Darcel Yandzi Judo Master Class – Skilbill – ” The Yandzi “

Darcel Yandzi Judo Master Class – Skilbill – ” The Yandzi “

The Yandzi ? it comes from Yandzi! Nah ! I’m joking! For this technique, I will be very frank with you, You know when you get down while training when I got down to training, when I went home, that made me y-think. There are many who do not say it I am sure that there were plenty of my friends there because we were hiding our fears the effect of the ugly falls on us. But I was more like: I take one, so I try to understand why. And it will perhaps please a gentleman named Alexandre Borderieux who was very physical in training and who knew my judo because we knew each other since we were young. One day he put a kind of reaction on me and I got myself a memorable fall. I had so much headache even an aspirin was not enough. So suddenly I tried to understand and in thinking I found the way to use this technique And once again, I took the basics of what he had done on me and I changed it in my own way. This technique allowed me to win the Paris tournament and especially my fight with one of my most important rivals: Jamel Bourras He used to hook the leg so it was absolutely necessary to find something new The Yandzi was needed ! So I put this technique! Then thank you Alexander, thank you Jamel! Then.. we will finish, by a special that everyone called “the Yandzi” This technique allowed me to put on fire Coubertin. This technique is a mix. Ura Nage … ko soto gake, it’s a mix it’s exactly like my judo Not just a single attack, it’s several techniques. So, on the big ones who come over to invade you and seeks to hang the leg I do not try to unhook the leg … I try to lift, to take the point of support and to mow the second leg. His leg hanging, I do not try to sweep it, or even to unhook it because it is there that he is strong … I lift … … and when he is in the air, he does not know which side I am going to go. Instead of coming and trying to pass in front I will come hanging the second leg I come, and really take a gap, to come behind, then I start And there it is a bit mixed, Ura Nage .. It will be called the “Yandzi”, quite simply! So from here, pafff, we grab …. There he hangs, boom ! Are you okay ? Cut, Cut! (laughs) Key Points Block Raise the partner Do not unhook the leg sweep opposite leg “When I lifted Jamel, the audience began to scream, it made a noise … ooooooh boom ! At that moment I have my arms up in the air just like that, and at the same time I said it’s me, I’m here, I’m back!” Today I still have goose bumps when I look at it! I cannot explain it . If you, kids, want to know that, you have to work and you will see one day we may have the opportunity to discuss about it Because it cannot be described, it had to be felt!


4 thoughts on “Darcel Yandzi Judo Master Class – Skilbill – ” The Yandzi “”

  • Bonjour, jolie technique mais pas vraiment nouvelle. C’est o uchi gaeshi, voir https://youtu.be/pG9Fdh2RJFM par exemple.

  • Hello master …what a lovely strong technique u used there….well;I have fears to ; i can't stop thinking i could lose the game then i do exactly what's in my mind n cant get of my fears doing a bad contest then i lose😣😣😓😓

  • Aie aie aie j étais à coubertin ce fameux jour, c'était Énorme !!! Même la demie contre le terrible coréen… Great Champion champion Yandzi👉

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