Destiny’s massive beta, EA Sports UFC Bruce Lee & release date and Kinect “smart homes”

Destiny’s massive beta, EA Sports UFC Bruce Lee & release date and Kinect “smart homes”

Hey guys, how’s it going? I’m Grace, this
is Game On and I’ve got the best gaming news of the weekend for you. First up upcoming
game Destiny is going to get a beta test bigger than anything developer Bungie has ever given
to players before launch. But the beta won’t ruin the game by being mega big instead it
will let Bungie know what they need to know to get the game ready for launch on September
9th. The news was revealed by community manager David Dague in reply to a fans question on
the games weekly updates. He said, “This will be the biggest proving ground we’ve ever opened
up to you before we go for final launch.” He also answered some more questions which
revealed some game features. I’ve stuck a link to that in the description below if you
want to check it out. Next up, according to a poster spotted on
NeoGAF EA Sports UFC game will be coming out on June 17th but more importantly and this
one’s confirmed, if you pre-order the game you’ll get hold of a playable Bruce Lee. In
an announcement on EA’s official website creative director Brian Hayes answered why Bruce? He
said “I can’t conceive of a universe where bringing these two together doesn’t make sense.”
To make this all the more special the devs have teamed up with Bruce Lee Enterprises
to really recreate the man himself into the game with a library of digital references.
When it comes to the rumoured release date we’ll just have to wait and see whether this
is true or not, but it does fall in with the official launch window of Spring for the next-gen
consoles. And finally, Microsoft see the future being
Kinect filled and they want to see a world full of “smart homes” where the Kinect can
set mood lighting and even play you your own theme song when you enter a room because who
doesn’t want their own theme tune?! It’s been announced that Kinect is coming
to Windows this summer but Michael Mott director of developer relations has said people are
nowhere near as aware of its presence on PC as they are on Xbox One although this probably
has something to do as being sold as compulsory with the console. Mott’s not sure how to get
people to adopt the Kinect but he doesn’t see it being just the one app that will make
people flood to it. He reckons “there will be three or four of those that we think are
just going to delight people.” Kinect v2 for windows comes with the hardware so developers
can creating. There’s a child of light preview on the channel at the moment so you can check
that out over there, I’m here every day from Monday to Friday with the latest greatest
gaming news so subscribe and I’ll see you next time.


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