Elite Kicking Battles in Seoul – Red Bull Kick It 2015

Elite Kicking Battles in Seoul – Red Bull Kick It 2015

I went over here in 2013,
I actually did not expect to win at all. If anything, I only wanted to win
maybe one round, that was my goal. I beat the first round and then one round became two,
became three, four, and before I knew it,
I won the whole thing. And I didn’t expect it so it was quite humbling experience. When the judges announced that I won, I felt such exhilaration at that time. It felt like I was going to explode. Last year, I used to say, ‘I am going to win.’ But this year, I couldn’t dare say something like that. Of course I want to win.
We all want to win. Obviously, winning is my goal. The best man will win. And I think everyone
has a chance to win this year. Normally, I’m not really
into competitions. But this time I’m motivated, I’m punching my thighs
to get pumped. The goal for everyone is probably to win. Oh, I am going to win this. I don’t want to lose.
I have to win no matter what. I made it to the finals.
You have to dream big. I am going to win no matter what,
so I’m not worried. I have a special trick. I think I will win in the end. I got more and more motivated
and decided to compete. I feel confident, so if I do as I’ve prepared,
I think I’ll be okay. The more I go further,
the more I become competitive. Obviously, one of my goals is to win, to try and get the first place. Things just happened so fast. I’ve never tried ‘Tricking’ before. It’s like I was eliminated
in a split second. After I was brutally defeated,
I realized I should’ve prepared better. If you lose early in the mind game,
that’s it. It also bummed me out a little bit. Since it’s something I can’t do,
it made me try harder. I was in a rush,
and I think that’s why I lost. I showed a tough technique,
but it’s a pity I didn’t get to show more. I’ll be better
as I develop more as a fighter. I better win next time. Here are the semi finalists. Ingun Yoo and Younghoon Shim,
Jacob Pinto and Changsik Lee. Let’s see what other tricks
they have up their sleeve! From what I’ve seen, it’s very rare to succeed that break. It’s called Hurricane, and basically, you keep spinning
as your leg is kicking. The chances of success is not very high. But this time, I did it so perfectly that even Ingun told me he was surprised. I suppose I wasn’t able to build
enough momentum to take the lead. I already knew he was good. I would do this trick and he would come back
with the ‘I’m better than you’ trick. I realized I couldn’t beat him
with just tricking. What I had planned to do
is just win it with all my tricks, and to just do my best,
stick to my own style, and just play my own game, just do what I’m best at. It’s an honor and for me to win also, it’s a huge honor.


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