Cure Dolly Sensei’s New Look! Should she keep it or lose it?

Cure Dolly Sensei’s New Look! Should she keep it or lose it?

Hello, pretty peoples. KawaJapa no Kyua Dorii desu. I am Cure Dolly from KawaJapa and I am here to ask you a question that has nothing to do with Japanese. What do you think of me when I look like this? Ningenppoi, ne? I have to warn you that when my appearance changes my personality also changes a little, and you may be thinking any change would be a change for the better. However, what I wish to ask is: Do you prefer me when I look like this or do you prefer my usual anime appearance? I would be very grateful if you would write your reactions in the comments below. Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegain shimasu. Class dismissed.


14 thoughts on “Cure Dolly Sensei’s New Look! Should she keep it or lose it?”

  • Amazing Atheist says:

    I would prefer if you zoomed in on the blackboard and cut the character out completely. The animation is so fast and jittery it gives me a headache and it is very distracting.

  • greektownchicago says:

    I like the original one more. The 3rd seems like too much detail, so it's coming off (at least at first watch) as distracting. The videos are great and I'll watch either way but that's my take

  • Rokkun Minetsukami says:

    The reflection on her eyes is very distracting, specially on the left one. And as others have said, she's moving too much. Great content by the way!

  • Morte PCAndVR says:

    There are two important ways to think about your question –
    1. Does your your look attract more learners and at the same time, not distract from the actual lesson content?
    – If the eyes are made less glassy/reflective, & the magnitude of the 3D avatar head motion is toned down so the eye is not drawn away from the lesson, then yes definitely, the new look will work, although I don't mind the previous anime 2D avatar. You could always try for a cel-shaded 3D avatar if you want to ride the popularity wave from けものフレンズ@ ジャパリパーク (Kemono Friends @ Japari Park) 🙂 (Kemonomimi optional of course)

    2. How do YOU feel about the new avatar? As you say, each image change imbues a differing personality.
    – Does it give you new creative energy & drive for your content creation? More than your previous 2D persona? You need to be able to feel comfortable in your projected image, after all, and a doll's image is vital, since so few look beyond the outer shell of perfection to see or value inner complexities.

    Keep tweaking the avatar settings, you are on the right track & doing great work either way, and a consultative & responsive sensei is a valued sensei.

    頑張ってください ,


  • Jason Schuchardt says:

    I prefer the original. The new one is kinda distracting, but there are specifically two points that stand out to me. the eyes are too reflective, it seems like they're more reflective than a human being's eyes should be, particularly the pupils. Why are the pupils reflecting so much light?? It's very distracting and slightly creepy actually. The second thing is that the hair moves a lot. It seems like it's moving more than a human's hair would. The movement of the hair is also fairly distracting just on its own, since movement tends to draw attention in general.

  • Honestly your videos are the best Japanese videos on all of YouTube, there is NO ONE describing Japanese better than you.

    But this 3D animation is distracting as hell and I'm forced to cover her with my hand when I'm watching and I really don't understand what's going on with the voice. If you want her to sound like a little girl can't you pay a little girl a small amount of money to be her voice over or something then? I really don't understand.

    However sorry to be negative, your videos are still the best.

  • Fran MacGillivray says:

    I have now watched many of the lessons and find that this ‘new look’ has become more and more distracting, especially the moving hair! I am prepared to tolerate the sound of the voice because the content is brilliant.

  • 2D better than 3D, but why do you need an avatar in the first place, if you do not intend to show yourself anyway.
    It isn't like you are Kizuna Ai, who needs an avatar to express herself visually to her viewers.

  • Kelsey Nicholes says:

    I actually like the 3D look, it seems more natural. The only thing I would change is to fix the glare in the left eye. Thanks for the great content!

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