ENG SUB |《滿滿喜歡你 All I Want for Love is You》EP01——主演:魯照華,劉昱晗,寧文彤

ENG SUB |《滿滿喜歡你 All I Want for Love is You》EP01——主演:魯照華,劉昱晗,寧文彤

♪ I went through the hill
to block the sun ♪ ♪ I like the moment when the sweat
drips down from my face ♪ ♪ You always criticise me and
boast about defeating me ♪ ♪ I have to tell you again that
you’ve met the wrong opponent ♪ ♪ Let’s look while the clouds… ♪ ♪ form the shapes that we love ♪ ♪ You smile cheekily at me
and said that… ♪ ♪ there’s a pig that looks like me ♪ ♪ You play the guitar while I sing ♪ ♪ Even the birds on the tree
joins us with the music ♪ ♪ We are just tiny humans
in this humongous galaxy ♪ ♪ Let’s connect happiness to us
in the speed of light ♪ ♪ The tears from this smile
symbolise happiness ♪ ♪ I remember every time
when you ridicule me ♪ ♪ But you’ll hide at my side… ♪ ♪ as soon as I pout ♪ [All I Want For Love Is You] [Episode 1] Why don’t you… be my man? How dare you try to hurt my man! Who am I? Where is this place? I am Gu Xiao Man. I am full of spirit from the moment
I was born into the world. This is my father. He is the former kick-boxing champion. He is now the head of security
for the General Hospital. Whatever his job is,
he always serves justice. He is the hero that helps
the nation and its people. Right. This is my father’s boss, Chief Zuo. We’ll talk about him later on. This is my beloved mother. She had an accident when
I was only six years old. But life goes on. We need to make life better. This is where my story of
kick-boxing ends. But this is by no means an end of
my path to learning martial art. This person over here. He is the son of Chief Zuo, Zuo An. He is the person I admire the most. He is the embodiment of all the wonders
the universe has to offer. If the motivation for learning
can generate strength, he would be able to crush us to a pulp
in the world of learning. Yet today… A new semester, a new beginning. From now on, you need
to be more than a heroin, you need to be a fair lady. Show Zuo An the more adorable
and gentle side of you. Gu Xiao Man, go for it! Are you awake yet? Dad. -Good morning.
-Good morning. Good morning, have your
breakfast while it’s warm. Go to school right after that. Dad, Did you… go into my room yesterday? Yesterday? Yes, I took a book from there. I read it during my night shift.
What’s wrong? It’s nothing. It’s too risky to leave it at home. I am lucky he is only interested
in martial art novels. Otherwise my little secret… Hurry up eating and stop staring. Aren’t you going to be late? Dad, I think… I’ll have my breakfast on the way. It’s the first day of my senior year,
I need to be there early. But, what about the soup? But… Fine. I know. The soup I made is nothing amazing. So, how do we do with that? I was lousy at study, and you inherit nothing
but this trait from me. And you have a lot of learning
to work on. What now? This is your senior year, right? As the saying goes, you get what you eat. You should at least get your nutrients. Dad. It’s great to be your daughter. You are the hero, I am the heroin. You know what this is?
Two warriors fighting together. Dad, don’t worry about me. I will enter a university. As for the pork brain soup, I will finish it later. Fine, I will make some
adjustment to the soup. Very well, the mountains remain
as the stream goes on. Lord Gu, I shall be on my way now. Lady Gu, have a safe trip
and take care. -Take care.
-OK. Wait. Bear this in mind. You are in senior year,
do no pick a fight again. -So long.
-Go on. Xiao Man? Where are you going?
Stop right there! Your father asked you to
drink the pork brain soup again? You father is relentless. He asks you to drink
the same soup every day. If pork brain can boost intelligence,
the pig would be genius! Not bad, you are wearing a hairpin. Is that a fish? Why are you wearing a fish? Is your brain filled with pool water? Your brain is filled with pool water! Wearing a hairpin is
none of your business. Also, I may not know
how intelligent a pig can be, however, it must be smarter than you. I don’t mind that. I am the last in class,
you are the second last in class. If pig is smarter than me,
that makes you… Not the face. You are not going to hit me?
All you know is using violence. Are you even a girl at all? I think it’s not the pork brain soup
your father should make, he should make pork knuckle soup,
it’s good for nourishment. Gu Xiao Man,
I will make you pay for this! This annoying fellow is Zhan Yue. He is my childhood friend, classmate, and also… my punching bag. I wonder if I somehow
hurt him, a normal boy like him
is always acting like a fool. But Zuo An is different. He is smart, diligent, focused. He’s never wasted a single second
for matter other than studying. I see him every day here… as he passes by sitting in the car. Gu Xiao Man. What are you staring at every day? Can you pick some coins? -Thief!
-My purse! Stop right there! Xiao Man! -Xiao Yue?
-Are you all right? I am fine. Xiao Man, stop chasing!
It’s too dangerous! Stop right there! Xiao Man, stop chasing! Thief! Thief, stop right there! Zuo An? Xiao Man, don’t you know
it is so dangerous? Thief! Stop right there! Stop! Uncle Zhou, stop the car. You must be out of your mind. You chased me across
five streets for a purse? My father told me that I am in my senior year,
I can’t pick a fight again. I told myself, “Gu Xiao Man, oh Gu Xiao Man.” “You need to be more than a heroin,
you need to be a fair lady.” But Zuo An watched me chasing you
like a mad woman! And my hairpin! I prepared it especially for today, the hair style that makes me look
gentle and adorable! What are you jabbering about? I said, all of you… must die! Xiao Man. -You are finally back.
-Here you go. Mind your belongings next time. Thank you so much for helping out. It’s nothing,
as a woman of the martial art, I should help anyone that is in need. Thank you. Goodbye. Xiao Man, what about the thief? I left him lying in the alley. There were more than one. I was fighting all four of them,
I wiped them out. Isn’t that amazing? You shouldn’t be so reckless next time. I understand. Xiao Yue, you really are my best friend. I was so worried,
let me see if you are hurt. I am fine. Your bag is open. What? Where is it? Did you drop something? It was a… -I must have dropped it there.
-What is it? It’s something very important. -Did you leave it at home?
-No way. I put it in my bag to
keep my father away from it. Keeping it away from your father?
What is it? It’s… It’s a pink notebook. I will die if I lose it. A notebook? I saw it just now, Zhan Yue was holding a pink notebook. Is it the same one? What was that all about? Monkey and Tubby. You look happy today,
did you find some lost cash? Let’s have another
round of game tonight. A different internet cafe perhaps? The big guy from Seventh
High School told us… if we ever show up there again, he will show us no mercy. That is the only internet cafe we know. They don’t check our IDs either. But… Stop whining, I have a plan. What is your plan? Zhan Yue! Xiao Man. -Hand it over.
-What is it? Hand it over! Gu Xiao Man. Why are you yelling at Zhan Yue
in this pleasant morning? We are the Three Musketeers… Zhan Yue. What did you take? Hand it to her. Just give it to her. But I didn’t take anything. Tell me, what did I take? I still need my pride! People are watching. Zhan Yue, just give it back to me. What is it? I have no idea.
You can search me if you want. It’s not in there. You can search me. A girl is taking off a boy’s clothes
in broad daylight! -Shameless.
-Shameless! The two of you, shut up! Just stay there. Zhan Yue. You can either hand it over, or I will take off every piece
of clothing on you. Gu Xiao Man, don’t you know shame? You are the shameless one here! Stop touching me! Zuo An! Trying to get away with this? I saw Zuo An’s car this morning. Judging by the time, he should be
sitting inside the classroom now. If you didn’t take my stuff,
why are you calling for his help? Gu Xiao Man,
when did you get so smart? -The pork brain works!
-Hey! It’s time to go! Zhan Yue, you jerk! Stop right there! I can’t fight you,
but I can still run from you! Make way! Make way! Zhan Yue, you jerk!
Stop right there! Run, just run. You’re surely a fast runner,
that is enough. People are watching us. Zuo An? -Stop lying!
-Zuo An is here. Are you scared now? I’ll tell him what is on the
first page of your diary. Angry Birds! I… Zuo… Zuo An! I can’t even tell him I am sorry. After a long and joyful break, a new semester is starting. -Gu Xiao Man.
-For students of senior years, -Gu Xiao Man!
-nine months from now, you will be having the
College Entrance Examination. -You are ignoring me?
-It’s your first challenge… I am talking to you. It’s just a notebook! You must utilize every second you have. I have never seen you so upset. It’s all right. There were barely anyone there. This is not the end of the world. Gu Xiao Man from
Class Two Grade Three, you torn Zuo An’s pants in the public. You are challenging
the discipline of the school. The school authority will give
punishment accordingly. I hereby… advice all the students of senior year, focus on your study… Xiao Man, that is nothing to do with me. The headmaster said it. Xiao Man! -She is a thug.
-What is wrong with being a thug? Zuo An the genius was made fun of,
you love it too! You should thank Gu Xiao Man! -Xiao Man.
-Stop talking. I am trying to help you. Zuo An always has that
arrogant look on his face, no one in the school could
put up with that. I don’t care if you are
a heroin or a thug, you are doing a favor for us. Oh no. The Zuo An Fanclub. I was hoping to join them. Gu Xiao Man! Yao La. That was quite the feat. I thought you know kick-boxing. Did you change your name
to Gu Chaofeng… and learn the Nine-Skeleton Claws? Yao La. We are all classmates,
what do you want from her? Stop talking. Yao La. I didn’t mean it. I doubt you did it on purpose. Don’t you know Zuo An is the sacred
and holy figure in our eyes? How dare you… You did it to him. You need to apologize to him. Apologize? -That’s all?
-What else could it be? Unlike you, we are not thugs. But it won’t be a simple apology. You made Zuo An a laughing stock today. You should know how that fells too. Everyone should be the witness
when you apologize. If Zuo An asks anything from you,
you must do it. It’s just a pant, this is unnecessary. Why don’t you let me
tear your pants open now? Go ahead. Don’t you think I won’t do it! There is no need
for the two of you to start a fight. Yao La. Fine, you have my word. I will apologize to Zuo An
in front of everyone. After all it was my mistake. It’s good to show some good will. -Zuo An is here!
-Zuo An is coming! Zuo An, you came just in time. Gu Xiao Man will apologize to you
in front of everyone here. Never mind. Zuo An, I know you won’t
blame her. But this is her fault,
she should apologize. We want to let those
who watch aside to know that… this is over. Gu Xiao Man, show your sincerity. Sure. Zuo… Zuo An, don’t cross the line. Gu Xiao Man is apologizing
to you so sincerely, why are you putting up that smug face? Zhan Yue, this is none of your business. Her business is my business. -Apologize in her place then.
-Don’t you push your luck. Do you think you can above others
just because you have good grades? You are no genius, you are just a nerd. Does your life need those good grades?
Do your jobs need those good grades? -Isn’t that right?
-That is right! Why are you all jeering now? Are you even listening to me? Zuo An, this is all my fault. I am sorry, I sincerely ask
for your forgiveness. Nonsense! Zuo An, you are a grown man. There is no need to pick on
a girl for your pants. I told you, I don’t need the apology. Zuo An, that was my mistake. Raise your head. Gu Xiao Man! Well… Forget it. That’s it . Please. Trust me, I know how to do it. So, I am supposed to
start sewing with this? -Do you want me to take the shirt off?
-No. I would pass out from that. -Did you say something?
-Nothing. I’ll start sewing it now. Wait. Your head is too close. I want a closer look, I don’t want to jab you with the needle. I can do it myself. No, I can do it. I said, I’ll do it myself. Zuo An, I am sorry. I was going to apologize to you, but I am good at nothing. Zuo An. Gu Xiao Man, why are you here too? I am worried about his injury. So I came by for a visit. Your history of street-fighting
is enough to fill a yearbook. Have I been too lenient to you? In the first day of the new semester, you already caught
the headmaster’s attention. Should I give some kind
of punishment… before you learn from your mistake? Miss, I am sorry. Miss Zhao, this is not her fault. This matter is now over. Zuo An, did I hear it right? Zuo An. Thank you for putting up
a good word for me. I was genuinely surprised. Everyone says you are a cold person, that you don’t see us as your friends. I even… No, no, no! Not everyone. It’s only Zhan Yue,
Mao Yong Wei and Xu Zhi You. It’s only the three of them, and they
call themselves the Three Musketeers. They should be the Three Racketeers. Don’t worry, I will let them know
you are actually very honourable. They misunderstood you. I don’t really care what they say. You don’t need to prove who I really am. But I am telling the truth. Besides, this is not the first time
you’ve helped me, do you remember? It’s all right if you don’t remember. Just don’t worry. Zhan Yue and the others
are my good friends. -I will help you…
-Don’t bother. -But…
-We are done here. I need to thank you anyway! And… I am sorry! You shouldn’t be so reckless again. I said, don’t get into a fight again. Did you just ask me not to
get into a fight again? Okay! You have my word! I will never get into
a fight ever again! Report. -Report.
-Come in. Xiao Man. Xiao Man, how did it go? Xiao Man, where were you? Zhan Yue, do your exercise, are the answer written on
Xiao Man’s face? No. What about the others?
It’s been 15 minutes. Do you have the answers yet? Sir, as you said, this is the hardest question from
the College Entrance Examination last year. Less than 10% of students
in this province got it right. We… Zuo An, show them how it’s done. -Sir, it’s done.
-Back to your seat. See? You are all my students. What makes him so different from you? This may be the first day of school, but more precisely, it’s 280 days
away from the College Entrance Examination. Do you think there is much time left? From now on, I want all of you to focus
on your study! Gu Xiao Man. Were you even listening
to what I said just now? Okay, dismiss. Zhan Yue, we are on cleaning duty today. But I need to leave early. I’ll sweep the floor
before you mop it, okay? Sure. Gu Xiao Man,
mop the floor for me. Sure, I’ll do it.
I love cleaning the classroom. Zuo An, if you have matter to see to,
you may leave first. You can count on me. -Never mind.
-It’s okay. Take this as my token of gratitude. Aren’t you going to
swim on Monday? There will be crowded if you are late. How do you know I am going
to swim on Monday? We will go anyway, why not today?
Let’s go. Let’s go, I heard there’s
new comic releases. Yao La and the others were talking
about it when I passed by. Pervert. Shut up! Not only are you obsessed with him,
you are also a stalking pervert. What do I need to do
to get the notebook back? It’s simple. Just admit that I am better than you. Zuo… Just say it. You are better than me. Louder, I can’t hear you. Zhan Yue, you are better than me!
Are you happy now? That sounds nice. I knew you would admit that one day. Seeing how sincere you are, I shall show some kindness to you. But before that,
a little favour from you. What is it? What is this riddle going on here? Understood but not known by word. Let’s go. What? Excuse me. I told you, we are having
this whole place for ourselves. Go somewhere else. Xiao Man, go. Go. What is the meaning of this? My father told me, I am in senior year, I should
not pick a fight again. I also promised someone else
that I won’t get into a fight again. But I live in a tough world, it can’t be helped. I hope you won’t be offended
by what I am going to do. What? -Is she crazy?
-She certainly is. That was impressive. I bring you here for a fight.
What were you thinking? I told you I am not fighting anyone. But they won’t be scared by your action. Are you scared now? Should I show you what I can
do to a steel plate? I can’t break it yet, but I sure can make a dent. Let’s go. Are you really scared now? We are not scared. Even someone like you
can get a girlfriend like her, that is terrible. What do you mean by “girlfriend”? Psychopath! Let’s go. Stop right there, explain yourself! I knew it hurts. Dad, I am home! -Uncle Gu, I am here too!
-Stand aside. Miss Zhao called me earlier today. You torn Zuo An’s pants? Miss Zhao snitched on you! It hurts. Are you hurt? Dad. You got into a fight? Are you all right? Come with me. Uncle Gu, what this all about? Go, off you go. Uncle Gu, is this how you treat a guest? A guest? A guest means
good friend or classmate. You asked her to fight for you? Who do you think you are?
You are not welcome here. I have been her punching bag for years! Why didn’t you ask her
to stop back then? -What?
-Stop whining. We have a deal.
Give it back now. You and your father is full
of moral talks, but you are just a bunch
of unreasonable hypocrites. You are unreasonable. What are you saying? -I am talking about your diary.
-What do you mean? You read my diary? You… Calm down, please. I just had a peek. And I left it
at the internet cafe. Gu Xiao Man. Do you really like that nerd so much? The whole diary is about him,
why don’t you write about me? Write about you? I may not be great at learning, but singing, dancing,
sports and e-sports, I can best that nerd in any of those. I am warning you. Stop calling him a nerd. Also, if you tell anyone about
what is inside the diary, I will hunt you down
to the end of the world. Hurry up and go home. ♪ My smile is in the shot
against the light ♪ ♪ The sudden wind makes me frown ♪ ♪ We tiptoed and held up our hands… ♪ ♪ to get closer and hide inside
the sunshower ♪ ♪ We are floating like the dandelions
that are blown away by the wind ♪ ♪ And we fell down during a storm ♪ ♪ We are like travellers
who came from the sky ♪ ♪ We’ll settle down once we fell down ♪ ♪ The sunshower is still pouring down ♪ ♪ Don’t worry ♪
♪ It’ll be a clear day after the tears ♪ ♪ No need to worry and
no need to be afraid ♪ ♪ Don’t doubt the choices
you made in your life ♪ ♪ You’ll be unhappy
if you think too much ♪ ♪ Just accept whatever you get
with open heart ♪ ♪ Push your past complications
and insecurities aside ♪ ♪ Smile broadly because
the sunshower will pass very soon ♪ ♪ The sunshower is still pouring down ♪ ♪ Don’t worry ♪
♪ It’ll be a clear day after the tears ♪ ♪ No need to worry and
no need to be afraid ♪ ♪ Don’t doubt the choices
you made in your life ♪ ♪ You’ll be unhappy
if you think too much ♪ ♪ Just accept whatever you get
with open heart ♪


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