Dying Light 2 – First Look At Grappling Hook | Deleted Scenes From The Trailer | E3 2019

Hey, what is up guys welcome back to my channel and today I’m back with another dying light 2 video So yesterday I was editing a reaction video that I made on dying light, 2 So yeah, it was like when Xbox E3 was live me and gamer mom We both recorded our live reaction to dying light 2 story trailer So I thought you know it will be cool to share my reaction with you guys and how I felt about Dying light 2 trailer when it came out live. So when I was editing that I actually found out and Realized there was something different about the footage I was using so what I realized was that the trailer we saw during Xbox E3 2019 live event is actually Different from what we got on dying light official channel and social sites. So there are actually two different Story trailers that are actually out I mean, both of these trailers are actually same it’s just there are some small changes made to them Maybe some items that are added and some are removed So the Xbox E3 dying light trailer has apparently shown a grappling hook by mistake Yes, the Xbox E3 trailer actually has a grappling hook So as you can see in this trailer, the main character has a grappling hook with him But if you check the same scene in the official dying light trailer that was released after the e3 event Then you will see that the devs have removed the grappling hook from the character Now i don’t know the reason for it, but you can see it is removed But still at least we got a first look at the grappling hook that we will get in dying light 2 also we know how this grappling hook works in dying light 2 because there was a Gameplay demo that was shown to the media behind the doors So yesterday I made a video talking about it and there was a small gameplay and a description of how the grappling hook works in dying light 2. So in that gameplay the main character was shown using the grappling hook and in the article they mentioned that the main character used the grappling hook by throwing it at one of the end of the wall and Then used it to climb up by pulling it and also that can be used to swing around So yes, the grappling hook is back, but it’s different and this time it is way more realistic You can see that the grappling hook looks different and there’s a rope behind it So it kinda looks like a real-life grappling hook, but hey That’s not the only thing that was changed later in the trailer if you watch and compare the whole trailer You’ll find more changes like some trees are missing from the xbox dying light trailer and some pathways are missing and if you remember I mentioned In my trailer breakdown video that there was actually a vehicle passing by when the character was jumping on the train Well, that vehicle is actually not there in the xbox E3 trailer Also when the character lands on the train, you can see there is one zombie Standing right over there, but in the Xbox trailer you see two zombies instead of one there are some faction flags that are actually missing in the Xbox trailer and if you remember the note in one of the scene that said dusk-to-dawn curfew Well in the Xbox trailer you can see the note actually has a symbol Made below it that shows the night to day turning This is something that was actually missing from the official trailer that was posted after e3. Also in the one scene where the main character tackled the zombie from the building which is actually a new finisher in dying light 2 Well in the Xbox trailer You can see a little bit of extended version of the same scene Like our character was running from something and he entered the building and then tackled a zombie and in the final trailer That was actually a small scene During the scene where the zombie is grabbing Aiden and you can see the grappling hook and in the next scene where Aiden is sliding? You could actually see the grappling hook there as well also it’s way clearer as you can see also in the background you can see the lighting is a bit different also these grass missing from this place. So I don’t know why they actually changed everything in the final trailer also the best scene where you were introduced to Aiden we can see a little bit of extended version of Aiden standing on the roof He actually does a different pose in the Xbox trailer and in the final trailer It’s actually missing also the way the Aiden is actually holding the weapon is also different if you compare both the trailers So guys that was all the changes I was able to find in both the trailers But I also want you guys to check out both of these videos yourself and see what you can find Is there anything else that I missed make sure to comment down below? Also a bonus info for you guys If you remember made a video yesterday where I was talking about the e3 2019 demo gameplay That was shown behind the doors and in the gameplay there was actually a scene where Aiden was able to bring back water to his District well here is actually a small gameplay showing what happens after that Also, there is a small clip showing how the UV light turns on in the safe zones during the nighttime So if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and comment down below what you guys think about it I was a bit sick. That’s why the video is a bit late. Also It is like 10:00 a.m. In the morning right now So there’s a lot of disturbance outside. So, you know if the video has some disturbance, I’m really sorry for that guys So guys, thank you guys for watching and I’m gonna see you guys in my next video. Bye. Bye


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