Family Self Defence by Frank Bell Review

Family Self Defence by Frank Bell Review

Family Self Defence by Frank Bell Review Family Self Defence by Frank Bell offers a solid way to improve your knowledge of awareness and the weaknesses of the human body so that you can better protect your family. Will it make you Superman? Of course not. Will it improve your chances to protect your family in the event they are threatened? Absolutely! What Youll Learn with the Family Self Defence System The system coves all kinds of insider information that youd never expect. For example, it clearly demonstrates why you should never attack an intruder with your hands. To put it simply: its just unnecessary and presents the risk of injury to your hands. Instead, youll learn more effective alternatives. How to be more aware and improve your senses about what’s going on around you. Make threats to your family think you’ve got eyes in the back of your head as the program puts it. The center of gravity of the human body and how to use this knowledge to your advantage when it counts. You’ll also learn great tips of what NOT to do. Especially when a gun is pointed at a member of your family or yourself. Beyond this, you’ll get tips for all other sorts of threatening and dangerous situations including being tied up, being faced with a threatening mob, which parts of the body are more vulnerable than others, and a move so effective that itll be your go-to move every time you have to physically protect your family. Family Self Defence by Frank Bell Pros Easy to learn and practice. It comes in video format so you don’t have to worry about reading pages and pages of boring texts or trying to interpret strange diagrams. Everything is demonstrated for you in the videos. Provide the peace of mind Sleep soundly with the knowledge you’ll learn here when it comes to making sure your family will be safe no matter what happens. These moves work on any human Its biology. So, instead of trying to buff up at a gym and spend time away from your family, learn these moves to protect yourself and your family. This program is EXTREMELY cheap. Any family can afford the just under $30 price tag. Compare that to hundreds of dollars in gym memberships and self-defence classes.


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  • I have been asked to comment here.. I disagree with the above.."Biology" isn't an all encompassing factor in dealing with any human especially under the influence, desperate, or crazy..Depending on the state of mind a person can die from a non fatal would only because they think they are dieing and others that should die from a fatal injury do not even though they are riddled with bullets..Nothing!!!! is a sure fired way to deal with any attack like you present..This type of presentation can do more harm than good for a person looking to defend themselves.. 

  • Each day I get at least eight emails from Family Defense at my workplace with no way to have it stop sending these unwanted emails.  I have now contacted the Nebraska State Attorney General's Office and filed a complaint.  Hopefully this will end this situation.


  • This scumbag talks on another video, how he can and has trained  people  with no prior experience to  defeat highly trained MMA fighters. Oh! but he won't demonstrate this in public cause its much to  deadly. Oh and money don't mean that much to  him so he won't do it for money. he would rather sell worthless shit on the internet.What a piece of shit.

  • Wow! If these Srlf Defense Videos are anything like this ad, then I will attack myself to prevent from hearing any more of it, and then it won't matter!

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