DK Yoo 유대경 Dkyoo ETATS DU CORPS N°2

DK Yoo 유대경 Dkyoo ETATS DU CORPS N°2

So almost everyone reaches level 3. So we’ll say it’s the sea. On the surface, there are waves. So it’s turbulent. But with training, you have to know
go to the bottom, where it’s calm. And when you come to that,
all the techniques will be reflexes. We will be banging at the same time. So now he will avoid. – No rhythm. – So now, he’s going to try. – No no. Singer!
(Laughter) – So he’s going to hit there. And you must avoid it. So we will use the same technique. Then he will type and you must avoid. So it was the same technique. There are volunteers to try? Now he will avoid. (Laughter) (Laughter) (Applause) (Applause) – OKAY ? (Beginning of applause.) – This state where you walked slowly is level 3. By training in levels 1, 2 and 3,
we can then reach level 4. Speed ​​is not just going fast.
The other must not see what you are doing. For example : The other must not see the blow happen, in fact. So that is possible by reaching level 4. At first, it’s very important to train
to feel every part of his body. Why do we have to relax? It’s for… It is to feel all
body joints, a fluid movement. So blows using only the arms.
No legs. No hips. So there, he reached the limit of his speed by using only the arms. And there, he will use his hips. It’s slightly faster. Now he will use his knees. Still a little faster. Now, his legs. It’s even faster. So the speed comes from the ground – in fact – supports. There, connecting the joints increases your speed. Here. So there are six articulations that are interconnected. And he bent the joints. So by getting up, he’s gaining speed. Here. He can feel the strength by getting up. But that’s not visible to the naked eye. We can just
feel it yourself when you do it. So he uses his arms without using his legs. He has reached his speed limit. Now, getting up is much faster. He will demonstrate to you by moving himself. A volunteer ?


12 thoughts on “DK Yoo 유대경 Dkyoo ETATS DU CORPS N°2”

  • Zero Prophecy says:

    Merci de nous partager ça !
    J'avais tellement envie d'y assister mais faute de temps (a cause du travail) j'ai pas pu venir :/
    J'attends avec plaisir la suite !
    Vive les arts martiaux

  • Loup Solitaire says:

    Très bonne bonne vidéo, je m'inspire beaucoup de DK YOO, et celui qui fait du Jeet Kune Do avait un bon jab quand même il a réussi à le toucher

  • All or not all says:

    Very awesome share and done train
    If you have more vidoes about of Dk yoo
    I wish that you will share it in Coming days
    Thx you about share that helps us in our life 😘😘😊☺😃

  • Hello guys first of thank you for sharing those videos, i bought the dk yoo book about how to learn those techniques but i dont have enough knowledge to guide my self in the learning process is there any way or some videos to improve my self-learning????

  • Hello I'm searching for an answer for my question i bought all fk yoo online courses so can i practice many courses at the same time or its necessary to start with meditation and follow it with other courses step by step?

  • Yoo have good explanation on human kinetics ,for solo performance in sport , understand human physio and kinetics is must in sport performance…also in martial art..
    But in martial speed is more than that…reaction and timing with opponents not only just kinetics and physio..
    Yoo did sparr before???
    As what you said is basics in martial art and also must..
    And evading jabs, there is few ways..
    You show only one way

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