ENG SUB |《初戀那件小事 A Little Thing Called First Love》EP17——主演:賴冠霖,趙今麥,王潤澤

ENG SUB |《初戀那件小事 A Little Thing Called First Love》EP17——主演:賴冠霖,趙今麥,王潤澤

[A Little Thing Called First Love] [A Little Thing Called First Love] [Episode 17] Morning! Morning! Miao Miao. Why are your eyes so red? Maybe I was over crying on the stage yesterday. Remember to apply it
with a towel later. Okay. Sophomore and freshman will join the mapping class
together this afternoon. Let’s go together later! Okay. By the way, do you want me
help you make dried flowers? No,thanks. Jing Jing, help me take this. Class. This is the first activity of your
elective course, architectural mapping. So, the freshman and
sophomore are here together. Look at this. These traditional buildings are going to be
reconstructed commercially. For our architecture department, the reconstruction of old town is a very important research too. So, you must think deeply
when you are drawing later. What should you think about?
Anyone knows the answer? Think about how to balance both creation and inheritance. Got it? And… There will be a minor
demolition tomorrow. So, try your best
to make it done by today. A group of two. I will collect it before
the Dragon Boat Festival. Give us more time. What? One by one please. What did you say? Okay, team up first. Hurry up! Start mapping after you have teamed up. You Nian. Let us team up. What are you doing? I am helping my teammate! Let’s go! Let’s go! Okay. What happened to you? What do you mean? You look half-dead. Nothing. No? You have been measuring
this frame three times. Okay, just stop it. Help me hold the staircase. Why do you put the pen
at behind your ear? Look like an old man. I don’t like someone to touch me. Well… Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s okay. I am so sorry. It’s okay. I will be angry if you say it again. Be careful, You Nian! Are you okay? Give me the ruler. Xia Miao Miao! Give me the ruler! You aren’t yourself!
What happened to you? I told you, nothing. Senior, what happened to you? I twisted my leg and couldn’t walk. Are you okay? I’m fine, You Nian
will take me to the hospital. Xia Miao Miao. Yes. Help me keep the tools
and pass them to Mr. Li. Xia Miao Miao. Yes. Help me keep the tools
and pass them to Mr. Li. Who are we waiting for? I have called Da Chao. How is it? Are you okay? Do you need an amputation? You are the one who needs it! What did the doctor say? Don’t force to use it,
and use a cold compress often. Change the medicine three times
a week and stay away from water. Wait, let me write it down. What? Use a cold compress. Change medicine three times a week. Three times a week? Not one time? Three times… One time… Once a week. Don’t exercise vigorously,
stay away from water. Remember to review. Review, of course I will. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. You go back first. I have to go to the model room to sort out the data. Okay. Thanks for your help. It’s okay. Have a good rest. Don’t come for the site measuring.
I will sync it to you. Okay. So, I will work more on the drawing. Okay, you’d better go now. I’ll help you back. Bye! It creeps me out! What happened again? Because of your senior and Sis Xiao Yue? I saw it too. Didn’t all of you attend
the course together? How come they become so close? What’s wrong with you? Raise your head up,
Fox Fei is staring at you. Maybe she is cross-eyed. Senior. What happened to your leg? It’s okay, I twisted it. Senior, I saw Senior You Nian helped you back. So sweet! Are you two… No… Cut the crap! It was so sweet,
why didn’t you admit it? Or you want to inform us
when you two get married? We are not a couple. Help me go to wash hands. Miao Miao, let’s go. You promise me
to jog together with me. I must keep fit this time! Okay! Don’t cry! It’s okay… You still can eat, huh? She has been like this these few days. You knew it. But I feel she is getting worse day by day. Can you two stop talking? Okay, don’t be sad. Sis Xiao Yue is hurt. It’s normal that
You Nian takes care of her. I know it’s normal, that’s why I am sad. Senior is hurt. She didn’t do that purposely. But, I felt so sad when I saw
Senior taking care of her. I… I… I feel like I start to hate her. Am I selfish? You can’t say that. Everyone would think that way. But I know it’s wrong. Everyone will be selfish
for someone they love. Right, He Xin? Actually, when I saw Lin Kai Tuo
and you acted together, Kai Tuo was so focused. I thought he and you… I was sad too. It’s okay. I have done self-adjustment. What are you thinking? It’s impossible between
me and Lin Kai Tou. I want to survive a few more years. You can’t survive
if you keep crying like this. What’s wrong with Kai Tou? Kai Tuo is good. He will have a prolong life. She’s crying, don’t force her. Okay, let us sit down and eat. What? Okay, Aunty, I got it. Don’t worry, I will tell him. She asks you to have a family shooting
during the Dragon Boat Festival. No way. I am not your family member. It’s up to you, I don’t want
to take it with you either. I have no time to beg you. Young Master Liang is so busy with making friends and running
around with someone at the back. So loving. You don’t have to ridicule me, I am only passing the message. Wish your family
a happy shooting. None of my business. You think too much. I won’t go back for the shooting too. I have rejected it. I didn’t expect that you will refuse to be a dutiful son. I have no time talking to you. I have to go back to draw. Assignment is more important though. I have to be No. 1. Who said No. 1 will be you? Not me? Will it be you then? Let’s wait and see. This time, I will be No. 1. Everyone knows bragging. Let’s bet. What is the bet? The one who loses will
go back to take a family photo. You will be hung on the wall! Someone will be placed
on the bedside table. Let’s see. Luckily, here they are. Senior. Why do you come? I sent Xiao Yue to the hospital
yesterday and left the measurement work. So I have to finish
the uncalculated data. You didn’t pack tools yesterday? Yes. So sorry. It’s okay. Pack that, and I help Xiao Yue pack hers. Yesterday, Xiao Yue was hurt by this tripod. Let me help you. No, thanks. Well, you do it, Senior. I am leaving. Xia Miao Miao. It’s going to rain. Xia Miao Miao. Come to the library to draw
the mapping at 9 am. It’s all acting! You will lose if you take it serious. You can’t lose. Xia Miao Miao, come to the library
to draw the mapping at 9 am. I am not at the school and I don’t know when I will be back. Don’t wait for me. What’s wrong with you? Ask your mom for 300 Yuan to pay for the English Weekly. Isn’t it 200 Yuan? We have to pool money to buy
a basketball! Forgot it? Da Chao and I asked for 300 Yuan. My mother is very sharp.
It’s better to ask her directly. Let’s go, it’s going to rain. Designer Chen is still inside. What’s going on? I don’t know. The bearing wall collapsed,
you can’t enter it. Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? It’s okay. Only… The sound of the
construction site is too loud. It’s okay. Don’t be scared, it’s okay. Everything is fine. Well… The rain is going to stop. It will be fine
if we don’t listen to it. Sorry, I don’t mean it. I wanted to help you. Listen to this. So you won’t hear any sound outside. Xia Miao Miao. Why didn’t she reply my message? Do we still do the mapping homework? It’s so troublesome to
team up with Xia Miao Miao. Someone sits here. Who’s that? Did you go swimming? How do you find me wherever I am? Because you are my GPS. Whose seat is this? Not your concern! Is it for Xia Miao Miao? We’re in the same drawing group.
I let her come to draw. I never thought that
you’d explain it to me. Be quiet, please. What do you think if Xia Miao Miao? Stupid, and not hardworking. Do you think that she is delicate and innocent? Absolutely not! I want to beat her. Please don’t do that,
she is my best friend. Okay, I have to go to the interview. I’d leave the silence to you then. Take this. For you in return. Did you know that I’m so serious about data? My mom died in a construction site accident due to wrong calculation
by the data engineer. So I think, if there will be a day when I become an architect can I reduce this kind of tragedy? Yes. Yes, you can. Two minutes before the closure. Why are you still coming? Didn’t you say that you’d kill me
if I don’t come before closure? Sorry, I didn’t know
the message was not sent. Xia Miao Miao! Dare you not appear before
the library is closed, I will kill you. Take this back to do research. We’ll do the 3D drawing tomorrow. 3D drawing? Are we requested to do
a 2D drawing for this assignment? Only 3D drawing can win. What does it mean? Never mind.
Just do as what I say. Go back and have a look. It’s a lesson of sophomore.
How should I do it? The 3D drawing is so difficult! I spent three days
just to understand this part. It’s the problem of your IQ. I understand it in three hours. Sis Xiao Yue. Senior. Good morning! Miao Miao, where are you all going? We are going to the library to draw. I see. We’ll go to the model room to draw. Then we gotta leave. Bye! Bye! Go for it! Look at here! The length here. We need to measure the length. This one. Thank you. Completed. Really? Well done to all of you for this
practical of architectural mapping. But, the most outstanding is Fang Xiao Yue from sophomore, and Xia Miao Miao from freshmen. Although Fang Xiao Yue
was hurt this time, her coursework is well done. About the data part
done by Xia Miao Miao, I am surprised
by the accuracy of the data. Mr. Li, announce the result! Who is the first place? How impatient you are. Okay, the first place is Liang You Nian and Fang Xiao Yue. Why? Our group used the most intuitive
3D method to do the drawing. Our task is to do 2D drawing. Remember to check the question
during the examination. In the current construction industry, 3D drawing is the
mainstream of displaying. You are old-fashioned. In the future, if you don’t draw
according to what requested by clients, the bidding result will
let you understand that whether you are too ego or I am old-fashioned. Okay, let us continue the class. Class. Family shooting. Turn to page 49. By the way, just now, Lin Kai Tuo has reminded us… I have been praised by the teacher. Let’s celebrate. Continue our class. Your way of celebration is to borrow
books from our fashion department, huh? I bought you a drink. I was stressed out. To complete the assignment, I didn’t read fashion
design books for so long. If you like fashion design so much,
why don’t you transfer here? Transfer? Who wants to tranfer?
Is that you? Miao Miao? I haven’t thought about it. Think about it now. If I change my major, my mom will be angry. Don’t think about your mom first. Frankly speaking, the fashion design that you have made is greater than those
done by our students. Miss Jia, why are you ridiculing me? Do you really like fashion design? Of course. I would like to advise you to consider it carefully. I will think about the transfer. Reply to me after
the Dragon Boat Festival. That fast? Why not? Do you want to wait until graduation? Be quick and accurate
in making decisions. The longer you drag on,
the more hesitated you are. Don’t read these books. I’ll choose for you. Read this! This is good for you. I’ll tell you, I don’t allow
our faculty students to read it. Miss Jia. Just kidding. Thank you, Miss Jia. Let’s continue. Haven’t you read this before? Have a look. Do you want to read? Senior may not be around. Mr. Liang. I’m here to deliver the dumplings. That’s great. Miao Miao, your homemade
dumplings are so delicious. I had ordered for few times. Thank you, Mr. Liang. I am leaving. Okay. Wait! Wait! Everybody, stop for a while. Those who are inside, come out. Let me introduce her to you. She’s your senior, Xia Miao Miao. When she just came
to the drawing class, her basis was really bad. In your words, she drew terribly. But with my hard work and through her own
efforts, she was admitted by the Architecture Faculty
of Haicheng University. So if you think drawing is difficult, don’t give up easily. Continue to work hard. Of course. As a genius like Liang You Nian, there’s not much to refer to. Everybody, try to imitate the learning track
of such an effort player. Don’t talk about it anymore. I am so embarrassed. Nothing to be embarrassed. You and You Nian
are university students now. You should be a role model for them. No. Okay, continue to draw. Draw nicely. By the way, let me ask you something. Do you have contact
with You Nian at school? You Nian… Is he in love recently? I don’t know. I felt quite abnormal when he
came back for holidays this time. One day, his mobile phone
has been ringing. It was a girl with surname Fang. Do you know her? We seldom contact each other. Yeah. You’re a freshman and
he is sophomore after all. I am leaving. Okay. l’ll come again. Okay, see you. You Nian. Come here. Sit down. Try this dumpling, it’s very delicious. You Nian. You are now a sophomore, Let me ask you, Anything changed recently? Change? What kind of change? What I mean is that… Do you have any girl who you like? With surname Fang. No. This boy… Would he only realize his feeling
afterwards just like his mother did? You are back. Today’s business is so good. Why do you close the shop? There is a festival promotion
from a photo studio nearby. I will bring your mom
to take the wedding photo. Wedding photo? What’s up? We’ve been married for so long
and given birth to two children. Yet we have no wedding photo until now. We couldn’t afford it in the past. Now I make it up for you. Let’s go. Take my bag. Let’s go together. We go too? We can be the flower-girls. I am overage. Let’s go. Thanks. Look! Do you think Kai Tuo will come? Hasn’t You Nian have said that? He will come. Are you sure? According to Kai Tuo’s character,
I don’t think he will come. Why not we just wait for a moment? Have some water. Kai Tuo, here you are. You see, here he is. Both of you, please go to change first. -Okay, let’s go.
-Okay. Kai Tuo, have a seat
and wait for a while. Wait for mom! Let’s go. [A Little Thing Called First Love] [A Little Thing Called First Love]


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