Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season1-Episode 37【The official version】

Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season1-Episode 37【The official version】

kill Under the arm of the Emperor Let him in Parents see father Are you coming to see something? Kaifu father does not know who it is. Paint Li Xingyun’s life background into an image Known all over the world I already know this thing. Ah, your wife is really good. Since she entered the palace, she has been with her I am very satisfied with her. Child You are born out of phase Although not nearly confused But still a dwarf figure Plus practice evil Lead to such skin tone Can’t even get close to the female color Although already married It’s just self-deception. I’m so beautiful, I’m waiting for you. The father is really unwilling to violently This is for you to receive You won’t be upset. Where does the father say? The children are in the office all year round. I can’t do my best to blame myself I can now please my father with my wife. First, she is a filial piety for her children. Second is her own blessing The joy of the children is too late. but At present, Li Xingyun’s identity has been exposed. The courtiers inquired about the library and the magical workshop. Looking around for his whereabouts The father should make an early plan So how are you planning? Parents intend to wait for the time What time is it? Waiting for the Tongwen Museum and the Magical Sound Square to compete for your life. When both lose Take the profit again idiot As long as Li Xingyun’s life background spreads all over the world The Library and the Magic Chamber will unite Against the banner of the restoration You still want to fisher Do you think Li Keyong and Li Maozhen Are you idiots like you? The father’s lesson is roll Be sure to grab the front of the library and the magical sound studio Remove this Li Xingyun from me. Yes Extremely smart How could you give birth to such an idiot? Come to the beauty, let us ignore him. Played from the beginning Bring it up kill Zhang Zifan You dare to hold my sister, I am not finished with you. you listen to me nebula What are you doing? how Playing the dog also looks at the owner? In front of us You dare to hit us men I don’t think so. Good boy I can beat it. I am also coming to join in the fun. These two ugly monsters are really good to fight. What are you watching, you are not going to help? Fox When is it your turn to drink five with me? You talk to me like this again, I will What are you doing with the dead demon? Flash side Do you want to play with you? I bother Maybe you are in front of men. Just let me shoot for a man. Let go Who is your man? I am here to help you. Are you not a magical workshop? How can my brother be with you? It seems to be very intimate He is still in the library. How can you be with him? It seems like we are more intimate than us. Isn’t it just a matter of your sister? Hey, your sister is not jealous of him? Not suffering How big is it? Can’t swallow this breath Don’t forget that you have to do something big. Tolerate ordinary people can not bear That can’t bear the man can’t bear it. These two ugly things are not small Li Cunxiao ran away If you really fight, you may lose it. Not committing OK And forbearance is high Don’t fight Come with me I do not go you what I do not go You are not sick. He is the library Not a good person If he is not well I have already caught me back to the library. Not to turn his face with his two uncles He also plotted against you. you forgot he He is still right for you. Ok It seems that you are not seeing the coffin without tears. Then I only have to kill the killer. Sister In order to let you see this guy’s personality I can’t take care of that much. What are you doing? Sister how This color ghost I He once peeked at you taking a shower what it is true It is my fault I passed your room at the time to see you are working. Sorry, sister. I know that telling this will make you embarrassed. But no way In order to let you recognize the face of this guy earlier. Lost The teacher also had a good time. Don’t apologize exactly What is the use of apology? The past has passed I am already yours. what Lin Xuan, what do you say? I Already his own what did you say Girl I have a rival. you You talk to him Teacher I have already with him Zifan Playing the dog depends on the owner. To fight, we also play It’s your turn to be your turn. court death stop Don’t stop him What do you mean? He won’t fight back. Our Nebula martial arts high strength Which is his opponent? Put your fart This is also a master of the eight-boxing Telling you to bully my sister Telling you to bully my sister Stopping what are you doing If you are bullying him, I will desperately fight you. you Lin Xuan, I am fine. You are not bragging about me. Is she also your woman? Brother Rest assured, I will treat Lin Xuan well. nebula This is really stimulated. My brother will not have anything to do. I hope he can look at it a bit. Kid Don’t hit your face Negative heart Two-faced Happy new and tired


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