Cyberpunk 2077 Martial Arts

Cyberpunk 2077 Martial Arts

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2077 Lore. In Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk, a player could specialise in about twenty-five
martial arts disciplines that were directly drawn from real life. There were also several
unique Cyberpunk styles. In addition, the tabletop game provided the flexibility to
go beyond the scope of what was present in the sourcebooks if you so desired.
The top martial arts are as follows: Aikido: This form relies on using the opponent’s
strength and momentum against them. It is a perfect form for stopping an opponent peacefully
while making yourself very hard to hit. Animal Kung Fu: These are forms based on animal
movements, such as crane, mantis, tiger, leopard and dragon forms. These attacks are fast and
dangerous, with a style that is exciting and flashy.
Boxing: The manly art of fisticuffs, this form delivers lightning punches and tight
blocking. Capoeira: Created by Caribbean slaves, this
form combines dancelike movements with fast kicks and low line sweeps. It is a relatively
unknown form and can be combined with dance moves to disguise its true power.
Choi Li Fut: Descended directly from the ancient Shaolin temples, this form combines powerful
roundhouse blows and sweeping kicks into a dynamic fighting style.
Judo: This system was designed as a sport form, but is very effective in combat as well.
It uses throws and sweeps to knock down the opponent.
Karate: this style uses straight line movements and powerful blows. Variations include Shotokan
and Kenpo, each with their own special moves. Tae Kwon Do: A very fast and precise form,
with graceful movements and some aerial kicks. Thai Kick Boxing: One of the deadliest forms
in existence, this style is known for blinding kicks delivered with incredible power.
Wrestling: This form combines techniques of Olympic and Professional wrestling. The style
uses a wide variety of throws and holds to incapacitate the opponent.
Some martial arts forms were more specific to Cyberpunk such as ArasakaTe. When arasaka
wanted to select a martial art to train its forces in, it hired leading hand to hand fighting
experts to create the world’s greatest martial art to date. Or at least that was the idea.
After several years of development, Arasaka troops began to learn ArasakaTe. Soon Arasaka-sponsored
dojos began teaching ArasakaTe at reasonable rates. While this fighting form is widely
respected, anyone who has any actual experience with ArasakaTe will tell you that it is a
bland style made up of the easiest moves of seven different styles.
Gun-Fu, thought to be of Chinese origin, it was developed as a system for more effective
combat hand gunnery within enclosed spaces, Gun-fu, sometimes known as Gunjitsu, is based
on the concept of the handgun as an extension of the user’s body. Within this martial art,
the handgun is used like a melee weapon. Most commonly, the attacker will run right up to
their opponent, shove the gun into their stomach, and pull the trigger as many times as it takes.
The advantage to this is that gunshots delivered at point-blank range do maximum damage. Gun-fu
is a very fast-paced, frantic combat style, requiring physical fitness and excellent shooting
skills. It is a favourite of the Triads. Once a student has learned the basics the only
way for them to advance in this art is through combat, so beginners don’t stay beginners
for long, they are either killed or they become better. A master is a truly magnificent sight
in a gun battle. Thamoc or The Art of Modem Confrontation,
was created at the end of the 20th century by the police departments around the world
to train their officers in weapon retention skills. Unlike its predecessors, Thamoc stresses
flexibility right before impact. Weapon retention is achieved by use of stances that allow for
the maximum distance between your weapon and your opponent until you opt to attack.
Thrash Boxing, is considered somewhat similar to Capoeria, in that it incorporates dance
moves into a powerful fighting style. This martial art grew up in the Night City nightclub
environment where gangs evolved dance contests into flashy rituals of intimidation and brutality.
After a while, these rituals coalesced into an effective combat style. The key attacks
of Thrash Boxing include tight, straight punches, contrasted by extravagant flying jump kicks.
Special moves assume that the usual fighting environment is the dance floor; for example,
performing a running slide on the slippery floor surface that ends in a sweep kick.
PanzerFaust was designed specifically for Borgs. PanzerFaust allows total exploitation
of a Borgs superior physical abilities. Additionally, the vast jumping and leaping range common
to Full Borgs allows them to perform long-distance kicks and inhuman dodges. If trapped with
a hold, Borg flexibility and additional range of motion allow escape manoeuvres impossible
for normal humans or those using Power Armor. The effects of full-speed, charging strikes
are devastating, with penetration comparable to shotgun slugs!
While V will be able to participate in boxing tournaments, somewhat reminiscent of Witcher
3’s Fists of Fury quests, it is currently unknown whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 will
have detailed hand to hand fighting mechanics to encompass the cornucopia of martial arts
styles available. In addition, given the passage of time since the end of the fourth corporate
war, it also seems reasonable that new martial art systems may have evolved.
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