have to rewind the video if you don’t have it memorized If you want to do a 20 minute workout. Right if you want to get through it, you can do this as many times as you want You can do that for three, four hours. Well sure I wouldn’t recommend it I think once is good enough for most people. What are we gonna go for a cool down? Just a similar thing of what we did, work the neck around and the biggest thing no matter what you do for a cool-down Think about your breathing. You’re gonna breathe in your mouth. You’re gonna hold it just for a second and then exhale slowly You are gonna slow your body down by slowing your breathing down. Your body follows what your breathing does If you breathe shallow short breaths, your body tightens up Everything goes a little on edge. If you slow your breathing down, everything loosens up I like the trunk rotations This is just a great warm-up So if you want to go for a run afterwards, if you’re a pretty athletic person already, and you just want to augment your running or your biking Getting up in the morning before you go to work Before the kids are up. You want to get ready to get the kids going, so you get your little 15-minute workout in We’re kind of beyond that phase, aren’t we Brad? But I’m thinking about some of these viewers, they’re young. They’re spry, ready to move Thanks, everybody for watching. Have a good workout


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