Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : Doing a Jump Reverse Crescent Martial Arts Kick

CALEB LABARDA: Okay. Now, the next kick we’re
going to learn how to do is a jump reverse crescent kick. So you must learn how to be
able to jump in the air and do a spin reverse crescent kick ’cause that’s going to also
be part of our 720. You gotta be able to do one spin before you do two spins, or 1 1/2
spins, okay? So a jump reverse crescent is going to look like this. From here. One more
time, from here, come all the way across, then all the way to a land. Okay, now you
see how, as I did that, I came all the way from here, okay? I put my kicking leg in front.
I’m going to step, together, step right here. I’m going to jump, spin all the way around.
As I come in the air, I’m going to pick up my left leg and do my reverse crescent kick,
okay? Same thing like you do with standing, but you’re going to do it jumping. So from
here, sit together, jump here, look over your shoulder, and get the leg kicking, and your
body should all the way through the front, and you land with the kicking leg behind you.
And that’s going to be a jump reverse crescent kick. All right, so one more time. From here,
go, sit, jump, down, all the way up here with your guards up.


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